Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ May Box

Hi girls~ finally I got my beauty box for this month. Last month I've subscribed all the 3 boxes that available in Indonesia. But, this time I only subscribe to 1 box only. Why? because I need to save my money for something else. he5~ This month I only subscribe to Beauty Treats Indonesia, because it's the cheapest among the others. I received my box quite late for this month (compared to last month), I think it's because they change their shipping courier. Well, because the shipping fee is free, I think I shouldn't complain anymore.

About the box~ last month box was black color, but this time, they go with soft pink box. I love the color and how it matched with the black ribbon. The shape and material for the box are still the same like last month.

Inside the box~ Like always, there are tons of brochures and vouchers. Also the greeting card and the BTI catalog. The greeting card is printed this time~ but my name is handwritten. I think they got tired to write the card one by

What I got~

Skin Aqua Sun lotion Travel Size.
*I'm very happy with these items, because I will go on vacation next month, and I will definetely bring this set. It contains 4 different sun lotion and each bottle contains 15 ml, I think it is quite generous sample*

Acnes Pore Strips
*Never use this brand before but already heard good review from some friend. Will try this later*

Hadalabo Trial Set (Face Wash and Lotion)
*I give this set to my mom because I got the red one, for anti-aging*

Rudy Hadisuwarno Repair Hair essence
*Full size! contains 6 bottle of serum*

D'eyeko Premium False Eyelashes~Olga Lydia Series
*So glad because I received the Olga Lydia series, because I already owned some of syahrini series and already tried the natural one*

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Trial set
*I love the color~*

Koji Eyeliner
*I've already swatch it on my hand, and guess what? it really smudge-proof! the color also very black~ yay!*

Masami Shouko White Puff
*Real size, though it is a quite small for me*

Face on Face blush on
*Real size*

So far, this month box is quite better than last month  *in my opinion*. I can't wait to see the next month box. If you want to subscribe this beauty box, you can visit their website:

They have 2 different boxes for next month Gold (IDR 95K) and Platinum (IDR 135K). Trust me, it really worth the price! ahh, also if you want to read about my last month box, you can click here~

Have a nice day and Happy Vesak Day for those who celebrate!


  1. wah isinya banyak ya lebih baik dari yang sebelum sebelumnya :D
    wuh itu ada skinaqua, -__- cari produk skin aqua dimana ya kak? mau cari sunblock nya >.<

    1. skin aqua biasanya dijual di supermarket2 besar seperti carrefour, giant, hypermarket, etc..

  2. Everything looks amazing , you are so lucky!

    Have an amazing weekend,
    Mary x

  3. I loved the hada labo aha/bha wash! ^_~

  4. Wow, contents nya banyak ya. Subscribe nya yang premium atau yang gold ini?

    1. untuk pilihan 2 box baru ada mulai bulan depan seperti yang aku bilang di atas :) jadi yg bulan mei sama semua, ga ada pilihannya gold atau platinum..

  5. selain hada labo, isi boxnya sama kaya aku ^^

    1. hehehe keliatannya banyak yg isinya sama yaa.. temenku juga isinya sama kayak aku..

  6. Replies
    1. anyway I nominated you to versatile blogger award

  7. Replies
    1. Iya yang bulan ini isinya lumayan banyak dan ga ada sample sachetnya ^^

  8. Wow, what a generous beauty box! I especially like all the skincare travel sets included!

    xo, runbarbierun

  9. So far sama vanity trove bagus mana? Aku baca di TL orang pada ngeluh pengirimannya lambat... Bulan lalu subs VTI juga belum nerima barangnya :(. Any advice?

    1. kalau soal pengiriman menurutku sama aja, sama2 agak lambat hehehe.. tp keterlambatannya masih batas wajar lah, mengingat beauty box lagi booming banget dan banyak yang subscribe, mungkin karena itu jadi agak lambatg kirimnya.
      Kalau bagus mana, relatif ya, orang lebih prefer brand apa.. kalau BTI lebih banyak brand lokal / brand luar yang uda banyak beredar di pasaran (umum), kalau menurutku VTI brandnya lebih high-class mengingat harganya juga lebih mahal :)

    2. Iya, VTI brand-nya lebih high, tapi setelah kalkulasi ternyata worth value-nya tipis hahaha...

  10. Wow this looks like it's really worth it!
    I wish we had a beauty box like that in Singapore D:

    1. Singapore has Vanity trove beauty box! it is worth the prize too~ you should try to subscribe :)


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