Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Garden Recipe Cleansing Water~Kiwi

Good day friends~ Today I will share about my cleansing water with you. I always do double cleansing everyday. Means I will remove my make up first with cleansing water then continue with facial wash. Why I choose cleansing water? That’s because I have an oily skin. Having an oily skin make me concern about my cleansing product a lot. I prefer to choose product with water based to reduce the greasy feeling on my skin. One of my sponsor,  BeautyBar2010’s owner, Ce Fransisca suggested me to try this cleansing water when the last time I met her.  I was looking at cleansing product at that time, and she kindly recommended this product to me (and she also give me a discount too hehehe).

Comes with plastic bottle and a pump. Meet Ms.Kiwi~

Texture and scent:
Like the name, the texture of this product is clear water with fruity scent. My varian is Kiwi, and I don’t really know the excact smell of Kiwi, so I just describe it as fruity scent. It is slightly smell sour and fresh. Actually this is the first time I tried cleansing water. Though I know cleansing water is the best for oily skin, I usually choose cleansing milk or emulsion to clean my make up. Why? Because I think the water can’t really clean my make up because it’s only a water. But…. I thought wrong la~ this cleansing water help to remove my make up quite well. Plus it doesn’t leave greasy feeling on me. The fruity scent is another plus point because I like something fresh when I clean my face. I don’t use this product to clean my eyes/lips make up because I have separate remover for eyes and lips. This water can clean eyeliner and mascara too, but you need to put an effort for the waterproof one.

Let's read my simple comic~ 
1-2. Apply BB Cream
3-4. Apply concealer
5. Draw eyeliner
6. Apply eyeshadow, blush on, lipstick and mascara
7. Pour some cleansing water on facial cotton
8. First swipe~ the eyeliner and mascara are still there
9. Rub several times
10. Look at the dirty cotton
11. Voila~ all clean
Thanks to Nature Republic Garden Recipe Cleansing Water

Nice fruity scent
Help to remove make up and dirt
Comes with pump bottle
No greasy feeling after use it

Not travel friendly. Well, if you want to bring this during your vacation, you maybe need to move some products into small bottle.


  1. wah jd pengen nyoba juga nih~ soalnya aku ga pernah pake yg water, cuma pernah yg oil doang ce wkwk tapi yg ini kayaknya lumayan manjur tuh buat ngeremove makeup *o*

    1. sama laa.. aku biasa juga pakai oil, trus ditawarin ini jadi penasaran nyoba ternyata hasilnya bagus juga :p

  2. jadi pengen coba juga nih sha.. packagingnya lucu..klu dr jauh hampir mirip shu uemura yg edisi yg baru itu lhoo.. lupa namanya hahaha

    1. oh yaa? *malah ga tau kalau mirip hehehe ketinggalan brita diriku*

  3. wah sounds great,, baru tau cleansing water begini :3

  4. pengen coba jadinya.

  5. wahhh pengen nyoba tapi kulit aku dry n sensitif ada rekomen produk yg sejenis tp untuk kulit dry g ce??

    1. hmm aku soalnya bukan tipe kulit dry jadi kurang tahu kalau produk untuk kulit dry.. Kalau kamu cari cleansing mungkin bisa coba cleansing oil atau milk :)


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