Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Haul!

Helloo~~ Today I want to share about my haul~ Actually I didn't bought much for this month. I only have 3 new beauty items (that I bought with my own money) and some fashion stuffs. Okay, let me introduce you to my new babies~

MUA Undressed Palette
This palette is well-known as a dupe from Naked Palette. The price is very very very cheap (if you compared it with Naked's price) plus the colors are good too. Right now this is my favourite palette~ 

Missha CC Cream
Actually this stuff belongs to my online shop, but I ended claim it as mine because I fell for it's packaging wkwkwkwk. The packaging looks very luxury plus I love the combination between black and gold color. And not to forget about the flower ornament~ Well, I just can't say no to this CC Cream XD

Lorac Tantalizer
Another fell-because-of-the-packaging product hahahaha..(and the price too~ because I bought it on sale). The packaging somehow reminds me of Sailor Moon's badge, though it's not cute or pink wkwkwk.. Don't know why I remember Sailor Moon everytime I grab this tantalizer. Lorac Tantalizer consists of matte bronzer and highlighter powder. Wait for the full review soon~

Okay that's all my new beauty stuffs that I bought with my own money. Then let's move on to the freebies *I love freebiessss~*

These are stuffs that I got from Collection Make Up. Not familiar with this brand? well you can check it out their website. It is an UK brand and recently they had a small event in Surabaya. and I was lucky because I can joined the event. So far, my favourite is the Dazzling Gel Eyeliner and the Lip Cream~ here are some spoiler of the colors for you~

I will write the full review about the stuffs soon~

Some fashion stuffs~

Charles and Keith Bag and Wallet (These two babies are the main reason why I didn't bought many beauty stuffs this month. Blame Charles and Keith because they had summer sale this month!)

Guess Watch (another reason wkwkwkwk)

Fiuhh~ I'm seriously must stop shopping. I've already said about this many many many times and maybe you already bored with my excuses. But, trust me, this time is for real! I declare to you that I'm on shopping ban since this month until next year~ because I have an important goal next year, that's why I must save money from now hehehehe. I hope my shopping ban will going well~ will update you about the news later ^^

Talk to you again soon~ Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kawaii Beauty Japan Stars!

It's up now~ me on the list of Kawaii Beauty Japan Stars. I never imagine that I will have my pictures along with the others talented and famous beauty bloggers. Thank you so much for everyone who supported me~ Please check the full profile from the others KBJ stars and show them some love too~

Also don't forget to check out Kawaii Beauty Japan Facebook and subscribe to their newsletter. They currently having a giveaway to their subscribers. Free MAP vouchers for 10 lucky person~ Isn't it cool? Join now~

Special Deal From My Cute Shop

Many of you maybe already aware (or maybe not) that I have a new online shop that sell make up and skincare products. Well, I've already made a short introducing about my shop last month. But, today I will make a longer post to promote it to my readers. hehehehe Usually I made a sponsored post from other shops, I think this time I need to show some love to my own shop too~

Some promotions that happen at this moment:

Foodaholic 3D Face Mask Sheet ~ Double Discount
Special price for only IDR 10.000/pc (Normal Price: IDR 15.000/pc)
And another promotion~ Buy 5 get 1 free! Limited stock.

Ready Stock Items from Various Brands~

The Saem Saemmul Mascara Curling / Volume
Endorsed by the famous G-dragon from Big Bang and nation little sister, IU. The Saem products are no doubt a must-have-items for now.

Peripera Peri's Jelly Tint
Looking for something different? Try this magic jelly tint from Peripera. The apple stick has green color and maybe looks scary for you but after you apply it on your lips, you will see the magic~ the color will be change to beautiful pink color.

Y.E.T Gel Concealer and Liquid Concealer
Y.E.T stands for Yes! enjoy time~ cute brand, isn't it? Another cute product from Korea. It's still quite rare to have this brand here, in Indonesia. Well, we have these products in limited stock~ grab it fast!

Etude House Dear My Lips Talk and Dear My blooming eyes~
Girls wanna be sweet? Play Etude! Super affordable price with cute packaging and beautiful color!

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
The same line with the famous holika holika jewel light eyeliner, so the staying power and the pigmentation are really great and really worth to try.

Missha Mascara 3D and 4D
One of best seller from Missha. If you looking for a cheap mascara with good effect, you shouldn't missed this deal!

Sleek Make Up Face Contour Kit
Shading powder and Bronzing powder in 1 packaging! Cheap price and definetely the best quality!

