Friday, October 18, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ October Edition

Hello ladies~
Today I want to share about my latest beauty box from beauty treats indonesia. All picturesare taken with my phone so the quality isn't really good. Sorry about that! because if I use my camera, it will take a longer time before I can publish this post. Well, because I want to share this unboxing post as soon as possible, I decide to use my phone this time. Now let's see what I've got for this month.

Firstof all, I want to praise BTI for their "on-time-delivery-service". You know, back then, they always popukar for being late. But, since the last month, I consistently received my box on 17th. and that is good! *I think they changed their shipping company, coz I notice they use TIKI since last month*

About the box~
they still use the concept "little black box" but this time with blue decoration. The box is still as light as last month. So, I think they don't put much items too for this month. I read the mini booklet first before I open my box and I notice that they didn't put any varieties items depends on my beauty profile. I think all the box consist the same items for this month. Hmmm what happened with our beauty profile and "we choose items based on what your skin need?"

Inside the box~ here are what I got:

  • Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender EDT and Himalayan Blue Body Lotion
Similar contents like last month but with different scent. I love their body lotion so much, so I'm quite happy that I got another sample of body lotion *since the full size is very expensive for me, I still consider to buy the full size or not. but, I'm still stick with my VS body lotion for now*. As for the EDT, like always it comes with very very small bottle.

  • Utama Spice Lavender Body Butter
Never heard about this brand before, but it is a local product from Indonesia. I rarely use body butter because I found it's too sticky for me. But since Lavender is one of my favourite scent, I will give it a try later.

  • Masami Shouko Small Blending Brush
Finally after many boxes, they come with a very helpful brush instead of sponge/make up puff. I'm really glad that they give me a blending brush for this month. 

  • Lioele Vita Shake Pack
Got two pcs for this pack. The packaging is very cute like candy.

  • Laneige Samples~ Water Bank Essence, Water Bank Moisture Cream, Snow BB Cream
I only excited because of the BB Cream. As for the essence and the cream will go to my mom.

That's all for this month beauty box. If you want to subscribe to this beauty box, you can go to their website, Beauty Treats Indonesia.


  1. ga langganan lagi Sha, isinya bikin kecewa hahahaa.
    Lola juga sekarang kurang bagus hiks T_T

    1. aku masih sisa 2 bulan lagi ce subsnya tapi abis gitu masih mikir-mikir mau perpanjang atau nggak hehehe

  2. Persis sm pny ku Sha, isinya mehh banget LOL

    1. wkwkwk bulan ini isinya sama semua ce ga ada variasinya..

  3. bulan ini cepet ya datengnya ce. aku udah ga langganan lagi sekarangg hahah.

    Itu blending brush nya pengeenn sama vita mask nya lucu pisaann ><

    1. Dari bulan lalu udah tepat waktu terus datangnya hihi... aku juga cuma ngabisin sisa subs yang kemaren2 kok :)

  4. Wah yg fullsize cuma blending brush doang. Sisanyaa sample >.<

  5. beauty box udah pada ga bagus isinya yaaa :(
    ak uda ga subs lg, suka rugi ._.

  6. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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