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Pieces Of Me: May 2013~ Vacation and New Online Shop!

Hi girls~ I will be away for a while because I will go on vacation 1st June. Yes, I will go on vacation!!! finally~ after a tiring work everyday, I can enjoy a vacatioonnnn~ kyaa...*excited to the max*
I will away for 9 days and will visit 3 different countries (Singapore, Hongkong *also Macau*, and Taiwan). I've visited singapore twice when I was kid, but I never go to Hongkong and Taiwan. So I'm very very very excited now~
There will be no new blog post until I back from my vacation. I will update about my vacation on my twitter and Instagram. If you have one, you can follow me there~
By the way~ any recommendation, where should I visit during my trip? 
Lastly~ I've already mentioned about this on my twitter, but maybe some of you still don't know. I will be re-open my online shop next month! Years ago, I used to have an online shop that sell handmade items from felt / flannel. The name of my shop at that time is My Cute Shop. I decide to use the same name for my on…

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ May Box

Hi girls~ finally I got my beauty box for this month. Last month I've subscribed all the 3 boxes that available in Indonesia. But, this time I only subscribe to 1 box only. Why? because I need to save my money for something else. he5~ This month I only subscribe to Beauty Treats Indonesia, because it's the cheapest among the others. I received my box quite late for this month (compared to last month), I think it's because they change their shipping courier. Well, because the shipping fee is free, I think I shouldn't complain anymore.
About the box~ last month box was black color, but this time, they go with soft pink box. I love the color and how it matched with the black ribbon. The shape and material for the box are still the same like last month.

Inside the box~ Like always, there are tons of brochures and vouchers. Also the greeting card and the BTI catalog. The greeting card is printed this time~ but my name is handwritten. I think they got tired to write the car…

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

Hello girls~ Ready to cook? Today I will introduce you with my favourite product at this moment. This is called Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color.  I got this from Etude House Event back on February. Sweet Recipe is the newest cosmetic line from Etude House. It offers a lot of cute products! and all of them are designed with a sweet packaging~ One of them is this all over color

About the product:
Creamy textured color for lips, cheek and eye in delicious cupcake designs

Packaging: The wrapper is a hard plastic with a sweet recipe topper! The product's packaging is a can material and decorated like a cupcake. If you put the product inside the wrapper, it will looks like a cupcake with a topper~ super cute!
Available Flavours: Blueberry Cheese Cake, Stawberry Chiffon Cake, Rasberry Mousse Cake, Orange Choux Cake, Peach Sugar Cake (Even the name are so tempting)

My Flavour: Rasberry Mousse Cake
Okay, I will show you how this product works. It claims can be use on eyes, che…

Review: D'eyeko Princess Syahrini Collection~ Merak and Surya Kencana [Sponsored]

Untuk yang tinggal di Indonesia, aku yakin sudah sangat familiar sekali dengan penyanyi yang namanya Syahrini. Syahrini ini terkenal sekali dengan gayanya yang selalu "heboh" kalau menurutku. Mulai dari jambul khatulistiwa sampai bulu mata anti badai-nya. Nah, salah satu produsen bulu mata palsu di Indonesia, D'eyeko baru-baru ini menggaet Syahrini untuk bekerja sama membuat bulu mata palsu yang "Syahrini banget" yang dinamakan Princess Syahrini Collection.
Koleksi Syahrini ini terdiri dari 5 macam bulu mata yang semuanya dinamai khas Indonesia~ Khatulistiwa: Bulu mata double lashes-single band Surya Kencana: Secantik bulu mata boneka dengan helai-helainya menyatu dan setiap bagian membentang Merak: Menjuntai cantik dengan bagian pinggir lebih tebal Cendrawasih: Panjang dan ketebalan dramatis, dengan tekstur yang tegas dan visible
Cakrawala: Memiliki ketebalan dan panjang yang paling natural
D'eyeko mengambil konsep Premium False Eyelashes, yang mana setiap bul…

Paint My Nails ~ Creamy Purple!

Hi all, remember my first beauty treats box? Inside that box, I get a full size Lioele Nail Polish. The color that I got is creamy purple~ Looks like they know that recently I'm in love with purple color hahaha.. Lucky me~ This is the first time I try nail polish from Lioele and so far I really love the color. It is a cute milky purple and sometimes looks like pink *my friends said this to me*

The packaging is a fat bottle with Lioele's logo on the front of the packaging. The brush is oval and not really flat and the color is very pigmented especially when it compared with Etude House nail polish. I only use 1 layer to get this beautiful pastel purple color.

The price for this nail polish is IDR 70k at their counter. I got this from my BTI box which only IDR 95K and I think this is a very good deal. I'm sure if you buy online you will get a cheaper price.

So, what do you think about this color? and if you subscribe to BTI too like me, don't hesitate to share with me ab…

Review: Peripera Wonder of Lips

Hi dolls~ Have you ever heard about korean brand called "Peripera" ? Today I will talk about a product from this brand. I'm really curious about how many cosmetic brands are there in Korea? lol~ Today's product is Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick. This lipstick is from Wonder Line series which endorsed by the famous Wonder Girls~ I want nobody nobody but chuuuu~ lol

About the product: Peripera's wonder of lip lipstick leaves your lips silky and smooth. Each of the 23 colors radiates off your lips and gives you a sensual look. Vitamin derivatives and vegetable oil keeps lips moisturized. This lipstick comes in a light metallic pink case with a simple yet elegant floral design. Try the lighter colors for more natural looks and the darker colors for when your dressing up. You can never have to many!
Available Shades: There are 23 colors selection for this lipstick. Check here~ My Shade: Wonder Pink Price/Amount: I got this for IDR 49K (discount price, of course hehehe)…