Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia: Little Black Box

Hello~ I hope you all have a nice day.

Sorry for the delay of this post. I promise on twitter that I will review my beauty box as soon as possible but unfortunately I was sick for the past 5 days. I got infected with a new kind of virus *don't know the name*. It made me got a lot of itchy red dots all over my body. Very terrible! That's the reason why I've been MIA for a while.

Okay, now I will talk about my beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia. It's been a while, isn't it? Last month they went hiatus and not send new beauty box, but this month they come again with new concept that they call "Little Black Box". 

Actually I'm quite surprised when I saw this box in my room at 19th September. Based on my experienced, BTI box usually come to me around 25th or almost the end of the month. Also I still didn't saw any post/twitter post about this month box. Now this is what I called SURPRISE! quite excited before I'm unwrapped the box.

Like usual, this is the outer box. Since July's edition, they changed the size of the box, so it become more smaller than the first edition. Inside the box, there is a magazine and also some flyer. And of course the beauty box itself.

The beauty box~ the black box with purple ribbon. When I try to lift the box from the outer packaging, I noticed that it is veryyyyyy light. I read the little booklet first and I saw all the products. One thing that caught my eyes is.... the soft lense! errr.. I can't wear soft lenses so it will be nice if they don't give one. But, then I realized the soft lenses are available in every beauty box. because it's like a mandatory item for this month.

The little booklet~

Here are what I got for this month:

The reason why the box is very light, its because the content isn't too much and mostly also light products.

  • Koji Konjac Sponge
The sponge is so cuteeee... its heart shape with white color. I have similar sponge before from my konjac but already dispose it and now I get a new one with cuter shape.

  • Crabtree and Evelyn Wisteria Body Lotion and Rosewater EDT
I always want to try this brand but the full size price is very expensive! *Though I expect deluxe sample more than sachet* Anyway, the body lotion smells so good! I already tried it and love it. Maybe later I will try to buy the full size *need to save money from now* wkwkwkwk

  • Paula's Choice Samples
Remember when the last time I complained about BTI only give me 1 sample? well, now they give me 3 samples. Though it's still sachet sample, I will say thank you for now. At least I got 3 rather than only 1 hahaha.

  • Sleek Kohl Kajal
Maybe this is the only highlight from my box.The color is glitter black and maybe I will review it later.

  • Voucher for free soft lenses from Optik Seis
Not really interested because I will not use it. If anybody want my voucher just let me know. I'll give it for you for free. But, of course you still need pay for the shipping fee :)

Overall~ I'm quite pleased with this month's box. I like almost all the stuffs inside my box. Though I always wish they will give me more stuff hahahaha. If you want to subscribe for BTI you can go to their website:


  1. Sama persis sama punya ku Sha. Lotionnya enak! Kebetulan aku pakai soft lens dan karena ambilnya di optik langsung jd bisa sesuai dengan ukuran.

    1. hahahaha samaan ya isinya kayaknya profile kita mirip2 :D

  2. aku mau shaa voucher softlensnyaa~~ i'll pay the shipping fee. ;) Kenapa km ga pake sha? iritasi/kenapa?

    1. aku alamat kamu ya.. aku memang ga pakai softlense cel hehehe ga bisa pakainya ^^

  3. aku ud ga subscribe beauty box sm skali sha, tp kyny km msi rajin subscribe ya :D

    1. Itu yang lama rin..belum abis2 hahaha masih bingung sih kalau habis mau perpanjang atau nggak..masih galau..hehehe

  4. Isinya sama semua kaya yg aku cii hahah :D krg suka sama eyeliner yang sleeknya. abis berglitter ._. Yg crabtree&evelyn blm aku buka sama sekali. aku sayang" hahaha :D

  5. awww lucky girl!! you get such nice products!!!
    hope your feeling better now~
    xx Charmaine

  6. Wah sayang banget ci ga bsa pk softlensnya.
    pdahal dlm box plg mahal itu hehhehe
    Aku jg uda takut pk softlens lagiiii iritasi mataku hikss..

  7. great post! following you now! i hope to see you in my blog sometimes. thanks!
    kisses from VV!!

  8. Thanks for sharing, I'm always interested in all the different beauty boxes hehe^-^ x

  9. Yes review the Sleek Kohl Kajal!! :)) xx


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