Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia! First Edition~

Another post about beauty box! Like I've said before, this is a new phenomena in Indonesia. Maybe many of you already read the similar posts from another bloggers. I also want to join the crowd! Remember my old post about Beauty Treats Indonesia? I've already received my first box from Beauty Treats last week and now I will share my opinion about this beauty box.

The Outer Box~
The outer box is quite interesting because it has a cute phrase.. "'s a secret" hehehe I found it is cute and quite tempting. It makes me want to see what's inside the box.


The beauty box~
My first impression: A black box with pink ribbon and some brochure and Voucher. It has a magnetic lock too, so it is quite secure. My box comes with a perfect condition. so no complaint for this time :)

Inside the box~
There is a small card with a handwriting from BTI. *I wonder how many card they must wrote hahaha*. A lot of brochures, vouchers and many stuffs that wraped with a tissue paper and black ribbon. I got many stuffs this time *again, I think because this is their first box, so they put many things inside the box*. They also give a little book that explain about all the products inside the april box. Some products are same for every box, but some products are different depends on my beauty profile.

Masami Shouko Oil Blotting Paper [Real Size]
Masami Shouko Black Round Cleansing Sponge [Real Size]

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick [Real Size]

Lioele Nail Polish [Real Size]
*they give me a purple color yay~ hahahaha*

Make Up Forever Premium Mirror [Real Size]

L'occitane Samples:
Volumizing Shampoo
Volumizing Conditioner
Immortelle Precious Eye Balm
Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream
L'occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
*The scent is really nice*

Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream Sample 

Now the last item from my box is:

This trial set from Biokos Derma Bright~ I'm quite surprised with this set. They give me the whole products from cleanser, toner, serum, day cream and night cream. The size of the serum and creams also very acceptable!

Beauty Vouchers~ *Like always, it can only be redeemed in Jakarta..sigh* Fortunately, there is one voucher from Zalora that can be use online yay! *Btw, this voucher is re-useable, so I will share the code with you too. The code is "BTREATS15", The discount is 15% without minimum purchased and valid for cosmetics only until May 15th* 

My opinion:
I really like their handwriting card! I can feel their sincerity in this box. Plus I love their black box~ looks elegant and suitable with it's pink ribbon. For the content, I wish they put all the vouchers and brochures in one envelope or plastic bag or anything else. It is looks messy when the first time I opened my box because the papers are everywhere. I don't have any complain about the products because I love it all! I don't mind with the sachets samples because it is from L'occitane! hahaha.. I love this brand and I know it is quite expensive.

Ah one more thing... I'm a little disappointed because they didn't give me any cosmetics *except for the BB Cream sample*. I'm pretty sure I wrote on my beauty profile that I choose cosmetics than skincare :(. I hope they will put more cosmetics in the future.

Subscription for Beauty Treats Indonesia is IDR 95K/Month or IDR 275K/3 Months. I think this is the most affordable beauty box in Indonesia *right now* and the contents are very acceptable. If you want to subscribe, visit their website:

Also support them at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 


  1. I kinda like the LOLA Box better, it's got more samples! :)


    1. Actually this box has more items.. I got 5 l'occitane samples *but didn't took pictures separately of them* and the trial set consist of 5 items hehehehe

    2. Really? Well yeah, probably because of the pictures :)

  2. Isi box kamu mirip bgt sm pny q sha.. Tp lucky you dapet sample bbcream juga..^^

    Mampir ke blog aku yuk, mau dunk di folback jg..


  3. no fair! i wish they had this in the US!

    1. US had Birchbox, little blackbox, ipsy and so much more with more high end goods -_-

  4. wah banyak banget langganan beauty box nya ^^, makin banyak produk yang bisa dicoba dong hihihi ditunggu reviewnya~

  5. wow, I was quite surprised that an entire skincare is included on the box! nice! loved it ^_~

  6. whoa from your last review about Lola box, i prefer Beauty treats more because it has so many different goodies, i've got mine too, but instead of bb cream, i got make over eyeline pencil which is very good ! :D

    visit my blog too XD

    1. ahh envy you~ I want to get the eyeliner pencil too :(

    2. maybe you have to customized your preference in the next beauty treats :D

    3. I already did that like I've mentioned above but they still send me a lot of skincare and no cosmetic.. :(

  7. Wah ada biokos derma bright juga, penasaran ama line biokos yg itu, ditunggu reviewnya ya :)

  8. Wow this looks really good! So many great products and samples! (:
    I hope you'll visit my blog too.

  9. aku punya sampai detik ini belom juga sampe di rumah ...
    *nangis di pojokan*


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