Interested to buy? or just want to take a look at the other products? you can visit my online shop here:

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Critics and Suggestions From Readers~

Halooo~ kali ini aku akan posting memakai bahasa Indonesia (dan sedikit Inggris). Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku mengadakan giveaway, dimana salah satu syaratnya adalah aku meminta para peserta untuk memberikan kritik dan saran untuk blogku. Nah, kali ini aku ingin membahas satu per satu kritik dan saran yang sudah aku dapat dari para peserta :) Sorry kalau postnya agak panjang karena memang aku mau rangkum semua kritik dan saran yang aku dapat sehingga ke depan blogku ini bisa lebih baik lagi ^^

1. Dari nama blog yang aku pilih yaitu Missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com

a. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa nama blogku ini kepanjangan ~ Untuk kritik ini aku sangat setuju hahaha.. Jujur aku juga merasa kalau nama  blogku panjang. Apalagi kalau pas memberi watermark di foto atau harus isi buku tamu waktu event. Aku pernah berpikir untuk mengganti nama blogku tapi sampai sekarang masih belum menemukan nama yang pas~ maybe later when I buy my own domain, I will change my blog's name :)

b. Kesan pertama salah seorang peserta tentang nama blogku adalah aku orang sombong dan membuat orang berpikir aku orang kaya ~ Jujur, ini pertama kali aku dapat komentar seperti ini jadi agak bingung harus respons gimana hehehe. Actually, I named my blog as Miss Belanja Online because I love to shop~ jadi bukannya maksud mau pamer atau gimana, cuman sekedar hobiku belanja online jadi waktu buat blog yang kepikiran nama itu hehehe. Jadi tolong jangan salah paham ya ^^ and yes, I'm thinking to change my name (see point a)

2. More Tutorial, Tips and Trick and Video

a. Katherine and Miarsih said that I should post more often~ well, I wish I can T_T. Sekarang ini aku cukup sibuk dengan pekerjaan utamaku sebagai karyawan kantoran, jadi cuman ada waktu buat foto (dan edit) di akhir minggu aja. But I promise, I will post more often~ my goal is at least 2 posts every weeks (maybe more if I can)

b. The others said they want to see Tutorial on my blog ~ Okay, buat yang sudah follow blogku dari lama pasti sadar kalau aku tidak pernah membuat tutorial. Yes, I admit that. Sorry, aku memang bukan beauty expert dan nggak pernah mengambil kursus make up. Belajar otodidak pun juga jarang-jarang. hahaha so, I'm not confident enough to make a tutorial. Tapi karena banyak yang request, I will try to make one in the future, but please pardon my lack of skill~

c. Improve my make up skill! Banyak yang bilang kalau make up skillku kurang banget, pakai eyeshadow aja ga bisa,dll. I admit that too hahaha.. see point B for my explanation. dan sorry kalau memang aku buat EOTD warnanya ga kelihatan atau ga keluar, karena tipe mataku juga monolids jadi kadang pakai eyeshadow banyak-banyak pun keliatan cuman dikit aja >_< .

d.  Video please~ hehehe beberapa waktu lalu memang aku lagi suka-sukanya buat video (bisa dilihat videonya di sini, sini, sini, sini) lumayan banyak kan hehehehe. Sekarang memang jarang buat lagi karena jujur, edit video jauh lebih ribet daripada edit foto. Dan aku ga punya kamera khusus buat rekam video jadi kualitas videoku kurang bagus. But, I will put this on my to-do-list :)

Oh one thing~ one of the contestants, Devi said that I must show my face and voice in my video. Actually I did. (lihat di link di atas ya) mungkin Devi cuma lihat video ku yang terakhir yang tentang Etude House Cotton ball, di sana memang aku cuma mau demonstrasi tentang produknya jadi aku tidak memperlihatkan wajah dan suaraku. Lalu tentang kritik videoku yang panjang tentang membersihkan 10 kuku sampai membuat bosan yang nonton, aku juga ada alasannya. Aku mereview tentang kualitas kapas yang dengan sedikit pembersih bisa membersihkan 10 kuku sekaligus, oleh karena itu aku ingin menunjukkan kalau produk itu bisa benar-benar membersihkan 10 kuku jadi aku tidak mempercepat videonya agar pembaca bisa lihat kalau produk tersebut benar-benar bekerja baik. Sorry kalau itu membuat kalian bosan :( lain kali akan aku coba untuk edit video lebih bagus lagi :)

