Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

Hello~ Today I will write a review about the famous Sweet Recipe Collection from Etude House. For those who are not aware with Korean Cosmetic, here are a brief information for you~ Earlier this year, Etude House (one of famous brand from Korea) launched their new collection called "Sweet Recipe". They also have new face for this season, which are F(x) Sulli and Crystal. To be honest I prefer Dara from 2NE1 as Etude's endorser but I think they need something new to boost their sales, right?~ So, those are my quick information.

Last month, I was invited to join the media gathering by Etude House. From that event, I got few products from sweet recipe line and today I will talk about Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base. This base is quite famous lately~ Let's see my opinion about this baby <3

This light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.

The box is decorated like a cake! I really like the concept~ The main color is combination between orange and pink color. Inside the box, you can see a glass jar packaging without any applicator. I need to dip my finger to get the cream and I don't really like it because it is not really hygienic. I always prefer tube packaging for my make up products. However, the jar comes with a very good material. It is thick and quite sturdy. But, I don't think I can bring this when I'm travelling because I'm afraid it will broke.

Availabe Shades:
#Mint Choux, #Berry Choux, #Peach Choux

My Shade: #Berry Choux

Amount: 25 g


Texture and Scent:
A thick cream with peach color. The scent is very nice~ combination from sweet and sour scent~ It really resemble the scent of fruits. The scent is quite strong at first but after several minutes it will slowly reduce. The cream is quite hard to blend with finger because it is quite thick, so I suggest you apply this base with brush or sponge.

Coverage and Oil Control:
Truthfully, I prefer to get the green one for my base. Because, my skin isn't flawless and I got few acne scars on my cheek and chin. Green is the best for my skin problem. But, after I tried this base, I'm quite love it~ It offers a good coverage! For everyday make up I only use this base and loose powder~ and so far I love it. This baby choux base also offers a bright and glowy finish. This base also helps to make my make up stays longer on my face. As for the oil control, I don't found something great from this base. As long as you don't work outdoor, the oil control is around 3 hours (my skin type is super oily).

Nice scent and offers a good coverage
Makes my make up last longer
Contains SPF 25 / PA++
The jar packaging made from thick material and quite sturdy

Because the packaging is a jar, I think it is a little unhygienic. Plus, they don't give any spatula/sponge.
The scent maybe too strong for some people

Overall: I love to use this base for my daily make up and so far this base doesn't give any new problem for my skin. If you looking for a base with a nice coverage (and scent) you can try this baby choux base. All sweet recipe collection will available at Etude House Counters in Indonesia at the end of April.

Visit Etude House Indonesia Facebook and Twitter for more information.


  1. Since I have large pores and my skin is a little pink or red sometimes, I think I'd get the green one too!


    1. let me know if you have the green one and write a review about it~ I want to know your opinion too~ <3

  2. Shashaaaaaa..racun banget!! aku dari awal keluar base ini juga ngincer shade 2 :'(
    makasih yah uda review *hug

  3. the moment I saw Sulli's self beauty, I fell in love on this base because it gives such a nice glowy skin on her。 But I have heard from few youtuber that this makes their skin greasy and oily so it really hesitated me to grab one. I just wonder if the green one does works better?

    1. Don't use too many~ at first I apply a lot of product and it makes my skin feels greasy. then I learned from some youtubers, that I only need to apply a little. I don't know about the green one, because I only have this one :p

  4. packagingnya imuuudd amaad ciii :3

    1. Biasa kalo etude memang menggoda banget packagingnya :p

  5. hah ngga ada spatula ci? punyaku ada spatula nya loh.. Aku punya yang mint malah kepengen yang peach huahahaha.. ngga efektif2 banget nyamarin rednessnya dan malah jadi pale bgt muka ku... tapi mungkin akunya aja yang belom terbiasa kali ya hahahaha

    1. nggak ada >_<
      aku baca beberapa review ada yg bilang dapet spatula ada juga yg bilang ga dapet.. bingung kan hehehe

  6. WOW bagus kelihatannya >.<
    Pori2 mengecil *mupeng*
    Ce sha racuuun >.<

  7. pengen banget beli ini dari dulu ><
    belum ktemu harga yg pas .
    c .. kok mukanya merah banget ya di poto ><

    1. lol efek bronzer,blush on, sama cahayanya yang ga jelas.. hahahaha keliatan merah ya >_< *malu*

  8. Hello! n____n

    I've been watching old updates and I can say I really like your blog >3<
    I really like that show how things are, before and after photos ♥

    See you! :)

    1. hi, thank you veronica! glad you like my blog :)

  9. ah jadi ini base gitu ya? *baru ngerti*
    ini bikin BB cream mudah di apply ke wajah gak ? *maaf ndeso* -__- aku gatau kak, soalnya cuma ngerti skincare paling pol make make up (?) cuma BB Cream XD.

    1. Hi, fungsinya sih sebagai dasar sebelum memakai BB Cream agar lebih tahan lama aja.. kalau mau ga dipake juga ga masalah. Kalau bikin BB cream lebih mudah diapply, menurutku sama aja sih..memang setelah pakai base, wajah jadi lebih halus mungkin ini ya yg kamu maksud bikin bb cream mudah diapply? hehehe

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. ohh I got this too, but in peach! I really like it, but it kinda washes me out if I don't put any bb cream over it. that's strange, because I had a spatula in my box hmm~
    anyways great review =)

  12. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,

  13. uwaaa, jadi pengen coba, teksturnya kayak whipped cream gitu ya...
    lucu :)
    nice review

  14. kemasannya yummy banget, aku udah purchase yang mint choux!
    thanks for the review :)

  15. nice review.. salam kenal ^^


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