Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let's talk about: MOOTTA South Korea's Trend-Setting Fashion Designers!


For you who aware with K-pop, you maybe know that my blog's title is a pun of Seungri's new song "Let's talk about love" wkwkwk.. You should listen to the whole album~ all the songs are quite addictive. Me too, listening to this album while I'm writing this post~ *sowoneul malhaebwa*

Anyway, I'll talk about "MOOTTA" now. I know, most of you maybe still not really familliar with this name. So, Let's talk about it~

  • What is Mootta?
Moota is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. It is a company that concentrates on bringing all things from Seoul to the rest of the world. This ultimately includes aesthetics of fashion and beauty.

The words Mootta is the english transliteration of the Korean word "Ask". At Mootta, member are always asked: what's new, what's stylish, who and what are setting the trends? Mootta believe everyone is different and that's what makes every one special.

  • How it works?
Mootta brings everything that we need from fashion to beauty. With the craze of K-pop and K-drama, many of us want to copy the artist's style but the products can only be found in Seoul. Well, Mootta brings it all for us.

  • Why Mootta?
Because Mootta helps to achieve every look possible by mixing and matching different pieces that many are unaware of. Skip out to traveling to Seoul for the beauty products by having the number one internationally recognized products shipped directly to your door.

That's my short introduction about Mootta. If you still curious about it, you can visit their website:

PS: I will be having a collaboration giveaway with Mootta and it's International! yay~ my first international giveaway will coming soon~ please stay tune for the detail :D


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