Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Haul~


hikz... I promised to myself to reduce my shopping habits since last month, but eventually it doesn't works for this month. Blame holiday season and the words "SALE"!! At first I only want repurchase products that I need, but I ended buy quite a lot new things hahahaha.

Here are stuffs that I bought this month:

Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence
My favourite hair essence! it has a nice scent and makes my hair feels soft~ Read my complete review: here

Erha Acne Body Spray
Bought this spray becauce I ran out my TFS Body spray. Actually I want to repurchase TFS body spray but it's already holiday session so most of online shops are already close. That's why I decide to buy this one. The ads looks very promising hahaha.

Maybelline Lipstick ~ Cozy Tangerine
When I was shopping with my office friends, we saw Maybelline had a huge sale for this lipstick (Buy 1 get 1 free) and then I ended bought one (shared with my friends).

Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet
My favourite cleansing tissue! Read my review: here

Elianto Matte Berry Lisptick
At first I though this is a Korean brand but I thought it wrong hahahaha. Yennyca told me that it is a Malaysian brand. I bought this lipstick because recently I'm quite interested with matte lipstick wkwkwk and the price is quite affordable too

Elianto D'amour Eau De Toilette
Blame yennyca for thissss.... I only want to buy a lipstick but then she called me and said this EDT is on sale so the price is super cheap. Then when I saw it, I fell in love with its simple yet cute packaging hehehe.

Elianto Angel Bear Doll
Freebies from the store hehehehe.

Enough for this month~ screw my shopping ban la~ wkwkwkwk


  1. EDTnya gimana sha wanginya? floral/fruity/anything else?

    1. lebih ke arah floral gitu menurutku hehehe

  2. Shasha, aq juga meh beli itu Elianto e lg disc to di Centro 15% tp i held myself back, new perfume/mists yg belum d pake sama sekali... 12 bee huhuhuhuhu *derita beauty junkies*. Eh sama lo aq dl juga sempet ngira Elianto dr Korea, malah d Malaysia smpt ribut soalnya bahkan org Malaysia ngira itu brand Korea hahaha... kecele.

    And tenang Sha, it's not that much koq, kyk belanjaan ku seminggu sekali gt *puk2 sha2 and diri sendiri*

    1. wkwkwk senasib ce :D Suka kalap kalau lihat2 diskonan gitu >_<

  3. aaaa samaaaa.. padahal udah wanti-wanti diri sendiri supaya gak beli ini itu selama bulan ini, eh tetep aja kelepasaaannn T^T

  4. Replies
    1. Kalau di surabaya di dalamnya Matahari - mall Tunjungan Plaza :)

    2. sama di Centro Galaxy Mall kalau ngga salah...

    3. Ga salah koq sab *tiap minggu main ke GM* hahaha

  5. ouww.. I would really like to purchase that Elianto Matte Berry Lisptick and Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet. by the way I'm your new follower from today =)

  6. I love the post, especially Korean beauty products.
    Can't seem to buy enough since I live and blog about it here
    Drop by :D

    oh and my friends always ask where to buy is actually selling internationally now !


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