Monday, July 8, 2013

Recent Haul~ [Beauty Products]

When was the last time I posted about my Haul? Omg just realized that it's been a long time since I talked about my haul. Actually I always love to make haul post, but I always to lazy to organize all my items and take pictures of them. sorry~ hehehe. Anyway, these are my collective haul since April or May until now. see it is quite long, right? hahahaha

Paula's Choice 2% AHA
This is one of my HG skincare. I've already use this for almost a year since last year. At first I only bought the shared bottle because the full size bottle is very very expensive for me. Plus I only need a little amount of it. But, recently (2 or 3 months ago) I decided to bought the full version. For those who curious, this product helps to exfoliate skin and remove the blackheads without need to squeeze them. Basicly it works like B'liv off those heads (which I reviewed before).

The Body Shop White Musk Body Mist and EDT
One of my favourite fragrance from The body shop. Bought 2 of them because TBS was on sale at that time. 50% for these duo~ hehehe You know I can't see no to cheap price.

Nature Republic Forest Garden Cleansing Water and The Face Shop Green Tea Eye make up remover
Almost done with these products and I still including it on my haul post now..hahaha sorry~ Anyaway, these two is my favourite cleanser now~ full review coming soon.

DUP Wonder Eyelids Tape
Been wanting to try this famous eyelids tape since long and finally bought one for myself. Quite regret it now, because the price is expensive and I don't really like (will review it later~) PS: let me know if there's anyone who want to adopt it :p

The Skin Food Apple Blusher
Can say no for its packaging!!! very cute and you know I'm addicted to blush. Got this from BeautyBar2010 when the last time they had bazaar at Ciputra World Surabaya ( I think it's around April >_<).

Sasatinnie False Eyelashes and The Skin Food False Eyelashes
Bought the Sasatinnie during my trip to Hongkong and The skin food is from BeautyBar2010 too. I already try the Sasatinnie falsies and quite love the natural effect on my eyes.

Sasatinnie Nail Polish and Nail Treatment
Always love the heart shape packaging of this nail polish~ and I can't say no to pink color hahaha. The nail treatment works as nail base for me. PS: I sell some of the nail polishes on my shop, go check it case you want to buy some~

Daiso Concealer
Here goes the story, when I went to Singapore last month, I forgot to bring my concealer with me. Then when I visited Daiso, I pick random concealer and here it is. Not really like it because the color is too dark for me. But, I love the brush packaging idea

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher
Bought the brown color because I want to use it for shading and contouring. This blusher is quite popular~ saw it often on Get it beauty self video~

LG Health and Beauty Various Mask Sheet
For those who surprised~ Yes, LG also have their own brand of cosmetics and skincare! I saw these cute mask at Sasa Hongkong and finally bought each varians because all the packagings are cute. hahaha~

Rachel K. CC cream
Already mention this as my favourite CC cream now on Twitter. Bought this from Watsons Macau *lol, so far away* Complete review coming soon~

Canmake Shading Powder and Cheek Gradient Blusher
I need something to hide my chubby cheek, that's why I bought the shading powder hehehe. As for the blush, the colors are very beautiful~ so I bought it too~

Borjouis Blush - Rose de Jaspre
Actually I want to buy this blush when I was in Hongkong, but failed to do it because I was in a rush to go the next destination. I already swatched it and want to pay it on the cashier, but the queue is quite long so I put it again on its place. Later when I come home, I decide to buy this blush on Sogo. The price is similar tough.

Illamasqua Powder Blush ~ Nymph
This why you must listen when your mommy told you to sleep. I was a little bit insomnia and played with my phone. Suddenly I saw one of my contact's status said that Illasmaqua is having 50% Sale! you can guess, I ended bought one.hahahaha. Nymph is quite popular shade from Illamasqua, and I relieved I choose this shade as a start. I really like the color and now I want to buy more hahaha.

MAC Sheertone Blush ~ Coy Girl
Actually this is a preloved item but the condition is still good and the seller offers a good price. The color looks purple when it still on its packaging, but when I apply it on my cheek, it isn't that purple. It looks natural~

Physician Formula ConcealRX
Bought this because I saw a very promising image and review hahaha. Now that I've already tried it myself, I can say the review is true. I love this concealer a lot and this is my HG now!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner and Facial Wash
No need to say! these are my daily skincare.

The Body Shop Vitamin C eye cream
Never used eye cream before? well, change your habits! I bought this because the texture is light and not to creamy. I don't really like thick cream for my eyes because it feels sticky for me.

