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Review: Catrice Cosmetics

Back on February, I won a giveaway from Joanna. She sent me bunch of freebies along with the giveaway gift. What I love the most when I won a giveaway from outside my country is, that I can try new product from a new brand which I don't know before. Like this time, I got few stuff from Catrice Cosmetic. The free stuffs consist lip tint, eyeshadow, and kohl kajal. I've already search some information about this brand and looks like this brand is from Europe. I'm not sure which area because every products that I got was manufactured at different country lol. Yes, I'm quite surprised when I tried to figure the "hometown" of these stuff. Here are some evidences..

Now, I will move to the reviews~ the first one is the lip tint.

THE TINT TREND Thanks to its ultra-light, water based formula, you hardly feel the liquidlip tint on your lips - it's cool and refreshing and has a real wow-effect too. The more you apply it, the more intense the results! also ideal for …

Beauty Treats Indonesia: Little Black Box

Hello~ I hope you all have a nice day.

Sorry for the delay of this post. I promise on twitter that I will review my beauty box as soon as possible but unfortunately I was sick for the past 5 days. I got infected with a new kind of virus *don't know the name*. It made me got a lot of itchy red dots all over my body. Very terrible! That's the reason why I've been MIA for a while.

Okay, now I will talk about my beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia. It's been a while, isn't it? Last month they went hiatus and not send new beauty box, but this month they come again with new concept that they call "Little Black Box". 

Actually I'm quite surprised when I saw this box in my room at 19th September. Based on my experienced, BTI box usually come to me around 25th or almost the end of the month. Also I still didn't saw any post/twitter post about this month box. Now this is what I called SURPRISE! quite excited before I'm unwrapped the box.
Like usu…

Missbelanjaonline X Mootta International Giveaway!

Hi girls, like I've said before.. I will be holding an International Giveaway. This giveaway is sponsored by Mootta. Mootta is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. It is a company that concentrates on bringing all things from Seoul to the rest of the world. This ultimately includes aesthetics of fashion and beauty. Complete post about it, you can check it here.
So, there will be 1 winner for this giveaway, and here are the prizes that you can win.

 2 Innisfree It's Real Mask Sheets Beautiful Anklet To enter this giveaway you can fill the rafflecopter widget below. Please make sure you follow all the rules or you will disqualified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The prizes will send by Mootta directly to you. So you need to provide your information clearly when you subscribe to their website.

UPDATE ON OCTOBER 4TH: The first winner, Nicoleta failed to claim her prize within 3 days after I emailed her. So, I decide to pick another winner and congratulation to:

Review: Maybelline Eye and Lips Waterproof Make Up Remover

Hi all~ today I want to share about my favourite make up remover from Maybelline. I'm sure you already familiar with this product especially if you lived in Indonesia. This product is quite popular and the price is affordable. This is one of my very first make up item. Back then when I'm still newbie about cosmetic, I purchased this baby as my very first remover and I love it until now.

Price / Amount: around IDR 45-50k / 60ml

Packaging: This remover is stored in a plastic bottle. It is quite sturdy for me and the cap secure tightly. It has a small hole, so you can control the amount of the product that you want to use.

This remover has 2 different layer of liquids. The upper layer is blue color and I think it is contains something like oil. The bottom layer is transparent color (like water). To use this remover you must shake it well before use. After the 2 liquids completely mixed, you can started to clean your eyes and lips.

I like this remover so much because it really help…

Let's talk about: MOOTTA South Korea's Trend-Setting Fashion Designers!


For you who aware with K-pop, you maybe know that my blog's title is a pun of Seungri's new song "Let's talk about love" wkwkwk.. You should listen to the whole album~ all the songs are quite addictive. Me too, listening to this album while I'm writing this post~ *sowoneul malhaebwa*
Anyway, I'll talk about "MOOTTA" now. I know, most of you maybe still not really familliar with this name. So, Let's talk about it~

What is Mootta? Moota is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. It is a company that concentrates on bringing all things from Seoul to the rest of the world. This ultimately includes aesthetics of fashion and beauty.

The words Mootta is the english transliteration of the Korean word "Ask". At Mootta, member are always asked: what's new, what's stylish, who and what are setting the trends? Mootta believe everyone is different and that's what makes every one special.

How it works? Mootta brings everyt…

Bad Days!

This is a story about my days. The last 3 bad days in my life. This story started on Sunday. A beautiful sunday with a bright sun. I meet with my besties after so many months. We had chit chat, lunch and so much fun during sunday afternoon. The problem then came when I received a phone call from BF.
The last sunday is BF's mom's birthday. I ordered a cake as a present from one of my friend (she also one of my BFF that came to the lunch) let's call her A. She teamed with her friend (B) and received cake order for special occassion like bday, graduation, party, etc. So, short story, I ordered a cake last month and I requested to write a "Happy Bday" only on the cake without the name. It's the same routine I do every year (I clearly explained everything to A and B also already knew about my request). The one who made the cake it isn't A, because at that moment she was with me having lunch. So, her friend, B is the one who made the cake.
But, when BF phoned …

My Random Favourite Songs~

I'm not in the mood to write anything about beauty now. So, today I just want to share my favourite songs at this moment. These 2 songs have been accompanied me since the last 3 weeks. It isn't new songs, but I just know about it recently. hahahaha. I'm so into K-pop since 5 years ago, that's why I'm a little late when it comes to J-pop wkwkwk..
First one~ From my favourite J-pop idol ever! Arashi.
Endless Game~ Actually this song is quite new *I think*  I can't take my eyes off of my boys~ kakkoi!
Arashi - Endless Game (THE MUSIC DAY) HD
Some of the lyrics that I really love: Let's throw away our sadness and face each other It's not a lie or the truth
Everything's worthless, but I want to keep believing
My memory rewinds itself as the world becomes dim
What's on the other side?  Let's open that door
A reset that connects to reality We should continue towards the conclusion  Even if we can't see an answer there
Second one~ Loveless by Yam…

What's Inside My Make Up Pouch

Hello girls~ Today I want to share about beauty products that always I bring inside my make up pouch. I saw this beauty tag from ce Mindy's blog and I think it's quite interesting. So, here we go~

 My make up pouch is from Make Over. It has a fake snake skin pattern with grey color.

Oil Control Film My must have item! If I must go with only 1 beauty-related thing inside my bag, this will be my choice. You know, my skin produce quite many oil after hours, that's why I need this magic paper/film to make my face shine-free
Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer Another must have item~ You'll never know how many germs are on your hand, and when you need to touch something that will go into your mouth a.k.a food, and there isn't any water or bathroom, this is the best solution. I also use this as perfume *sometimes* hahaha. When I went to HK last time, I rode a taxi and the uncle driver is smelly. It will be unpolite if we spray something fragrant like perfume right? I also…

NailBar2013 Blogger Event

Hi girls~ How are you? Today I will share a report about an event that I attended lately. If you followed me on Instagram, you maybe already knew about this event because I share some pictures during the event.

The event was held by NailBar2013. The name sounds familiar? Well, it's a sister online shop from Beautybar2010 (it's one of my sponsor, check my right sidebar and you can found the banner). Ce Sisca (one of the owner) contacted me last month and told me about this event.
Short introduction about Nail Bar. It is a Manicure/Pedicure Delivery Service. They provide nail manicure/pedicure for you in your house. Unlike the other nail service, Nail Bar provides a new different technique. They are using LED gel polish made in UK instead of normal nail polish.

What is the different? LED gel polish dry faster than normal nail polish and also last longer (around 2 weeks). It also provide mirror and glossy finish. Awesome, isn't it?
Now back to the event. The event was held …