3. About my layout

a. Layoutku yang sekarang memang lebih lebar dari layoutku yang lama dan karena itu ada yang minta kalau fotoku dibesarkan lagi. I did that~ hahaha bisa dicek di post2ku yang lama, biasanya fotoku ukuran medium dan sekarang udah ukuran large. Ada yang request untuk extra large, aku pernah coba, kalau extra large jadi melebihi batas postku jadi kelihatan jelek sehingga aku pakai yang ukuran large. Kalau memang bisa ukuran extra large, aku akan usahakan pakai ukuran itu :)

b. Ada yang kritik juga kalau layoutku terlalu lebar dan minta backgroundku lebih berwarna dengan font dan emoticon yang meriah. Menurutku ini masalah monitor ya kayaknya? Soalnya kalau aku buka dari komputerku ukurannya pas sih.. hehehe. Memang sengaja aku buat layout yang lebar dan besar agar ga terkesan sumpek sih.. Apakah ada yang melihat blogku terlalu lebar juga? Untuk untuk font nanti kalau bisa coba aku edit (maklum gaptek HTML) hehehe. And resize my sidebar button because it looks to big. Done!

4. Posting hal-hal lain selain review (lifestyle,vacation,etc) dan munculkan label~ I'm working on it hehehe thanks for the suggestion~ Untuk label dulu pernah aku munculkan karena terlalu banyak jadi aku hide dan aku kasih box "Search di sidebarku", tapi kayaknya banyak yang suka search by label ya, jadi sekarang aku munculkan lagi.

5. Review tentang merek lokal yang lebih terjangkau untuk kantong pelajar. Aku akui memang aku jarang posting tentang produk lokal, bukannya tidak cinta produk dalam negeri tapi memang aku kurang cocok dengan beberapa merek lokal jadi agak ragu kalau mau coba-coba (Pernah sekali pakai bedak merk lokal langsung jerawatan dimana-mana, abis gitu langsung trauma akut ha5). Dan sekedar info kebanyakan aku review memang merek korea/USA, tapi rata-rata semua masih tergolong produk drugstore yang harganya cukup terjangkau lho.. Aku juga bukan tipe orang yang suka beli make up mahal2 (kecuali kasus-kasus tertentu ya hi5). But, later I will try to post more local products ^^

6. Review Western Brands (The Balm, Too Faced, MUA, etc) ~ I know that this suggestion will come from my readers lol. Aku memang banyak banget review produk Asia dan jarang review merk barat. Thanks to your suggestiom, I will work on it now~ already bought several products from western brands. Spoiler for you~ Illamasqua, The Balm, Physician Formula,MUA, Lorac and also MAC~ all reviews will coming soon on this blog.

7. Posting dalam bahasa Indonesia. Ini saran dari ce Winda~ hihihi ini udah mencoba posting dalam bahasa Indonesia walaupun masih campur-campur. Bukannya mau sok bahasa Inggrisan (secara Inggrisku aja masih acak adut) tapi kadang ada beberapa hal yang lebih enak ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris hehehe. Tapi biasanya untuk review produk lokal aku selalu pakai bahasa Indonesia kok :)

Hmmm secara keseluruhan poin-poin di atas yang bisa aku rangkum dari komen-komen yang masuk di postingan GAku. Terima kasih banyak buat yang sudah ikutan~ saran dan kritik kalian benar-benar sangat membantu buat aku :) Walaupun tidak semua bisa aku lakukan ya..tapi aku berusaha agar blog ini bisa berubah jadi lebih baik lagi dengan pendapat dari kalian.

Sekian post kali ini, sorry kalau agak panjang~ Have a nice day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Giveaway Winners~ and Free Vouchers for all Participants ^^

Halo~ Giveawayku yang berjudul "Thank You Giveaway" resmi berakhir tanggal 25 kemarin. Aku mendapat banyak sekali masukan yang sangat berguna dari para peserta yang sudah mengikuti giveaway kali ini. Untuk merangkum masukan-masukan itu, aku sudah mempersiapkan post khusus yang akan aku publish setelah post ini :)

Tanpa panjang lebar lagi, berikut adalah pemenang pertama dari Giveawayku:

Congratulation~ Icchrista!

Aku memilih Icchrista sebagai pemenang pertama, karena menurutku komennya paling membangun (bukan berarti komen yang lain tidak membangun ya, hanya aku paling suka sama komennya icchrista) dan semuanya disampaikan dengan bahasa yang sopan dan jelas.

Lalu untuk pemenang kedua yang dipilih secara random adalah:

Congratulation~ Erna Wijaya!

