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Beauty Treats Indonesia~ June Edition

I'm back again with my new beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia. It is quite late compared to last month and the first month. I heard it's because they have problem with their booklet *human error, I guess*. Since this month, BTI will have 2 different box with different price. The first one is platinum box (IDR 135.000) and the second one is gold box (IDR 95.000). My box is the gold one.

For their third box, BTI go with white color and gold ribbon (the platinum box got silver ribbon, I read this from my friend's blog). The box is still the same with the previous one, only the color is different. My first impression when I grab my box is.. "It is very light" lol.

Inside the box~ The booklet is the first thing that caught my eyes. It is very bright, right? Actually I'm quite disappointed because BTI doesn't give any greeting card this month. I know it's not something important, but with a personal greeting card it will be more exclusive for the rece…

Caroline's Bday Dinner

Last week I was invited to Oline's birthday dinner. She celebrated her sweet 17 birthday on 19th June. I never received sweet 17 invitation again since I graduated from high school which is like 5-6 years ago~ so kinda excited to join the party :D.
I met with my fellow beauty blogger from Surabaya at that party because Oline also invited them. It's like 2 in 1 party for us. First, we celebrate Oline's bday and second, we also do a mini gathering hehehe. Here are some pictures from that night~ *I didn't took any pictures, all pictures are from the photo booth from the party*

Happy birthday dear Oline~ I wish you all the best! and I hope you like the present ^^
Fun quiz: Do you know all the name of beauty bloggers in the picture? comment below if you know :) ah, but please don't expect a gift because I only do this for fun :D

Introducing: Kawaii Beauty Japan

Ladies~ I bring you another good information. Well, you can tell by the name, that I will talk about JAPAN! yeah~ Maybe not many knows, but I love Japan a lot *though my love now divided to Korea too lol*. Back when I was still young *lol*, I love everything about Japan, especially their music, beauty magazine, crafts and their make up!!
J-pop (and the singers/group) is the main reason why I love japan so much (also at that time, I'm not into beauty stuffs). My favourite group at that time is Tackey x Tsubasa!! Okay, tackey is my dream prince. I like him since I was little~ saw him from his dorama, Majo no Jouken! best dorama ever!! *for me*. Except that, I also like many groups like, Arashi (Matsujun!!!), NEWS, KAT-TUN (so sad that Jin must leave the group), etc. Okay, if I continue this it will be a long fangirling post and you will be sick of it. lol.
What I want to say now is..... I want to introduce you to this website called:
Kawaii Beauty Japan.
Kawaii Beauty Japan was sta…

Estee Lauder New Concept Counter

I'm pretty sure all of you already familiar with this brand, Estee Lauder. When the first time I heard about Estee Lauder, what comes to my mind is "ahh..this is the luxury brand for high-class mommy / aunty" lol.. and I guess I'm not the only one that think like that, right? Apparently, the company also notice this condition. That's why recently Estee Lauder launch their new look. Estee Lauder want to change people's opinion about "old woman's product" into "every woman's products". This is suitable with their phylosophy that:
"Every woman can be beautiful"
Last saturday, I was invited by Estee Lauder to join the re-opening of their new counter at Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya. I was in a rush to the event because I still work until 12 p.m and the invitation is at 1 p.m. So, I only have a short time to prepare myself and to go to the location. Okay enough of my un-related talk :p. Let's skip to the event~

Estee Lauder ne…

Review: B'liv by Cellnique Skincare Products [Sponsored]

Last month, I was contacted by B'Liv to try their products and share my opinion to my readers. The words B'liv not only stands for "Believe" but also a union of the words "be" and "live" which aiming at forming a life style motto that encourages b'livers to live the moment.

If you never heard about this brand, you are not alone. Me too never heard about this brand before, but after doing some searching, I think this brand is really worth to try. I have an oily skin with blackheads and acnes. The company sent me some products that suit for my problems. Let's see my opinion about that~
1. Off With Those Heads

I really love how they named their product. It is interesting and fresh for me, though it's a little to long to say.hehehe.. Off with those heads is a sebum gel that claims to remove blackheads and whiteheads, keeps acne under control, controls oil, unclogs pores, provides a gentle exfoliation, and has soothing and hydrating propert…