Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review: Peripera Wonder of Lips

Hi dolls~
Have you ever heard about korean brand called "Peripera" ? Today I will talk about a product from this brand. I'm really curious about how many cosmetic brands are there in Korea? lol~ Today's product is Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick. This lipstick is from Wonder Line series which endorsed by the famous Wonder Girls~ I want nobody nobody but chuuuu~ lol

About the product:
Peripera's wonder of lip lipstick leaves your lips silky and smooth. Each of the 23 colors radiates off your lips and gives you a sensual look. Vitamin derivatives and vegetable oil keeps lips moisturized. This lipstick comes in a light metallic pink case with a simple yet elegant floral design. Try the lighter colors for more natural looks and the darker colors for when your dressing up. You can never have to many!

Available Shades: There are 23 colors selection for this lipstick. Check here~
My Shade: Wonder Pink
Price/Amount: I got this for IDR 49K (discount price, of course hehehe), normal price is around IDR 149K-199K / 

The box is pink color with "Wonder of Lips" words on its packaging. For the lipstick's packaging the main color is soft pink with glossy material (they called it metallic pink). It has a beautiful pink flowers ornaments on its cap. 


My shade is wonder pink. It is a pale pink color and I think it suits with my skin color. I really like natural color for my lipstick. This lipstick is very moisturizing. The texture is similar with my Revlon lipbutter but the color is more pigmented and buildable. The texture is creamy and staying power is around 3 hours.


Simple but beautiful packaging
Pigmented color
It doesn't make my lips dry

Pricey and hard to get in my country


  1. cakep warnanya, mirip kayak lip tint <3

    1. warnanya girly banget kalau menurutku hehehe

  2. Lol Korea has an endless number of brands. Peripera makes some awesome lip tints! The pink looks very pretty on you. I can't pull of pinks very well, so I'm super jealous xD

    1. agree! can't count how many brands are there in Korea :p

  3. the shade is really pretty!, so cute ^_~

  4. aku lebi suka packaging yg my color lips tp ini jg bagus sihh :D

    1. my color lips itu yg kyk pernah km review ya rin? memang lebih bagus lagi itu packagingnya, harganya juga lebih mahal kayaknya hehehe

  5. warnanya kurang gitu aku suka sis... bukan pink yang kusuka aja buat lipstikk hehe... anyway thanks for the review yaa :D

    have a nice day!

  6. I think there are waaaay too many beauty brands in Korea! My friend who recently went on a trip there said that the beauty/make up stored are overwhelming!

    Great review! Im following you now. Hope you'll follow me back. Thanks!

  7. imut banget pekejingggnyaaaaa cakepp <3
    warnanya juga cakep ><
    kapan2 harus beli peripera haha :D

  8. patern nya cantik :3 warnanya juga <3

  9. Sukaaa packagingnya.. <3 warnanya juga cakeppp... Tp sayang staying power lipstick/liptin peripera so so aja ya.. Menang di packaging -_-

  10. wow, packagingnya cute and elegant at the same time ~

  11. Lucu renda" di packagingnyaa. senengg hahahah


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