Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Lalaluna!

Hello girls~ do you remember my christmas swap partner, ce Josephine from Lalaluna? This month, she celebrate her first blogversary by having a huge giveaway! All you need to do is make a shout out for her blogversary and post it on your blog. The shout out can be anything~ you can do nail art, FOTD, Craft, drawing, or whatever you want to do. For me, because I'm a beauty blogger, I decide to make FOTD and NOTD. I'm quite late to make my entry because I'm very busy lately *sorry*.

So, without further ado, these are my entries for the giveaway~ The first one is EOTD. When it comes to birthday party, I always love to use pink color for my make up. So, I decide to make a simple EOTD for this time.

Second~ Show off my Pink Gradient Nails~ matching with my EOTD, isn't it?

Lastly~ FOTD! Pink eye make up, pink nails, and pink shirt! I'm feeling pink~ lol.

To Ce Josephine~

Happy birthday for your blog! I always amazed everytime I saw your nail art. Also when I met you in person, I also amazed about your young appearance! I hope we can meet again someday and please help me with my nails~ hahaha <3 Keep up the good works and I wish you have many pageviews and followers on your blog because you really deserved it! Happy birthday~

This post was made as a giveaway entry at Lalaluna's blog


  1. Pretty pink sha.. ^^ nice color..


  2. Happy birthday to her ^-^ oh and I really love your nails, so cute and pretty!


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