Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm back! talk about my vacation~

I'm back girls~ anybody miss me? :D

Like I've mentioned before, I was away for a short vacation from 1st June until 9th June. I traveled to Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan. It was a nice holiday (and tired one too lol). Now, I will share my short holiday with you.

Day 1: Singapore
I only stayed for 1 day in Singapore. Yes, it is very very very short! just transited here before I went to Hongkong. I stayed at Orchard road (the famous road for shoppers), because I only stayed for 1 day and we (me,BF, and his family) want to maximize our time in Singapore. I didn't bought a lot here because the short time. But I managed to grab some items from Daiso and Watsons. I want to shop at Sephora too, but I don't found anything there :( Sephora was very crowded when I visited because it was weekend. So, I just look around and didn't bought anything.

Day 2: Hongkong
I went to Hongkong on the second day. It was a morning flight so I'm kinda dizzy and jetlag. I need to take sleep medicine because I'm afraid I would ended throw up if I stayed awake during the flight. First day in Hongkong, I shopped at Sasa! yes, the famous departement store for beauty products. Before I went to Hongkong, I've already searched some directions to go to nearest Sasa counter from my hotel, but trust me, you doesn't need to do that. Sasa's counters are everywhereeeee... it's like Indomaret / alfamart in Indonesia. Every 5 minutes you walk, you will find the store.

Sasa is having a summer sale this month (and I believe it's still continue until next month). I bought some items from there but still not satisfied enough. I regret because I didn't bought many cosmetics :(. Well, it's only my first day and I want to save my money for the next days but after that I failed to visited sasa again :( *super sad*

Day 3: Macau
From Hongkong, we rode a turbojet to go to Macau. Spend the whole day to visited the famous hotels / casinos like Venetian, Wynn, and Lisboa. Venetian is the most popular casino in Macau (I guess), it is very big! and the mall is very beautiful with a fake rooftop and river. I stayed at Lisboa hotel and I quickly fell in love with the interior. Also the bathroom is very very very beautiful!

 Grand Lisboa Hotel~

Venetian Macau

Casino Lisboa~

Ruins of St.Paul's Church

New Snowglobe from Macau :D

Okay, Macau is famous for it's casinos, right? I visited the casinos too. I went to Venetian (1 time), Lisboa (1 time) and Wynn (2 times). The total are 4 times. and during all that 4 times, the security always asked for my passport because they didn't believe that I already passed 21 years old. lol. They think I'm still underage to go to casino. The minimum age to enter the casino is 21 years old, if they asked for my passport that means they think I'm still 20 or below that hahahahaha.*See the magic of skincare?* lol For those who don't know, I will be 25 years old by the end of this year. So, yeah I've already passed the golden number 21,almost 4 years ago.

Day 4-5: Hongkong
Yes, I'm back to Hongkong again from Macau. Spent all two days to visited famous places in Hongkong such as Avenue of Stars, Jumbo Flying Restaurant, Victoria Peak and Madame Tussauds Museum.

 Avenue of stars

Jumbo Flying Restaurant

Madame Tussauds Hongkong~

Day 6-9: Taiwan
I visited the tallest building in Taiwan called Taipei 101. It has a very big wind damper that prevent the building to collapse from earthquake. Speaking of earthquake, I personally experience my very first earthquake (I hope I don't have the second one) in Taiwan. It was in the middle of the night, around 00.38 am. Suddenly the windows are shimmy and somehow I feel like going to fall. Luckily it stopped quickly and no bad effect from the earthquake. I also visited famous places like Maokong Gondola, Shillin Night Market, Xi Men Ding, etc.

 Taipei 101~

 Maokong Gondola~

Xi Men Ding~ best place to shop clothes!

 Shilin Night Market~

Speaking of Shillin, in Surabaya there is a snack shop that called Shilin Taiwan Street Snack. it is very famous for their large fried chicken with black pepper / chilli powder. Anddd when I visited Shilin market, it is indeed the famous snack there. You need to queue like 5-10 minutes to get the large fried chicken.

Okay, that's all my short recap about my trip. I bought a lot of items but still not satisfied because I think I only do a little shopping. I want to buy more! I even still have my money when I'm back to Indonesia. hikz. Anyway, these are the picture of my haul. Sorry for messy picture, I took this, right after I got home. I will be sell some of the items on my online shop, so if you interested to buy you can visit my shop.

Random things~ from cosmetics, face mask, clothes, and chocolate

Mask Sheets~

Hello Kitty Pineapple Cake~


all pictures taken from my Instagram~


  1. Ahaha I love the Astro Boy pic!! Looks like you had such a nice time and whoa FACE MASKS!!! <3

  2. foto ny kurang banyak sha... Hehe....


    1. Iya nih jarang foto2 diriku :( soalnya kebanyakan jalan di mall2 aja hehehe

  3. woww... xi men ding ma shinlin
    dsini jdnya ayam goreng smua hehehhehe... ^^

  4. Looks like u had a great time! Sama sha, aq jg suka dimintain passport d casino n pubs, which is worse krn aq kan jauh lbh tua drpd km!!! Hahahaha...

    1. hahaha gpp ce artinya kan bagus "awet muda" :p

  5. Wow! You're very lucky to travel to Singapore and Hong Kong (I've always wanted to visit both of them! I had a cousin who worked in Singapore before) I went to Taiwan back in 2004. I wanna visit again someday.

    Gald you're safe, and back to Indonesia. ^^

  6. Wah lucky banget bisa main ke Spore sama HK, >.< wah mask sheetnya itu banyak banget ~~ jadi pengen hihihhi~

    1. nanti mampir ke OSku ya..rencananya mau dijual sebagian :)

  7. Replies
    1. hehehe enak banget coklatnya..udah aku makan yang kecil :D

  8. serunya yang abis jalan2, banyakin lagi fotonya sha :p

    1. Males edit yang baru ren...kebanyakan juga foto2nya mirip2 kok hehehe jarang foto2nya~

  9. wah gondolonya pakai kaca..
    seru bangeeet >.<
    jadi merinding :D :D :D


  10. Woah those FACE MASKS are crazy!
    I wish I can try 1 of each in the future!
    Hope to hear some reviews soon :)



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