Monday, September 9, 2013

My Random Favourite Songs~

I'm not in the mood to write anything about beauty now. So, today I just want to share my favourite songs at this moment. These 2 songs have been accompanied me since the last 3 weeks. It isn't new songs, but I just know about it recently. hahahaha. I'm so into K-pop since 5 years ago, that's why I'm a little late when it comes to J-pop wkwkwk..

First one~ From my favourite J-pop idol ever! Arashi.

Endless Game~ Actually this song is quite new *I think*
 I can't take my eyes off of my boys~ kakkoi!

  • Some of the lyrics that I really love:
Let's throw away our sadness and face each other
It's not a lie or the truth
Everything's worthless, but I want to keep believing
My memory rewinds itself as the world becomes dim
What's on the other side? 
Let's open that door
A reset that connects to reality
We should continue towards the conclusion 
Even if we can't see an answer there

Second one~ Loveless by Yamashita Pinkuuu a.k.a YamaP. I really really love the melody! This is an old song from Yamapi (I think it was released around 2009).

  • Also want to share my favourite part:
About goodbyes
And the end
You say it’s a lie but still
Our hands have become colder since we let go
We’ll become stranger
Please stop crying
about saying sorry
Because I might end up holding you
The memory that piled up
Before it turns to pain
Let us give our last smile and
Say goodbye

Now, I will end this post and back to admire my boys again~ lalalala~
Have a nice day girls!

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  1. Arashiiiiii!!!!!!! I love them! <3 <3 <3 They were one of my first Japanese groups I listened to! :D Thanks for the songs!


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