Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack ~ Jeju bija and Tea Tree

Hello~ I'm back again with a face mask review. It's been a while since the last time I posted about face mask~ This time I will share about a face mask from Innisfree.

A cute and simple plastic jar packaging. The packaging reminds me of jam's packaging or snack's packaging. The cap's color is different for each varian, my varian is Jeju Bija and Tea Tree so the color is soft green for the cap.

Please notice~ 1 pack can be used up to 3 times. To store it, simple attached the cap into the small hole that provides on its packaging. Then stored it in cool place.

Swatch, texture, color, etc:
The color of the cream is a pale green. It doesn't has a strong tea tree scent, for people who already used with a tea tree mask from The body shop that has a strong scent (Read: Me), this is quite surprising because I can't really smell any tea tree scent from this face mask. It does has a scent, but it is not similar to tea tree smell for me, kinda like herbal scent or something similar to that. By the way, it give a cool sensation after I applied it on my skin~

How to use:
Apply generous amount on clean face
Wait until 15 minutes
Rinse with warm water

My opinion:
So far this mask works good on me. I always love to use beauty products that contains tea tree and this mask is one of them. I can feel my skin become clean and supple every time I use this mask and it also helps to calm my acne face. With IDR 15k, I can use this face mask for 3-4 times and I think this is a great deal. Innisfree also has many varians for this face mask. Another good thing for me is the packaging~ it is really cute and travel friendly~ 


  1. Hi, nice review
    I haven't tried innisfree mask before but I sure plan to hae it someday.
    So it does work well on u :)
    love the packaging too

  2. ah I really want to try this mask, could you please tell me where to buy this product? Also, is this mask can be used for sensitive skin??

    1. There are many online shop that sell this products. You can try my sponsors (the banners are on my sidebar) :)
      Not sure for sensitive skin because this is contains tea tree, some people maybe allergic to it. luckily I don't have any problem with it. Maybe you can try the other varians if you can't stand tea tree.

  3. May I asking where did you buy it? Cause innisfree capsule pack kinda hard to find. Thankyouu


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