Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Estee Lauder Eyeshadow

The weather isn't really friendly today. Raining all day long and the sky is very dark. This weather makes me feels lazy to do my work hehehe.. You know the best thing to do in this cold weather is sleep, but because I'm still at the office (write this post in the afternoon hehehe), of course I can't sleep. So, I decide to talk a little about my newest mini eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder. Got this from the Estee Lauder event, check here if you didn't read it yet.

Okay, to be honest, this is the first time I have a cosmetic from this brand. I never bought one before, because the price is quite expensive for me. I just realized that their packaging is really beautiful. For the mini palette, they go with gold packaging. and seriously it really looks like gold bar (except the fact it has EL logo on the top of the packaging). I really love the fact it also do the reflection effect. I can use it as a mirror too if I want hehehe.

This duo eyeshadow / mini palette comes with dual applicator (brush and sponge applicator). It also comes with mirror inside the packaging. My color is Meadow (number 4) it is a green / mint color. Each packaging comes with 2 different colors. Soft color and bold color. The bold color has EL logo on it.

I love its texture because it isn't really chalky. Usually when I swipe my brush on an eyeshadow, there will be many dust / powder that fly away~ hahaha. This one isn't like that. The color is quite pigmented too. I love the fact that the green color looks very natural on my eyes. I use eye primer before I apply the eyeshadow and overall it works good. The eyeshadow last until 8 hours on my oily eyelid. Great!

You know, I'm bad with eyeshadow... also I have monolids, that means you barely can see eyeshadow on my eyes eventhough I already apply it a lot. lol~ Okay, here are some pictures of me~

Taken from my instagram~ love the glowing effect and my side profile <3

It's been a long time since I took selca~ hihihi~ I'm getting more and more chubby sigh >_<

Oh by the way, you can get this eyeshadow at Estee Lauder's counter. The price for this mini palette is IDR 330.000 (don't scream) I know it is expensive, especially for young people like us ( I like to include myself as young people too hahaha). But.... okay, there's always the good point behind the not-so-cheap price, right? Well you can see the color pay off really well, also you got a very luxury packaging and not to forget its nice formula. See? I can mention many good points, right? hehehe

Okay, that's all my review about this eyeshadow. I hope you all have a nice day~


  1. Great palette you got there~
    Are the colours really shimmery or matte?
    Thanks for the swatches!


    1. It contains shimmer especially the soft color but it isn't really visible when applied :)


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