Monday, June 24, 2013

Introducing: Kawaii Beauty Japan

Ladies~ I bring you another good information. Well, you can tell by the name, that I will talk about JAPAN! yeah~ Maybe not many knows, but I love Japan a lot *though my love now divided to Korea too lol*. Back when I was still young *lol*, I love everything about Japan, especially their music, beauty magazine, crafts and their make up!!

J-pop (and the singers/group) is the main reason why I love japan so much (also at that time, I'm not into beauty stuffs). My favourite group at that time is Tackey x Tsubasa!! Okay, tackey is my dream prince. I like him since I was little~ saw him from his dorama, Majo no Jouken! best dorama ever!! *for me*. Except that, I also like many groups like, Arashi (Matsujun!!!), NEWS, KAT-TUN (so sad that Jin must leave the group), etc. Okay, if I continue this it will be a long fangirling post and you will be sick of it. lol.

What I want to say now is..... I want to introduce you to this website called:

Kawaii Beauty Japan was started on April 21st 2013 and was established by a Japanese beauty media company named Rich Media. Kawaii Beauty Japan provides all Indonesian females who are interested in beauty with Japanese and beauty information. 

Kawaii Beauty Japan is one stop media where you can experience of revealing your true beauty with Japanese Beauty. You can see the concept of Kawaii Beauty Japan through the picture below,

Kawaii Beauty Japan share many beauty information everyday on their timeline. Here are some example of their contents:

You can get many beauty information from their site. Mostly they shared simple tips so you can easily try it right away. I think this is a very great site! it is very helpful~

Visit Kawaii Beauty Japan and get latest beauty information everyday! they also have many giveaway on their facebook site.

Stay beauty ladies~


  1. Nice info :)
    I'll go check the page

  2. oh.. thank you, i will check it out!

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  3. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check this out! <333

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