Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NailBar2013 Blogger Event

Hi girls~ How are you? Today I will share a report about an event that I attended lately. If you followed me on Instagram, you maybe already knew about this event because I share some pictures during the event.

The event was held by NailBar2013. The name sounds familiar? Well, it's a sister online shop from Beautybar2010 (it's one of my sponsor, check my right sidebar and you can found the banner). Ce Sisca (one of the owner) contacted me last month and told me about this event.

Short introduction about Nail Bar. It is a Manicure/Pedicure Delivery Service. They provide nail manicure/pedicure for you in your house. Unlike the other nail service, Nail Bar provides a new different technique. They are using LED gel polish made in UK instead of normal nail polish.

What is the different? LED gel polish dry faster than normal nail polish and also last longer (around 2 weeks). It also provide mirror and glossy finish. Awesome, isn't it?

Now back to the event. The event was held on August 30th at Starbucks TP Surabaya. Yes, you read it right. We are having manicure party at Starbucks wkwkwkwk. Every people that walk passed around our table look curious and maybe feel strange that they saw bunch of girls doing manicure wkwkwk. Plus, our tables are right in front of the front door, so everyone can see us clearly.lol.

There are 5 girls that participated in this event. Me, Shelvi, Lina, Ce Mindy and Carolinne. I was late so I must queued after Ce Mindy and Shelvi. While waiting for my turn, Ce Sisca offered me to order some drink~ and now meet my Vanilla Latte <3 

Taking a lot of pictures of the others girl~ *well, only their hand hahahaha*

 Ce Mindy

 Shelvi's hand

 Both of them are very aware with camera wkwkwk

Lina :D

 The "Ingredients" wkwkwkwk

All the design look super pretty <3

Now, it's my turn! First step is to manicure my nails then start to draw my nails~ I choose rose design with pastel color for this time. Because it will last longer, and I want some natural color that can fit with any occassions.

Thanks to Oline for this picture hehehe

UV LED Lamp~ it looks super cool hahaha

Final result~ Tada! My nails look super glossy and somehow it turns out like bridal manicure for me because of the soft color and rose decoration wkwkwkwk.

Sorry for the blurry pict. Starbucks won't let me to take better pict hikz

Decide to go out to Sogo which have better lighting. Here are my nails fresh from the oven :p

Group pictures!

Me, Shelvi, and Ce Mindy

Oline, Lina, Me, Ce Mindy, Ce Sisca, Ce Yusi, Shelvi, and Mbak Murti *if I'm not wrong, forgot the name he5*

Me, Lina, Ce Sisca, Ce Yusi
and the goody bag~ yay! I always want to try the nail calcium pack before, and now I got one from Nailbar hehehe~ so happy ^^

 Now~ let me show you my pretty rose nails made with love by NailBar 2013

Want to have pretty nails but to lazy to leave the house? Nailbar2013 is the solution!
Contact them at:
  • Kinibalu Barat 1 / 22 Surabaya
  • Phone: 081 232 541 015
Thank you so much Nail Bar (Ce Sisca and Ce Yusi) for the invitation and for my beautiful nails~


  1. Oh my goodness <3 Your nails look so pretty!! The Nail Bar did a great job!


  2. A bunch of pretty girls!

    And I fully agree with chocobunnii13, The Nail Bar did a great job on your nails!

  3. Wow they look so pretty on you, although I don't think they look 'too' bridal with the flowers - they're lovely though, she did a really good job xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. OMG Lovely nail art <3 :)

    Following you :), Hope you follow me back :)


  5. hai,,
    nice nail art at your fingers ;)
    we have youtube about nails too watching us at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD9nqZxkUpo
    or see at www.beautyandtheblog.co

    see u


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