Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Rachel K. CC Cream ~ Neutral

This is my very first CC cream in full tube, and I'm really glad I grab this brand as my first. I heard many rave about this brand. Back then, when the CC cream isn't really famous like now, I've already heard about CC cream from Rachel K. (and chanel too). I was very hesitated to buy this CC cream because the price is quite pricey (You know I don't like to spend my money to something expensive hahaha). Short story... I went to Macau on June, and I spotted this CC cream at Watsons, after I checked the price (which is cheaper than if I buy online in Indonesia), finally I bought this lovely baby~

Available Shades:
Original (the tube is black color) and Neutral (Pink tube)

Comes with a plastic tube. The main color is hot pink with gold cap. I like the color combination (I have a clutch bag with the same color combination). The information on the back of the packaging are written in Korean and English. It is really help me to understand the function of this CC cream.

Texture and Coverage:
The texture is quite thick (not to runny) similar to BB cream's texture. It blends easily on my skin tone and brighten my face. As for the coverage, it doesn't really help to cover my acnes/blemishes. If you don't have flawless skin like me, you will need concealer to cover your imperfection.This CC cream provides matte finish, which I love so much becauce I have oily skin.

Scents and Oil Control:
This CC cream has a nice fragrant smell, not to strong and not to light, but I'm not sure if it a floral scent or not. Well, it's similar with powder's smell. The oil control for this CC cream is okay for me. I need to use my oil control paper after 4-5 hours (same when I use BB cream).

My opinion:
CC cream claims to have something better than BB cream in terms of their ingredients. CC cream was mentioned to has more "skin care" function than BB cream so it will suits to every skin type, even the sensitive one.  If you read my blog since the begining, you maybe notice that I have many BB cream. Ever since I moved my heart to BB Cream and say goodbye to foundation, I never have any problem with BB cream. Then during this 1 month, I change my make up base *again* to this CC cream. Though I don't really sure, this CC cream is quite helpful to my acne-prone skin. 

Before I went to Hongkong and Taiwan, my acnes become worse and it still continue after I came back home. I use all my acne treatments and change my BB cream to this CC cream, and guess what? my skin condition become better and better. My acne scars faded and I can see my face is whiter than before. Again, I'm not sure if my skin become better only because of this CC cream. Because, I also use another products. But, you know, if something really works for you, you can feel it, right? Well, that's what happened to me... I can't really explain it, but I can feel that, this product really works for me.

Nice scent
Even out my skin tone
Contains SPF
Improve my skin condition

Quite pricey and hard to get in my country
Doesn't provides heavy coverage

Bonus~ Lemme show you my NOTD! It is a pink leopard nail but a cheat one wkwkwkwk. I use nail sticker from Nature Republic :)


  1. Sheer coverage CC Creamnya yak >.<
    Nail stickernya lucuuuu *0*

    1. iyaa..mesti ditambahin produk2 lain baru keliatan agak flawless wkwkwk

  2. coveragenya lebih bagus dari cc cream etude sha..
    nail artnya lucuuu..hihi

    1. Belum pernah nyobain punya etude sih, tapi denger2 memang coveragenya sheer banget ya~

  3. Sha q pny cc creamnya etude, pas dipake kog ga ngefek banget ya ke kulit, harus ditamabih bedak baru kliatan..

    1. samaan nih, etude cc c ream di aku juga ga cover sama sekali. cuma kmuka jadi ga kusam trus lebih bright aja..

    2. Memang setauku CC cream coveragenya rata-rata sheer~ karena gunanya cuman untuk meratakan warna kulit. Aku juga setelah pakai CC cream selalu aku timpa lagi pakai bedak kok :)
      Setuju sama sheilla~ efek brighteningnya yang bagus, setelah pakai CC Cream langsung keliatan cerah gitu.. Mungkin kalau yang butuh coverage lebih bisa lanjut lagi pakai concealer / BB cream~

  4. I actually saw this when I went to HK since we don't have this in the Philippines. Should have given it a try!

    1. I also bought this from HK because we also don't have this in Indonesia hahahaha.. You should give it a try :)

  5. Where is this made? China or Korea? (Just guessing through the labels) XD

    ~Pauline @Kallony


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