Monday, July 15, 2013

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Good morning~ Holika holika jewel light waterproof eyeliner is one of my favourite eyeliner. I've already made a full review about it long time ago. You can check it here. So here is the story, after I published my post about this eyeliner, I was tempted to buy another colors for this eyeliner. So I grab another 3 different color. I've already took pictures for the swatches but never write a post about it until now >_<  This post has been buried on my draft since earlier this year. hahaha.

here are the pictures~

From left to right:
Olive jade
Purple Amethyst 
One carat diamond ( i like the name hehehe)
Lapiz lazuli
Pink Topaz

 Indoor - without flash
L-R: Pink topaz, lapis lazuli, one carat diamond, purple amethyst, olive jade

 Indoor with flash

 Outdoor without flash

Quick information, why I love this eyeliner so much? Because it is very very very waterproof! the staying power is also awesome. This is the only pencil/gel eyeliner which stays forever on my lower eyes. It has a nice shimmer color and very pigmented.

Okay that's all my quick post today~ have a nice day!

PS: I sell the gel eyeliner from the same varian (Jewel light), I haven't try it but I think the formula is the same. also I open prebook for this pencil eyeliner for the black color. the price is cheap and the quantity is limited. If you interested to buy, you can visit my online shop.


  1. warnanya cantik2 banget yg one carat diamond bagus banget warnany keluar shimmery whitenya :D

  2. purple nya cantik sha.. jadi pengen koleksi juga nih..hehehe :D

  3. Punyaku yg shade 10 Sha Matte Brown *CMIIW, belum dicobain sih masih ngabisin stok eyeliner lain :D

  4. aku jg baru swatch warna2 baru yg kubeli sha :D

  5. Jadi pingin beli sha. Disini yang holika2x ini iklannya juga gencar banget.

  6. sukak bgt sama eyeliner ini TOP banget :3

  7. Wah bagus ya warnanya *v* Aku jg sering denger review yg bagus ttg eyeliner ini. Jadi kepengen beli nih ;w; hahahaha.
    Btw, theme bologna lucuuu and I love to read your posts, followed you on GFC :D


  8. Eyeliner ini bagus banget, gue juga ada 2: pink topaz dan green. Bener2 recommended :)

  9. They sure look pigmented! Can't wait to get my hands on them babies!
    Thank you for a great review:)

    P.S Please feel free to check my blog out for more reviews!



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