Thank you banget buat Erna yang aktif mempromosikan tentang giveaway ini via Twitter, karena setiap hari Eran share tentang giveaway ini otomatis jumlah entrynya yang paling banyak dibandingkan yang lain. Saat aku acak, namanya keluar sebagai pemenang :)

Anddd another good news~ buat semua peserta yang sudah ikutan giveawayku, ada diskon khusus buat kalian sebesar 15% (valid until 31st August 2013) untuk berbelanja di Online Shopku~ (Tidak berlaku untuk special promo dan samples/miniature ya). Just mention your GFC name when you place your order and I will give you special price ^^

Okay, setelah ini email untuk konfirmasi data diri akan segera meluncur~ Thank you buat semua peserta yang sudah ikutan. New giveaway will coming soon~ stay tune girls!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ July Edition

Okay, this time I will talk again about beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia (BTI). Yes, I only subscribe this beauty box for this month (and at least until december). At first I don't want to make a post about this beauty box, because I think almost all of you already aware with the contents. I just received my box yesterday, and it's already late than the others. Well, I know I'm not living in Jakarta but at least BTI should have a good solution for those who lived outside Jakarta (like send the box earlier so it will reach those who lived outside Jakarta sooner). Being late isn't the main issue for this month. Here is another issue for me~

This month's box color is Blue with gold ribbon (because my box is the gold one, the platinum box has blue box with silver ribbon). Well, I love the fact the changed the box's color every month and thanks to BTI now I have plenty of colorful box in my room~ But, definitely I don't like my box become like this!

Remember my not-so-satisfied post about last month's box? Actually I sincerely wish they will give me a better box this month. Let's see what's inside my box (though I already know all the items before I open it)~

An eyebrow pencil from Kay collection
~ not my favourite but glad they didn't give another spons or puff for this month

BB Cream Samples from caring colors
~ as a BB cream junkie, I'm quite love it

Nivea UV Extra Whitenning Serum
~ Can found this easily at supermarket near my house *this is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this product inside my box*

Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac
~ I don't like the scent

Maybelline Lipstick
~ The most ridiculous thing for me. They give me a 2,5 years old lipstick?? The manufacture date was on January 2011!! Me personally already throw away several of my items which manufactured on 2011, and now they give me another 2011 lipstick. Great! 

Does the box satisfy me? It will be lie if I told you I'm happy with my box. Me personally think, this kind of service become more and more dull every month. I no longer feel happy like the first time I received my first box  >_<
Okay, sorry if my words are too harsh, but again this is just my personal opinion. If you think this box is worth the price and want to subscribe it, you can visit Beauty Treats Indonesia. They will not have beauty box for next month but will have a new box called "Little Black Box" on September.

This is another thing that I can't understand from BTI. I know we love something new, but they launched 1 box at first, then within 2 months they changed it to gold and platinum box, now after 2 months they want to back again to 1 box. And to be quoted, all the prices are different (from IDR 95.000, IDR 135.000 and the latest is IDR 125.000). Okay, I'm confused. I'm no longer understand which box is my subscription or when I will received it (coz they keep changing it) hahahaha.

That's all my opinion about this beauty box. I really hope they will improve this service for the next beauty box. What do you think about this month box? 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Garden Recipe Cleansing Water~Kiwi

Good day friends~ Today I will share about my cleansing water with you. I always do double cleansing everyday. Means I will remove my make up first with cleansing water then continue with facial wash. Why I choose cleansing water? That’s because I have an oily skin. Having an oily skin make me concern about my cleansing product a lot. I prefer to choose product with water based to reduce the greasy feeling on my skin. One of my sponsor,  BeautyBar2010’s owner, Ce Fransisca suggested me to try this cleansing water when the last time I met her.  I was looking at cleansing product at that time, and she kindly recommended this product to me (and she also give me a discount too hehehe).

Comes with plastic bottle and a pump. Meet Ms.Kiwi~

Texture and scent:
Like the name, the texture of this product is clear water with fruity scent. My varian is Kiwi, and I don’t really know the excact smell of Kiwi, so I just describe it as fruity scent. It is slightly smell sour and fresh. Actually this is the first time I tried cleansing water. Though I know cleansing water is the best for oily skin, I usually choose cleansing milk or emulsion to clean my make up. Why? Because I think the water can’t really clean my make up because it’s only a water. But…. I thought wrong la~ this cleansing water help to remove my make up quite well. Plus it doesn’t leave greasy feeling on me. The fruity scent is another plus point because I like something fresh when I clean my face. I don’t use this product to clean my eyes/lips make up because I have separate remover for eyes and lips. This water can clean eyeliner and mascara too, but you need to put an effort for the waterproof one.

