Friday, September 6, 2013

What's Inside My Make Up Pouch

Hello girls~ Today I want to share about beauty products that always I bring inside my make up pouch. I saw this beauty tag from ce Mindy's blog and I think it's quite interesting. So, here we go~

 My make up pouch is from Make Over. It has a fake snake skin pattern with grey color.

  • Oil Control Film
My must have item! If I must go with only 1 beauty-related thing inside my bag, this will be my choice. You know, my skin produce quite many oil after hours, that's why I need this magic paper/film to make my face shine-free

  • Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Another must have item~ You'll never know how many germs are on your hand, and when you need to touch something that will go into your mouth a.k.a food, and there isn't any water or bathroom, this is the best solution. I also use this as perfume *sometimes* hahaha. When I went to HK last time, I rode a taxi and the uncle driver is smelly. It will be unpolite if we spray something fragrant like perfume right? I also can't open the window because the uncle will be mad. So I use this hand sanitizer instead perfume hahaha. It helps a lot.

  • Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover
Best solution if I need to use public toilet.

  • Comb and Mirror
The comb is quite big because I don't like small comb. I have thick hair, that's why small comb doesn't really help to make my hair tidy hahahaha. I got the mirror from my first BTI box.

  • Hair velcro and hair pin
  • Fake eyelid tape
I have monolids. This is to create double eyelids for my eyes.

  • Etude House Missing you I can Fly Lip Balm
My favourite lipbalm with apple flavour. The packaging is cute (similar to EOS) and makes people always ask me "what is that?" everytime I use it. wkwkwk..

  • Silky Girl 2 in 1 Compact Powder
I use loose powder when I'm in home. But, to bring a loose powder during travelling (or at least outside home) is a little risky. I choose this compact powder with me. It can be use wet and dry. If you want more coverage, you can wet the sponge and it will works like compact foundation.
  • Baviphat Magic BB Cream
Include this in my make up pouch because the size is just perfect.

  • Etude House Fresh Cherry tint
Instead of bring lipstick, I always choose lip tint. Well, I'm more into natural color and somehow lip tint is easier to use when I'm in hurry. Just apply a little and blend it quickly with finger. And Voila~ a nice pink lips in a minute.

  • K-pallete Eyeliner
Pen type liquid eyeliner is my favourite to bring.

  • It's skin Baby Face Petite Blusher
I'm very lazy when it comes to bring brush or another beauty applicator. That's why I only bring simple beauty things inside my pouch. For blush, I choose this one because it's already have its own puff hehehe.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer
        Meet my another best friend. wkwkwk

  • Mini perfume
Got this from VTI box. Not really like the smell but I don't have another perfume miniature or vial, that's why I bring this with me for now.

Okay, that's all my beauty products that I bring inside my make up pouch. Just realize that I bring quite many products with me, maybe this is the reason why my bag always feel heavy hahahaha.

That's all for today~ ah, if you (yes, all of you) want to do this beauty tag too, let me know your link because I want to read yours too~ Have a nice day ^^


  1. Awww senangnya ada yg bikin jug tag nya hohohoho. Btw itu perfumenya 2x pake abis wakakakaka... but i actually like the perfume :D

  2. aku klo pake si i can fly lip balm juga slalu ditanya kek gt sha hahahha XD
    iy hand sanitizer bbw mmg bs ky parfum ya jdnya hihi :3

    1. hahaha memang bentuknya unik sih rin jadi orang-orang yang ga tahu penasaran buat nanya :p

  3. wah cute2 ya product yg di make up pouch shasa :)

  4. Lengkap banget isinya. :D..

    Eh itu pouchnya aku nggak asing. Aku juga punya itu dari pouch Make Over. :)

  5. aku masih naksir pouchnya dari waktu itu kamu post punya sha TT_TT *salah fokus bgt*

  6. Woohh bawa bbwnya sampe 2 ya? Hahaha

  7. Isi Pouch nya rapih banget kak :)
    suka dengan blog nya..

    salam kenal..

  8. Produk nya lucu2 banget dan mini ^__^
    Isinya lengkap lg..
    Nice post cii ^^


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