Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Senegence Lipsense Liquid Lip Color and Lipgloss [Sponsored]

Say goodbye for awhile to Korean Liptint... today is the era of Lipsense! Yeah~ Finally I can try this famous liptint from Senegence Lipsense! So, back to the topic, this liptint is very popular these days. Many hollywood celebrities already mention this as their favourite lippie~

What makes it different? This lipsense claims to be:
Kiss proof, smear proof (anti-friction)
No wax, leads (cause black lips), mercury and animal testing
100%authentic from USA and Herbal
Can last up to 18 hours
Being able to protect against free radicals, pollution, UVA and UVB

About the product~ Lipsense (I will refer the liquid lisptick as "Lipsense" on this post):
Giving color to your lips with a pigmented content of herbal. It also contains no mercury that make a black lips. It has a dry texture so you must mix it with the lipsensegloss

About the product~ Lipgloss:
It contains shea butter that nourish lips. After 2 weeks of usage it will improve the lips condition.

The packaging for the lipsense and lipgloss, are similar with others lipgloss packaging, a small cylinder packaging with glass material. For the lipsense, the main color is dark blue with gold cap. You can see the color at the bottom of the packaging. And for the lipgloss, they made it transparent so we can easily saw the glitters inside. Both products come with a brush applicator.

Lipsense~ my shade is roseberry, it is combination from pink, peach and red coral color
Lipgloss~ It is a transparent color with a lot of glitters

Texture and Scent:
Lipsense~ Watery and dry fast. As soon as I applied it on my lips, I can feel the cool sensation from this lipsense. It also has a nice flower scent~ you need to work fast with this product because once it dries, it will be difficult to remove it
Lipgloss~ thick gloss with a lot of glitters. transparent color and very moisturizing

My opinion:
First thing~ I do agree with people who fell in love with this lipsense because of its staying power. It really stays on my lips all day long! even when I eat heavy food~ yay!

I love the scent very much. Can't really describe what kind of flower it is, but it has a nice flowery scent and also it feels cool everytime I applied it on my lips. Please notice, if you have a dry/chapped lips, you maybe get a tingling sensation after you applied this product. Don't worry because it's a normal reaction. Continue with the lipgloss to reduce the tingling sensation.

The finish result after applied this lipsense is matte (like lip tint). To make it more noticeable and bright, you need to apply the lipgloss. I think these duo are the best combination ever! My lipgloss is the glitters one, and I really like the effect on my lips. The lipgloss is very very very moisturize~ that's why I said this is the best combination, because the lipsense tends to make my lips dry but the lipgloss quickly recover it.

The color is very pigmented. I only apply 1 layer all over my lips to achieve this look~

Now, let's talk about the staying power. Like I've said before, this lipsense is smear proof, even some people claims it as kiss proof  (means it still there even after you kiss your BF) lol. Well, I think those claims are true. I used this for almost 9 hours. I eat heavy food, snack, drink a lot of water, tea, etc and what happenede to my lips after that? I still have a nice pink color on my lips~ Though the color isn't as bold as the first hour, but you still can see it cleary on my lips even after 9 hours. wow..

How to remove it? Basicly you need a special remover from the same brand called Ooops Remover. But I don't have one, so I just clean it with my usual remover.
Pigmented color
Awesome staying power
The lipgloss is very moisturizing and I like the glitters effect
Only need to apply a small amount to get a nice color
There are various color selection and you can mix and match the color
Has a nice flowery scent

Need to combine it with the lipgloss from the same brand
Need to remove with special remover from the same brand. You can use another remover but you need to wait at least 4/5 hours after application
The tingling sensation maybe quite annoying for some people
Pricey~ Yes, this is the main issue, but for such a great quality I think it is worth the price

Need something that will stays forever (nahh not forever la~ just for all day :p) on your lips? then you should try this duo~ You can get these product at Beautybar2010, the price for the lipsense is IDR 235k and the lipgloss is IDR 195K , but if you buy them as a package (Lipsense, lipgloss, and the remover), you only need to pay IDR 520K (Normal Price IDR 540K)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  


  1. You look lovely with it on. :)

    I think the lipgloss gives the tint a bit of oomph!

  2. wahhh penasaran juga sama lipsense ini >,< reviewnya bagus2 banget..
    nice review Sha ^^

    1. memang bagus kok hasilnya wie :)
      thank you ya~

  3. ohh loving ur review, shaa! those are pretty color too yahh. kalo uda lama gt keliatan kering ga sha? kaya bibir crack pecah2 gt.. haha *penasaran* :P

    1. kering banget sampe keliatan pecah2 gitu sih enggak fel.. cuman garis2 bibir memang agak keliatan tapi ga sampe yang serem sih hehehe.. langsung timpa pake lipglossnya biar bagus <3

  4. harganya ga nahan sha.... eniwei soal kiss proof nya ga d buktikan sekalian? hahahah

    1. agree..hahahaha~ lol yg kiss proof udah dibuktikan fen cuman ga ditulis *maluuu* :p

  5. udah pengen nyobain dari lamaaaa...
    tp sayang duitnya kalo nggak di sponsorin, *sapatauabisiniadayangnyeponsorin*
    btw cobain buat cium orang dulu sha ^^

    1. hahahaha aku juga udah ngeliatin ini dari lama sih cuman maju mundur takutnya ga cocok..ternyata memang bagusss~ udah dicobain kok *maluu* *kaburr* :p

  6. wow cantik banget warnanya,cm setau aku itu bukan litint sai :) itu lipstik liquid,dan tahan lama ya?? aku suka,punya yg apple cider

    1. iyaaa nama officialnya memang liquid lip color~ cuman teksturnya mirip lip tint *menurutku* jadi nulisnya lip tint hehehehe
      tahan lama banget~ cuman kalo lipglossnya harus re-apply beberapa kali setelah beberapa jam <3
      Ahh yang apple cider juga baguss~ denger2 itu salah satu warna favorit yang laku banget :D

  7. At first, I really thought it was a MeMeMe product.
    Nice review!

    1. oh really? I always want to try MeMeMe products :)
      Thanks hun~

  8. you look really pretty on both shades ^_~

  9. So lucky being sponsored.. Harganya ga nahan yaaa.. >_<

  10. wahhh finally!a review! masi maju mundur mau beli ini gara2 too pricey + ragu soal removingnya..
    thanks a lot <3

  11. penasaran banget sama lipsense. akhirnya ada yang review. tapi pricey banget, engga sanggup ^^. Nice review

    1. hahaha kumpulin duit dulu sha~ <3 thank you ya ^^

  12. Dear Sha, thank u for the review ^_*

    Dear all, first of all u may think that this product is pricey...but, once u try u know why....

    btw, saya bakul nya yang jualan Lipsense ini.... u can check our IG : BeautyBar2010

    or LINE me : fransiska khoe for further information yaaa....

    have a nice day, all....

  13. wikkkkk ceee km meracuniii dirikuuu looo.. *pinginn* *wink* LOL. Muachh

  14. Omg you’re so cute!!
    Much love,

  15. Great review Sasha! Get it in the USA from where Kandee Johnson gets her LipSense xx hugs, kelly

  16. Bener bgt n pas banget infonya dengan produk yg aku jual. Saling dukung ya sis, biar sama2 laku jualan produk2 lipsensenya, khususnya untuk penjualan di Indonesia. Salam kenal sis Jual Lipsense Indonesia

  17. Ini ga ngeringin bibir say? Di aplikasi gak keliatan garis2 bibir gt? Thx

    1. kalau pake lipsticknya aja kering banget say.. kalau uda ditimpa lip glossnya ga kering..


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