Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bad Days!

This is a story about my days. The last 3 bad days in my life. This story started on Sunday. A beautiful sunday with a bright sun. I meet with my besties after so many months. We had chit chat, lunch and so much fun during sunday afternoon. The problem then came when I received a phone call from BF.

The last sunday is BF's mom's birthday. I ordered a cake as a present from one of my friend (she also one of my BFF that came to the lunch) let's call her A. She teamed with her friend (B) and received cake order for special occassion like bday, graduation, party, etc. So, short story, I ordered a cake last month and I requested to write a "Happy Bday" only on the cake without the name. It's the same routine I do every year (I clearly explained everything to A and B also already knew about my request). The one who made the cake it isn't A, because at that moment she was with me having lunch. So, her friend, B is the one who made the cake.

But, when BF phoned me, he extremely mad and said my friend made a mistake. Instead of Happy Bday, he wrote "Happy Bday xxx" When I heard that, my whole world seem black hahaha. "xxx" refer to BF's nickname during his school days. I wouldn't pissed off (well, maybe I will still be mad but not as mad as now) if B wrote BF real name. His mom maybe still can tolerate it. But, B wrote his nickname??? It's even not a nice nickname for me. 

Okay, even when he misunderstand that it was BF bday. I don't even know why he must wrote a nickname? I mean, he knows that me who ordered the cake. and who the hell in the world will give her BF a birthday cake with his nickname on it???? seriously~ *well, mostly I saw many people will write happy bday honey, happy bday sweetheart, etc* Sigh..

So, I'm at a situation where I give my future mother-in-law a cake with inappropriate name on it. If you were me, how supposed I face my BF's mom? *hikz* Later, I phoned BF's mom and said my deep apologized because of this stupid mistake hikz.

That's the story about Sunday, let's move on to Monday. Well, during my past 3 days, monday is the one who still nice to me. No big problem during this day but my boss always had a monday syndrome. He become a monster that love to bully his employee. Except that nothing special happened this day.

Now here come Tuesday!
Well I don't want to assume that this week isn't for me cause it's still Tuesday. But, seriously since sunday until now I have a very bad luck with everything. The latest one is this morning. I became a hit and run victim! omg.. I'm extremely shock and don't know what happened. The last thing I remember is I lay on the road and feel hot on my legs and hands. sigh. the stupid motorcycle's driver not even blink his eyes on me and left me without any help. What a good manner!

This is one of the reason why I'm afraid to ride motorcycle by myself >_< Even when I already very very careful, the other drivers are drive crazily and not pay attention to the rules. 

Well, I don't have any energy again too continue this post so let me ended it here. I also really hope my bad luck ended today. hikz. Sorry if I write wrong grammar or you don't even understand what I'm talking about hahaha.

Talk to you again very soon~


  1. OMG especially for the third one Shasha! Hope u're ok!!! Don't worry, usually after the 3rd time, thjngs should get better! Che3r up!

    1. I'm okay ce *fortunately* only got bruised on my legs and hands but nothing serious. I hope you're right hahaha

  2. Semangat ya shaa~~~Yang jeleknya pasti uda maju duluan semua. Sisa rabu,kamis,jumat,sabtu minggu, will be good days. :)

  3. OMG, kamu ga pa2 Sha?
    semoga semua yang jelek-jelek sudah jauh-jauh dari kamu ya Sha, *puk-puk, semangat Sha ^_~

  4. astaga itu yg masalah cake, haduhh.. bikin situasi ngag enak
    GWS ya sha, skrg yg pakai motor emang ugal2an semua, tetep hati2 yah :)

  5. Oh my goodness Shasha! I'm so sorry! I really hope you're okay!

    Don't worry though, bad days always come but SO DO THE MAAAAAANY GOOD DAYS! You'll be having good fortune in no time!

    Keep smiling Shasha!

    You got this~


  6. lho kok bisa ketabrak gimana ceritanya ce? tapi untung ae lah cc gak kenapa2 toh? iya orang2 yg naek motor skrg biasane banyak yg nyetire ngawur >_<
    tetep semangat ya ce sha, I hope today is your last bad day ^^

  7. Sorry to hear that ce >___< glad to know that you're fine..
    get well soon <3
    just be grateful for everything that happened ce.. Good days will following you next :) God bless u

  8. Pengendara motor zaman sekarang serem-serem emang. Kadang kayak yang naek motor itu baru belajar pake motor T_T
    Tapi untung banget Sha kamu gak kenapa-napa ^_^

  9. Ya ampun sha.. so sorry to hear those stories >.<
    Lukanya ga parah kann?
    Hope you get well very soon yaaa..

  10. Be strong, Sha! You can get through this week and the week after that and the week after that and the week after that ... Well, you get my point, lol ^_^

  11. Cake problem OMG!!!! Nek bojoku gitu pasti lgs Muarah muarah T.T
    Hit en Run.... sorry to heard that sha .... but definitely TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER!!!
    CHEER UP <3

  12. I hope you're getting better Sha...
    I don't ride motorcycle too because it was scary (TAT)

  13. aww.. That's really hard situation when involving both of your besties and bf, hope you'll do good again together and make sure to be careful for next order.

    Btw, I don't have any braveness to ride motorcycle up until now, get well soon and get rid all of those scratches too!

    Anyway, join my giveaway ^^


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