Let's read my simple comic~ 
1-2. Apply BB Cream
3-4. Apply concealer
5. Draw eyeliner
6. Apply eyeshadow, blush on, lipstick and mascara
7. Pour some cleansing water on facial cotton
8. First swipe~ the eyeliner and mascara are still there
9. Rub several times
10. Look at the dirty cotton
11. Voila~ all clean
Thanks to Nature Republic Garden Recipe Cleansing Water

Nice fruity scent
Help to remove make up and dirt
Comes with pump bottle
No greasy feeling after use it

Not travel friendly. Well, if you want to bring this during your vacation, you maybe need to move some products into small bottle.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paint My Nails: Peripera Rose Nail Polish~

Omg I'm so freakin happy when I typed this post. I really want to share this good news with you as soon as possible but I can't. Okay just a little spoiler~ "One of my biggest dream will come true soon" hehehehe.. even until now I can't stop smile when I think about it..lalalalala~

Back to the topic~ I will talk about Peripera Nail polishes this time. Bought these babies from Kiki as pre-loved items. I never bought pre-loved nail polish because I'm afraid about the condition. But, because Kiki is well known as nail blogger, I believe she will treat her "stuffs" with love. So, I decided to bought some from her~

Peripera Rose nail polish has a very beautiful bottle with a gold cap and roses ornaments on its packaging. Very beautiful and looks expensive hahahaha. Okay let's take a look to the brush. It is a rectangular shape *lol, don't know how to describe nail brush properly so pardon my silly words*. 

The orange color~ (OR401)

The red color~ (RD703)

Personally, I love the color~ It has a nice pigmented color so even when I only 1 layer, it still looks very nice on my nails. But I don't really like the finish result. The finish result is not as glossy as I expected hahaha.. I usually apply more top coat to make it more glossy.

That's all for today, talk to you again soon~

PS: Don't forget to join my giveaway Here and Here

Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm one of Kawaii Beauty Japan Stars~ ❤

My second post today~ It is quite rare to see me update my blog twice a day, right? hehehe. I can't help to share this good news with you. Earlier this morning, I was tagged by some friends (Erna and Lala) at Twitter. They informed me that I was one of KBJ Stars. I still haven't checked my email at that time, that's why I didn't saw the announcement. Thanks to Erna and Lala, I hurriedly checked my email and I saw my name on the list hehehe..

That's my nameeee~ :D 
Actually few days ago, I received email from Tia (the KBJ admin) but at that time she didn't mentioned anything about this happy news. So, I didn't think much about it. But, today..... as I read the announcement, I'm really happpyyyyyy~ hehehehe

Already forgot about Kawaii Beauty Japan? I wrote a short article about it, here. Check it out to know more about Kawaii Beauty Japan. It is a very helpful beauty website. They shared beauty tips and trick and even provide a "Sensei" hehehe. You can ask anything about beauty and the sensei will answer it for you. Last week the sensei was the famous Ce Phanie from Diary Of A Product Junkie and the topic is about skincare. This week sensei is also the famous one, Stella Lee~ the topic is about make up. If you have any problem, you can leave your question on their facebook and sensei will help you~ Don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter too.

Okay, that's all~ have a good day ladies :D

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Good morning~ Holika holika jewel light waterproof eyeliner is one of my favourite eyeliner. I've already made a full review about it long time ago. You can check it here. So here is the story, after I published my post about this eyeliner, I was tempted to buy another colors for this eyeliner. So I grab another 3 different color. I've already took pictures for the swatches but never write a post about it until now >_<  This post has been buried on my draft since earlier this year. hahaha.

here are the pictures~

From left to right:
Olive jade
Purple Amethyst 
One carat diamond ( i like the name hehehe)
Lapiz lazuli
Pink Topaz

 Indoor - without flash
L-R: Pink topaz, lapis lazuli, one carat diamond, purple amethyst, olive jade

 Indoor with flash

 Outdoor without flash

Quick information, why I love this eyeliner so much? Because it is very very very waterproof! the staying power is also awesome. This is the only pencil/gel eyeliner which stays forever on my lower eyes. It has a nice shimmer color and very pigmented.

Okay that's all my quick post today~ have a nice day!

PS: I sell the gel eyeliner from the same varian (Jewel light), I haven't try it but I think the formula is the same. also I open prebook for this pencil eyeliner for the black color. the price is cheap and the quantity is limited. If you interested to buy, you can visit my online shop.

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