Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Makeup Fixer

Have you read my first review about Oil Queen series from Holika Holika? If you haven't, you can click here. Today I will talk about another product from this oil queen series. This time my product is Makeup Fixer. I bought it with a giveaway voucher from Ce Carnellin, so can say that I got this product for free~

About The Product:
Mist that control sebum, makes skin soft, pure and transparent. Sebum control powder absorb sebum and provides softness. Pacifies sensitives skin no mineral oil, no paraben, no talc and no vaseline.


The box is similar with the pact's box. The colors are dominated with baby blue and white colors. It also have the baby cloud. Basicly it is the same box but different in size. Inside the box, the packaging for the make up fixer is a plastic bottle with white color and cloud decoration. It comes with a spray applicator and it works fine from the first time.

Price/Amount: IDR 65K/ 70 ml

Texture and Scent:
Like you know, this is a make up fixer so the texture is liquid like water. The scent is somehow smells like peppermint for me. But, it doesn't stays long so it doesn't really bother me. It needs to shake well before use and remember to move it around 15-20cm from your face before you spray it. The liquid isn't really sticky but it doesn't absorb quickly so you need to wait several minutes for the mist completely absorb.

Usually my daily routine is apply BB Cream, loose powder / compact powder, then I spray this mist. Or, sometimes after I apply BB cream I continue with this mist first then apply loose powder. I think we can easily judge from the name, this mist provides a matte finish. Though it doesn't last all day long, I love how it really helps to control my excess oil.

Small but Sturdy packaging
Makes my skin matte and help to control excess oil
Also helps to make my makeup stays longer
Easy to use and not sticky

Need to re-apply after several hours

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  1. I'm using the Lioele make-up fixer, but honestly it doesn't make much difference in making my make-up last longer. This one, however, sounds really good! and so cute too!


  2. wah jadi ini kayak finishing spray ya? Beneran bisa kontrol minyak?? Itu kontrol minyaknya berapa lama kak? Tertarik nih..
    thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Yup, finishing spray.. lumayan sih wajah jadi ga seberapa kilap untuk beberapa jam dan make up jadi tahan lebih lama..

  3. Dear shasha,

    Wow funny colors baby really does, I love the cute shape to carry. Want to try ah so that my face looks more fress because I wear makeup and of course a full day of oil in the face of so many of course.

  4. Where did you purchase this? :)

  5. This is interesting, I've never used a makeup fixer before. I want to try this, since it look like it'll really work, the matte finish is a plus as well. Thanks for the review :D

  6. Oh wow this is sooooo cute, and I so want it! Haha! I wish we had these amazing brands in the UK! The packaging is adorable on all of the Holika Holika products! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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