Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

Hello girls~ Ready to cook?
Today I will introduce you with my favourite product at this moment. This is called Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color.  I got this from Etude House Event back on February. Sweet Recipe is the newest cosmetic line from Etude House. It offers a lot of cute products! and all of them are designed with a sweet packaging~ One of them is this all over color

About the product:
Creamy textured color for lips, cheek and eye in delicious cupcake designs

The wrapper is a hard plastic with a sweet recipe topper! The product's packaging is a can material and decorated like a cupcake. If you put the product inside the wrapper, it will looks like a cupcake with a topper~ super cute!

Available Flavours: Blueberry Cheese Cake, Stawberry Chiffon Cake, Rasberry Mousse Cake, Orange Choux Cake, Peach Sugar Cake (Even the name are so tempting)

My Flavour: Rasberry Mousse Cake

Okay, I will show you how this product works. It claims can be use on eyes, cheek, and lips. Let's see how I it works on me~

On my eyes~ I apply it all over my eyes as an eyeshadow. If you love a natural color, after tap some amount of product, blends it until the color change into soft red. If you love more bold color, just tap some amount of product and blends slowly. You don't need eyeshadow base because the texture is quite creamy and glides on easily on my eyelids.

On my cheeks~ I use finger to apply this cream on my cheek. I just make a circle motion on my apple cheek. The color doesn't really noticeable because I blend it first on my hand before apply it on my cheek. I don't really like bold color, that's why I do that way. You can apply the cream directly on your cheek and blend it if you want a bright red color.

On my lips~ This cream has a nice rasberry scent. It is quite strong so I can easily smell it when I apply the product on my face especially on my lips. Apply the cream on center of my lips and blends it well. To make it more visible, I apply some clear lipgloss~ ah..don't forget to use lipbalm before apply this cream because it isn't very moisturizing.

How about the staying power?
For the eyeshadow, it stays perfectly on my lids for almost 4 hours. The color does faded but still can see my soft red eyes after some hours. If you love something natural like me, I think this product will suits you :)
For the blush, the color faded a lot after 6 hours. I used 2 oil control film during those hours. After I went home, I barely can see the soft red color on my cheek. I think if you have dry skin, it will stays longer on your skin.
For the liptint, it went away after I eat a hamburger lol. I guess it need to reapply after some time.

Maybe some of you though the color is very bold when it's still on the container, but trust isn't. The color is quite soft for me, so eventhough I have the red one, it isn't look too over for me :)

Cute and Simple Packaging
There are various color selection
Can be used for eyes, cheek, and lips
Provide a natural color
Has a nice scent~

Doesn't comes with an applicator~ make sure your hands are clean before you touch the cream
If you newbie in make up like me or a student with a low budget but want to play with make up, you need to buy this product. 1 product can be use for 3 different ways~

Visit Etude House Indonesia Twitter for more information about this product.


  1. Hehe I have this in the blueberry cheese cake version, I really like it on the cheeks, but I find it not moisturizing on the lips too. =3=
    Love the colour you got :D

    1. agree about the lips.. must remember to use lipbalm before use this lip color..

  2. I have this in peach sugar cake and I love it ! You look good with it (;

    1. wow peach sugar cake sounds...YUMMY! hehehe~ thank you <3

  3. wah warna merahnya cantik kak :D bisa bikin bibir pucet langsung seger~

    1. Iya warnanya cakep kalau di bibir tapi sayang kurang melembapkan..

  4. Cuteeee and yummy! Naksir banget tapi belom kesampean >.<

    1. ‎memang cute banget produk2nya etude :)

  5. It's so cute on you :) I have the color Strawberry Chiffon xx

    1. Thank you~ do you have a review about it? Would love to read your opinion about this product too :)

  6. The packaging makes me want to eat it >< Thanks for reviewing! :)

  7. oooh, you cute your hair! you look younger and cuter! ^_~


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