Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Caroline's Bday Dinner

Last week I was invited to Oline's birthday dinner. She celebrated her sweet 17 birthday on 19th June. I never received sweet 17 invitation again since I graduated from high school which is like 5-6 years ago~ so kinda excited to join the party :D.

I met with my fellow beauty blogger from Surabaya at that party because Oline also invited them. It's like 2 in 1 party for us. First, we celebrate Oline's bday and second, we also do a mini gathering hehehe. Here are some pictures from that night~ *I didn't took any pictures, all pictures are from the photo booth from the party*

Happy birthday dear Oline~ I wish you all the best! and I hope you like the present ^^

Fun quiz: Do you know all the name of beauty bloggers in the picture? comment below if you know :) ah, but please don't expect a gift because I only do this for fun :D


  1. Ci Shelley, Ci ShaSha , Ci Shelvi , Hana , Ci Lina , Caroline , Sabrina , Ci Gita , Ci Margaret , Yozellyn
    Bener gaaa? :P

  2. Sounds so fun! You all look super pretty!

  3. kliatan fun skaliii pestanyaa :D


  4. waaa photoboothnya bagus designnya deh :D

    gpp ci ke seventeen org, berasa muda lagi :D



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