Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Clio Waterproof Eyeliner ~ Black

Finally I have Clio product in my collection! yay~ I'm pretty sure if you friendly with Korean brand, you will know that this brand is famous for its Eyeliner. The previous beauty ambassador for this brand is the famous Lee Hyori, which well known for her Cat Eyes~ But, they already substitute Lee Hyori with the other famous name, Sandara Park!

Quick Info, Dara is beauty ambassador for Etude House (before she moved to Clio) which famous for its cute concept. and I think Dara fits with that Aegyo concept because she looks very young compared with her age. Then when she moved to Clio (which famous for its sexy and dark concept), she shows a different charm~ I personally love the cute Dara but I think the "Devil" look for Clio is good too for her. And quick intermezzo~ Kpop fans or blackjack maybe already know about this, Dara is a big fan of Hyori Unnie~ I think she was extremely happy when Clio asked her to be the next BA after Lee Hyori. hehehe~

Enough of my k-pop info for you..Let's skip to the review. Actually I want to buy the Liquid pen eyeliner (because it is the famous one) but at that time I already had so many pen eyeliner (I also bought a new K-palette during my Singapore trip too), so I decided to bought the pencil one. Because I need something that will stay forever on my waterline. 

The box is decorated with Dara face hahahaha. The main color is black and orange. Move to the back, you can see that this eyeliner is made in Germany, eventhough it is distributed under Korean brand.

The eyeliner is an automatic pencil type. You just need to twist the bottom to use it. There is a sharpener at the bottom of the pencil. Although it is an automatic pencil, you need to sharpen it regularly to maintain its shape. see the pictures to know what I mean.

You know, the people said "Don't believe it if you don't try it by yourself". I was hesitated at first, I read many many many good review about Clio before, but I personally think "Does it really that good?". Well, then when I have mine, I can say that it is really good.

The color is very black and it really waterproof plus it stays for hours on my waterline and doesn't smudge at all. wow~ I never had any eyeliner that will stays for hours on my waterline and I think there isn't any eyeliner that can do that. But, I'm wrong~

This is now become one of my favourite item~ and now I'm eyeing the liquid one hahahaha...


  1. Pengen ciii hahah. beli dimana? :)

    Dara cantik banget yaahh. Love her so much ♥

  2. I really want to try Clio's eyeliners! Thank you for this review, this definitely goes in my wishlist! :)

    1. yay~ you should try it and I hope you have a nice experience too with this eyeliner~

  3. @all... Bought it from watsons singapore.. forgot the excact price, I think it's around SGD 10 or 12 (please correct me if I'm wrong).. Thank you for all your comment :)

  4. Weh, no smudging sha? Need to put this in my wishlist then, blm nemu eyeliner yg ga blobor2 di waterline ku nihhh


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