Garnier BB cream
New comer from Garnier. I think if you lived in Indonesia you've already heard about this baby. The price is cheap and can be easily found at local supermarket / drugstore.

Holika Holika Color Change Sample
Bought sample version of Holika Holika CC cream because I'm still curious with the new trend called CC cream hahaha.

L'oreal BB Max and Revlon Color Correcting Primer
Preloved items from ce Carnellin. hehehe~ can you see my reflection there? :D Just realized my reflection when I was edited the picture.

 Etude House Pink Pong Collagen Water
I must admit that I bought this because the cute packaging hahahaha. At first I though it was a toner, but later I saw a review that said it is healthy drink. I still haven't drink it, will write a review about it after I taste it hehehe

The Face Shop Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream
My favourite sun cream from The Face Shop. Almost finish my first bottle and bought this for my back up. Read my review here~

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk
Another back up product. Bought this because I almost done with my cleansing water.

Too Cool For School Butterfly Mask
Super cute mask! it has butterfly shape~ complete review coming soon!

The Skin Food Argan Oil Hair Mask
My third buy, supa love the result on my hair. It makes my hair smooth and super soft. Plus it also has a nice scent.

Foodaholic 3D Mask Sheet
One of my favourite mask sheet now! say good bye to your usual mask sheet and say hello to 3D mask! I also sell this mask sheet on my online shop~ check it now ^^ PS: Mention "MISS BELANJA" to get special price from me :)

Forgot to include this eyeliner with the others, so I take a single picture of it. Been eyeing this product since months ago. actually I want to buy the liquid pen eyeliner, but I still have many liquid eyeliner and I need something waterproof for my under eye, so I decided to bought this. Btw, is that Sandara Park on the packaging? *she is the new ambassador for Clio, as far as I know*, she looks different here~

Okay, that's all my haul~ need to stop now because I kinda forgot what else I bought during the past 3 months hahaha. Sorry, in the future I will post my haul every month ( I hope I can do that~ ah if you want latest update about my haul you can follow my instagram) Thanks for reading this long post.


  1. aku jg ada masker Beyond nya Sha.. lucu banget ya :D

  2. Beb , request review yang Pink Pong Collagen Water , Too Cool For School Butterfly Mask dan The Skin Food Apple Blusher

  3. penasaran tony moly crystal blushernya.

    aku suka wangi white musk nya TBS :D

    1. yang punya aku warnanya coklat sih, cuma bisa dipakai buat shading aja ^^

  4. LG mask sheet nya lucu banget sha ^_~
    request yang Too Cool For School Butterfly Mask donk :) thanks

  5. I want to try LG mask!
    Whats the difference for the 3D mask though?
    And OMG Etude House Pink Pong Collagen Water is a drink?!?!?!

    1. The shape is different. I already made a review about it, maybe you want to know more, you can click this link:

      and is a drink! hehehe

  6. aku kemaren itu karena liat video kamu yang skincare routine itu jadi pengen nyoba, sha, tapi jadi maju mundur karena baunya.. Hahahaha. Aku kemaren itu nyoba cium yang tea tree oilnya sih,, kalo tonernya baunya sama gak? ato lebih seger?

    1. Baunya mirip2 van..tea treenya lumayan kenceng..kalau pertama pakai mungkin terganggu sama baunya, berhubung aku uda kebiasaan jadi ya biasa aja, malah kalau ga bau tea tree jadi ada yang aneh hehehe

  7. That's a LOT of stuff! If I were you, I wouldn't have the patience to organize that much items. Heehee. Those face masks' packaging are so cute!

    1. hahahaha actually I already forgot some stuffs that I bought :p

  8. wow itu haul berbulan-bulan sampe ngumpul segitu banyaknya ce wkwk xD
    ehh itu LG yang dimaksud LG elektronik itu kah? o_O woo baru tau aku, tapi packagingnya unyuu :3
    aku request review nya pink pong collagen water, tbs vitamin c eye cream sama butterfly mask nya dong ce <3

    1. Iya la hahahah selalu lupa kalau mau buat haul post bulanan.. Yup LG yang elektronik itu, tapi ada divisi health and beautynya yang ngeluarin produk2 kecantikan..kalau ga salah brand ambassadornya Miss A Suzy..
      Dicatet requestnya~ review menyusul ^^

  9. banyaak banget haulnya sha! :D
    ditunggu review illa nya yak..warnanya cakeeeepppp itu T_T


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