Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia~ June Edition

I'm back again with my new beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia. It is quite late compared to last month and the first month. I heard it's because they have problem with their booklet *human error, I guess*. Since this month, BTI will have 2 different box with different price. The first one is platinum box (IDR 135.000) and the second one is gold box (IDR 95.000). My box is the gold one.

For their third box, BTI go with white color and gold ribbon (the platinum box got silver ribbon, I read this from my friend's blog). The box is still the same with the previous one, only the color is different. My first impression when I grab my box is.. "It is very light" lol.

Inside the box~ The booklet is the first thing that caught my eyes. It is very bright, right? Actually I'm quite disappointed because BTI doesn't give any greeting card this month. I know it's not something important, but with a personal greeting card it will be more exclusive for the receiver.

I read the booklet first, before I open my box. Like you can see, the platinum box got more high-end brand like Make Up Forever, Menard, Masami Shouko, Dr.Jart and Astalift. As for the gold box, the brands that associated for this month are Kay Collection, Lioele, Wardah, Paula's Choice and Masami Shouko.

I was really excited when I saw Paula's Choice on the list. PA is one of my HG skincare product and I was wondering what they will give to me inside the box.

Open the box~ My box is quite gloomy with only 5 products hahaha.. Okay, I must admit that I do feel dissapointed and I think the others who subscribe the gold box also have the same feeling with me. I've been subscribed to BTI since their first box and so far I always love their box. They always provide a full box with a lot of beauty products. But, for this is only 5 items and the size is quite small too (eventhough some of them are real size products). I know, for the first and second box they give a lot because they still new and want to promote their box, but I guess this is quite small. My first VTI box also contains only 7 items, but it doesn't look as sad as this..hahaha.. well, this is only my opinion~

Some improvement for this month.. They printed the vouchers inside the booklet. So, no more messy papers in my box. And like always the vouchers can only be used in Jakarta.

Here are what I got:

Lioele Red Ginseng Mask Sheet
*Real Size. I've already tried this mask before (bought it myself) and definitely not my favourite! I hate the smell :( It smells like herbal chinesse medicine. I remembered I can't even use it for 10 minutes because I can't stand the smell.

Paula's Choice Sample~ Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish
*I love the fact that they give me a primer to make my face matte (I have oily skin). But... Only 1 sample sachet and it is only 1 ml??? Omg... even when you just sign-up on PC's website, they will give you 3 samples (Don't know if the rules are still the same or not, but I do get 3 samples last year when I subscribed to their website), and BTI only give me 1? I hope they can be more generous with the sample, though I know PC is quite expensive brand*

Kay Collection Angled Brush
*Okay, no complain. Real size item, though it is quite small. I think it is a perfect item for travelling*

Masami Shouko Foundation Sponge
*Real Size.*

Wardah Triple Eyeshadow
*Real size. Quite happy with this because the color is brown. hahaha. I love warm color for my eyeshadow and I heard many good review about Wardah but never try it until now.*

Okay, that's all what I've got. 5 items from 5 different brands. For those who curious... Yes, it is worth the price. Based on their Booklet, the price of the products that I got is worth more than IDR 95.000 (4 Real size products and 1 sample sachet). But, me personally not really impressed with this month box. Well, let's see the next month box.. I hope I will get a better products next month~

Subscription for Beauty Treats Indonesia is IDR 95.000/month (Gold Box) and IDR 135.000/month (Platinum box). If you want to get your beauty samples too, go visit:


  1. Pas banget bisa dapat PC untuk kulit berminyak. Punyaku malah untuk kulit normal to very dry skin. OMG... ~.~ I clearly stated that I have oily-combination skin. Tp secara value, worth enough lah, not really satisfying but not too bad too...

    1. Yes~ Like I've said above..kalau lihat harganya tentu melebihi dari boxnya (jangan sampai nggak deh hehehe). Memang suka ngaco sih kalau bagi-bagi produk, yang pertama aku sempat dapet sample buat kulir kering sama sample Hadalabo untuk orang tua, padahal profilnya jelas2 aku masih 20an dan kulit berminyak hehehe

  2. ahahaha dikit bgt sha, kyny aku ga cocok sm box2 gini >.<

  3. Wow, kamu yang di Surabaya aja dah sampe, sha.. Punyaku ga sampe2, hahaha ^_^

    1. oya ce? biasanya yang surabaya lama nyampenya. sekarang malah jakarta aja belum nyampe ya? kayaknya BTI harus ganti ekspedisi deh, lama banget pengirimannya.

  4. Even though I'm not from indonesia but I gotta admit that the items included on the box is a bit tiny for a beauty box subscription~ They should at least given 5 sachet of that paula's choice instead of just one >_<~

  5. Hi! I nominated you for an award ^^, check it out!

  6. TRUE! the box is completely big, and we expect for something more, but we endlessly opened the box with some small items.. quite disappointed...


  7. Oh.. the box looks sad indeed ): Hope the next box will be better (:

    Thank you for your congratulations on my blog, dear.

    Dreamy Princess


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