Friday, April 26, 2013

Winner of Catch the Number Giveaway: 300.000 Pageviews!

Hi all~
Few weeks ago, I've started a new giveaway at twitter. Basicly it is the same giveaway like I did back on December. The name is "Catch the number". Like you can see, now my pageviews are already hit 300.000++ *thank you readers*

I will make this short. So, the winner is the one that can captured my blog's layout when it was shown number 300.000. And the winner is....

Congratulations to Mitchellina Metta

and here are your prizes~

Thank you so much for all readers! I will be having another giveaway very soon :)


  1. Wah congratz udah 300k pageviews.. Pnyaq msih 14k.. Lol.. Good job :)

  2. sounds really fun! Congrats to the winner and congrats on 300,000 page views! :O

  3. Congraaaaats~!


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