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July Haul!

Helloo~~ Today I want to share about my haul~ Actually I didn't bought much for this month. I only have 3 new beauty items (that I bought with my own money) and some fashion stuffs. Okay, let me introduce you to my new babies~

MUA Undressed Palette This palette is well-known as a dupe from Naked Palette. The price is very very very cheap (if you compared it with Naked's price) plus the colors are good too. Right now this is my favourite palette~ 
Missha CC Cream Actually this stuff belongs to my online shop, but I ended claim it as mine because I fell for it's packaging wkwkwkwk. The packaging looks very luxury plus I love the combination between black and gold color. And not to forget about the flower ornament~ Well, I just can't say no to this CC Cream XD

Lorac Tantalizer Another fell-because-of-the-packaging product hahahaha..(and the price too~ because I bought it on sale). The packaging somehow reminds me of Sailor Moon's badge, though it's not cute or p…

Kawaii Beauty Japan Stars!

It's up now~ me on the list of Kawaii Beauty Japan Stars. I never imagine that I will have my pictures along with the others talented and famous beauty bloggers. Thank you so much for everyone who supported me~ Please check the full profile from the others KBJ stars and show them some love too~

Also don't forget to check out Kawaii Beauty Japan Facebook and subscribe to their newsletter.They currently having a giveaway to their subscribers. Free MAP vouchers for 10 lucky person~ Isn't it cool? Join now~

Special Deal From My Cute Shop

Many of you maybe already aware (or maybe not) that I have a new online shop that sell make up and skincare products. Well, I've already made a short introducing about my shop last month. But, today I will make a longer post to promote it to my readers. hehehehe Usually I made a sponsored post from other shops, I think this time I need to show some love to my own shop too~
Some promotions that happen at this moment:

Foodaholic 3D Face Mask Sheet ~ Double Discount Special price for only IDR 10.000/pc (Normal Price: IDR 15.000/pc) And another promotion~ Buy 5 get 1 free! Limited stock.
Ready Stock Items from Various Brands~
The Saem Saemmul Mascara Curling / Volume Endorsed by the famous G-dragon from Big Bang and nation little sister, IU. The Saem products are no doubt a must-have-items for now.
Peripera Peri's Jelly Tint Looking for something different? Try this magic jelly tint from Peripera. The apple stick has green color and maybe looks scary for you but after you apply it…

Critics and Suggestions From Readers~

Halooo~ kali ini aku akan posting memakai bahasa Indonesia (dan sedikit Inggris). Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku mengadakan giveaway, dimana salah satu syaratnya adalah aku meminta para peserta untuk memberikan kritik dan saran untuk blogku. Nah, kali ini aku ingin membahas satu per satu kritik dan saran yang sudah aku dapat dari para peserta :) Sorry kalau postnya agak panjang karena memang aku mau rangkum semua kritik dan saran yang aku dapat sehingga ke depan blogku ini bisa lebih baik lagi ^^
1. Dari nama blog yang aku pilih yaitu
a. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa nama blogku ini kepanjangan ~ Untuk kritik ini aku sangat setuju hahaha.. Jujur aku juga merasa kalau nama  blogku panjang. Apalagi kalau pas memberi watermark di foto atau harus isi buku tamu waktu event. Aku pernah berpikir untuk mengganti nama blogku tapi sampai sekarang masih belum menemukan nama yang pas~ maybe later when I buy my own domain, I will change my blog's name :)

b. Kesan perta…

Giveaway Winners~ and Free Vouchers for all Participants ^^

Halo~ Giveawayku yang berjudul "Thank You Giveaway" resmi berakhir tanggal 25 kemarin. Aku mendapat banyak sekali masukan yang sangat berguna dari para peserta yang sudah mengikuti giveaway kali ini. Untuk merangkum masukan-masukan itu, aku sudah mempersiapkan post khusus yang akan aku publish setelah post ini :)

Tanpa panjang lebar lagi, berikut adalah pemenang pertama dari Giveawayku:
Congratulation~ Icchrista!
Aku memilih Icchrista sebagai pemenang pertama, karena menurutku komennya paling membangun (bukan berarti komen yang lain tidak membangun ya, hanya aku paling suka sama komennya icchrista) dan semuanya disampaikan dengan bahasa yang sopan dan jelas.
Lalu untuk pemenang kedua yang dipilih secara random adalah:
Congratulation~ Erna Wijaya!
Thank you banget buat Erna yang aktif mempromosikan tentang giveaway ini via Twitter, karena setiap hari Eran share tentang giveaway ini otomatis jumlah entrynya yang paling banyak dibandingkan yang lain. Saat aku acak, namanya kelu…

