Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Maybelline Eye and Lips Waterproof Make Up Remover

Hi all~ today I want to share about my favourite make up remover from Maybelline. I'm sure you already familiar with this product especially if you lived in Indonesia. This product is quite popular and the price is affordable. This is one of my very first make up item. Back then when I'm still newbie about cosmetic, I purchased this baby as my very first remover and I love it until now.

Price / Amount: around IDR 45-50k / 60ml

Packaging: This remover is stored in a plastic bottle. It is quite sturdy for me and the cap secure tightly. It has a small hole, so you can control the amount of the product that you want to use.

This remover has 2 different layer of liquids. The upper layer is blue color and I think it is contains something like oil. The bottom layer is transparent color (like water). To use this remover you must shake it well before use. After the 2 liquids completely mixed, you can started to clean your eyes and lips.

I like this remover so much because it really helps to remove my waterproof eye make up even the bold one. Plus, it doesn't sting my eyes. Also it can erase my liptint/lipstick without over-drying my lips. yay~

Like I've said before, this is one of my very first beauty products. I already used this product since the first time I fell in love with make up. Maybelline also one of my favourite drugstore brand. They always have nice products with affordable price. You can buy Maybelline products at local departement store or drugstore or you can buy it online too.

Speaking of shopping online, I also want to share some information for you. As you already knew, I really love to shop online *well, you can see it clearly from my blog's name*, one of my favourite online shop for now is called Zalora.

If you lived in Indonesia, maybe you already aware with Zalora, cause It's quite famous in Indonesia. One thing that I love about Zalora is, they always offer many discounts. I subscribed to their newsletter and almost everyday I get updates about their latest promotion.

Zalora offer many items from beauty to fashion with affordable price *not to forget the free vouchers too for the first-time buyer also another cool promotion* If you want to know more about this shop, you can check it here~ PS: They also have Maybelline brand too~

That's all~ Have a nice day friends :D


  1. That's gr8 and nice review .. Will try this one soon :)

  2. I've never liked liquid makeup remover >.< I hated the oilyness it left on my face and eyes. Does this remover leave that oilyness feeling after?

    Thanks for the review though~

    1. I don't use the Maybelline one, I use its sister (L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Gentle Makeup Remover). However, as both products are basically similar - manufactured in same factory and stuffs - I dare say it's rather oily as my L'Oreal remover.
      you can check why it leaves that 'oily' feeling and some opinions of mine here…ake-up-remover/ :)

  3. My holy grail make up remover... i must've gone through 10 bottles at least!

  4. Wew, emang dimana mana yah, btw have you try Pixy Makeup remover. Cheaper version.
    and it works for me. eyemakeup, foundation etc :)

  5. favorit ini, HG!
    terjangkau dan kualitasnya oke

  6. baru aja kmren beli ini >_< diskonan 66rb dpt 2 yg gede :p hahahah

  7. My holy grail everrrrr udah 3x lebih repurchaseeeee nice review, dear :D

  8. This is still my favorite eye and lip makeup remover. Been using it for years already!

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  10. Hi! Loveyour blog :D Anyway can I make a suggestion? You can try NYX round lipstick :)) First read it on and now I can't get enoigh of it! Try it and make a review, I'm sure you'll love it too!!


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