Friday, July 5, 2013

Mask Time: Foodaholic 3D Mask Sheet ~ Snail

Are you familiar with 3D Cinema? No, I will not talk about cinema right now but I will talk about face mask. Recently I tried a new face mask from Foodaholic. The shape of the face mask is 3D! this is the first time I try 3D face mask and I really loveee it~~ omooo why I just try it now? 

Like you can guess, Foodaholic is another Korean brand from thousands brands outside there. Actually I knew about this brand from my best friend, she once mention about this brand to me, but it's still quite hard to found this brand in Indonesia

There are many varians for this face mask, this time I try to use Snails varian~ Snails ingredient is very famous lately. I'm a little worried at first because I think it will smells bad with snails as the main ingredients, but my thought was wrong~

The face mask shape is 3D, it fit perfectly on my face. It smells great and fragrant. It also contains a lot of essence. Because the shape is 3D, it stays longer on my face even after it dries. It doesn't fall off easily even though I talk or smile.

For the result, I think it's similar with another face mask~ an instant bright result and supple face! I try to use it more often to see more good result. So far it doesn't makes my skin itchy or something bad like that.

So what do you think about 3D Face mask? Have you try similar mask like this?

PS: this brand is still quite rare in Indonesia, if you want to try this mask sheet, you can go to my online shop. I sell various mask sheet, and this brand is one of them. Right now I have 5 varians for this mask~ blueberry, orange, green tea, snail and pomegranate. Mention "MISS BELANJA" if you buy this mask and I will give you special price :)


  1. wah pas banget Sha, kebetulan aku lagi nungguin barang PO tester korea, awalnya bingung krn pilihannya banyak, tapi akhirnya pilih yg snail krn keknya lg ngetren ya, ga sabar pengen nyobain jg :), thanks dah review.

    1. sama-sama~ aku juga penasaran sama snail ingredient makanya nyobain masker ini hehehe

  2. Hahaha after see this post, I remember that I still have unboxed snail masker. Now I quickly open it and use it LOL...

    1. hahaha try it now~ I'm waiting for your review!


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