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ July Edition

Okay, this time I will talk again about beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia (BTI). Yes, I only subscribe this beauty box for this month (and at least until december). At first I don't want to make a post about this beauty box, because I think almost all of you already aware with the contents. I just received my box yesterday, and it's already late than the others. Well, I know I'm not living in Jakarta but at least BTI should have a good solution for those who lived outside Jakarta (like send the box earlier so it will reach those who lived outside Jakarta sooner). Being late isn't the main issue for this month. Here is another issue for me~

This month's box color is Blue with gold ribbon (because my box is the gold one, the platinum box has blue box with silver ribbon). Well, I love the fact the changed the box's color every month and thanks to BTI now I have plenty of colorful box in my room~ But, definitely I don't like my box become like this!


Review: Nature Republic Garden Recipe Cleansing Water~Kiwi

Good day friends~ Today I will share about my cleansing water with you. I always do double cleansing everyday. Means I will remove my make up first with cleansing water then continue with facial wash. Why I choose cleansing water? That’s because I have an oily skin. Having an oily skin make me concern about my cleansing product a lot. I prefer to choose product with water based to reduce the greasy feeling on my skin. One of my sponsor,BeautyBar2010’s owner, Ce Fransisca suggested me to try this cleansing water when the last time I met her.I was looking at cleansing product at that time, and she kindly recommended this product to me (and she also give me a discount too hehehe).

Packaging: Comes with plastic bottle and a pump. Meet Ms.Kiwi~
Texture and scent: Like the name, the texture of this product is clear water with fruity scent. My varian is Kiwi, and I don’t really know the excact smell of Kiwi, so I just describe it as fruity scent. It is slightly smell sour and fresh. Actually th…

Paint My Nails: Peripera Rose Nail Polish~

Hellooooo~~ Omg I'm so freakin happy when I typed this post. I really want to share this good news with you as soon as possible but I can't. Okay just a little spoiler~ "One of my biggest dream will come true soon" hehehehe.. even until now I can't stop smile when I think about it..lalalalala~

Back to the topic~ I will talk about Peripera Nail polishes this time. Bought these babies from Kiki as pre-loved items. I never bought pre-loved nail polish because I'm afraid about the condition. But, because Kiki is well known as nail blogger, I believe she will treat her "stuffs" with love. So, I decided to bought some from her~

Peripera Rose nail polish has a very beautiful bottle with a gold cap and roses ornaments on its packaging. Very beautiful and looks expensive hahahaha. Okay let's take a look to the brush. It is a rectangular shape *lol, don't know how to describe nail brush properly so pardon my silly words*. 
The orange color~ (OR401)


I'm one of Kawaii Beauty Japan Stars~ ❤

My second post today~ It is quite rare to see me update my blog twice a day, right? hehehe. I can't help to share this good news with you. Earlier this morning, I was tagged by some friends (Erna and Lala) at Twitter. They informed me that I was one of KBJ Stars. I still haven't checked my email at that time, that's why I didn't saw the announcement. Thanks to Erna and Lala, I hurriedly checked my email and I saw my name on the list hehehe..

That's my nameeee~ :D  Actually few days ago, I received email from Tia (the KBJ admin) but at that time she didn't mentioned anything about this happy news. So, I didn't think much about it. But, today..... as I read the announcement, I'm really happpyyyyyy~ hehehehe
Already forgot about Kawaii Beauty Japan? I wrote a short article about it, here. Check it out to know more about Kawaii Beauty Japan. It is a very helpful beauty website. They shared beauty tips and trick and even provide a "Sensei" hehehe…

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Good morning~ Holika holika jewel light waterproof eyeliner is one of my favourite eyeliner. I've already made a full review about it long time ago. You can check it here. So here is the story, after I published my post about this eyeliner, I was tempted to buy another colors for this eyeliner. So I grab another 3 different color. I've already took pictures for the swatches but never write a post about it until now >_<  This post has been buried on my draft since earlier this year. hahaha.
here are the pictures~

From left to right: Olive jade Purple Amethyst  One carat diamond ( i like the name hehehe) Lapiz lazuli Pink Topaz
Swatches:  Indoor - without flash L-R: Pink topaz, lapis lazuli, one carat diamond, purple amethyst, olive jade
 Indoor with flash
 Outdoor without flash
Quick information, why I love this eyeliner so much? Because it is very very very waterproof! the staying power is also awesome. This is the only pencil/gel eyeliner which stays forever on my…