Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing Cubox Korea!

Hello girls~ I'm back again with a good news for you. You know, beauty box subscription is very famous lately at Indonesia. I'm sure you already familiar with some of them too because recently I wrote many reviews about it. Now, I will introduce you to a new box in the town~ It is called Cubox! I'm not sure if you already know about this box or not because it's still very new. Now, to make it more clear, I will introduce you properly in this post.

What is Cubox?
Cubox stands for "Curator Box". Cubox korea is the latest e-shopping mainstrem offering a "theme" monthly box subscription containing the Best Curated Korean Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Products professionally hand-picked by Top Korean Product Curators. Cubox is based at Korea, but recently they're planning to expand the service to South East Asia countries.

What is included in the box?
Curious right? Cubox is quite different with another beauty boxes because it offers 3 different boxes with 2 different price. As you can see below, they have Fashion and Beauty box for women,  Style and Grooming box for men, and Lifestyle and Interior box. Yes, they also provide beauty box for men too~ I really love this idea because it is different with another beauty box services.

All products included in the box are in Real Size! wow~

How are the products picked?

And who are the curators?

CuboxKorea will launch their official website on 1st May and they also will open for subcription for their May box. and guess what is the good news? They will having a BIG giveaway too.  Okay, how big is the "BIG" giveaway? Let me tell you the some spoiler~

They will give a trip to Korea for you and 1 of your friend and they will let you have a shopping experience with their curators!

okay screammm nowww~ omg! am I the only one whose excited here? *raise your hand*

Interested to subscribe?
Subcription for Cubox Korea is IDR 540K for standar box and IDR 900K for VIP Box.

Okay, I know some of you will complain about how pricey is the box after you read the sentences above *that's why I put it on the bottom of the post so you don't close this post at first hehehe*

BUT, *yeah, please understand, there always be a good excuse, right?* there are some reason why you shouldn't complain about the price.

First reason: With that price, you will get 9-11 full size products from Korean brand. It is also include a fashion item and a lot of beauty items. Let's see the example~

 As you can see, these are what can you get in 1 box. You can get a beautiful dress. You also can get a full size BB Cream, lip tint, face mask, etc.

Second reason: The shipping is free worldwide! you don't need to pay another fee to get your cubox on your doorstep. You only need to pay for the box and the shipping is free.

Third Reason: This is seasonal reason~ For next month (May), Cubox Korea is having a big giveaway (like I've mentioned above). By puchasing May box, you will get a chance to go to Korea with your friend. How cool is that? Only spend less than IDR 900k and you can go to Korea!

Maybe some of you think the chance will be very low to win the giveaway because there will be many subscribers, right?
Let me tell you some secret~ *Oh how I love a good news*

Cubox korea only offers limited 100 box next month. and they only open subcription for 1 week. That means you only compete against 99 persons *not thousands and I think this is quite good news*

So here is my opinion: If I subscribe for the box, it is only cost me IDR 900K or IDR 540K if you subscribe for the standar one. But, I can have a chance to go to Korea. 
What if I win the giveaway? I will be the happiest person in the world because I can go to Korea with only some amount of money.
What if I don't win the giveaway? I think it's still okay because I've already got the box that worthed more than the price.

You get what I mean?

Now, interested so subscribe? hold on your excitement because CuboxKorea will officially open on 1st May! Mark your calendar~ Before that, I suggest you visit:

 CuboxKorea Facebook page 

to see more information about this interesting offer.

I hope my information is helpful for you and have a nice day :)

PS: I have another good news for you~ *how many good news I've shared on this post?*
I'll be having a new giveaway teamed with CuboxKorea *very soon* so, please stay around~


  1. pengen ke korea nya :3
    cuma kemahalan ga kuat kalo 540rb :(

    1. kalau berangkat sendiri lebih mahal lagi say hehehe siapa tahu beruntung lho :)

  2. Replies
    1. okayy..semoga bisa cepat publishnya nih :)

  3. Wah harganya mahal banget 540 -,- gakuaaat,mungkin kalau langganan, langganannya 2 bulan sekali XD penghasilan gak kuat buat box 540.000 -,-
    Btw mereka gak ada website officiaknya?

    1. harganya memang agak mahal tapi seperti yang sudah aku jelasin di atas, dapetnya lumayan2 smeua lho plus ada kesempatan jalan2 ke korea buat bulan depan :)
      Oficial websitenya akan launching tgl 1 mei (lihat keterangannya diatas ya)


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