Friday, October 11, 2013

Bridal Shower~

One of my best friend will getting married in couple of week. So, the last saturday me and my other friends decide to throw a special party for her. We already planned about this bridal shower event since last month. At first we want to hire party decorator or event organizer for this event but later we change our mind and decide to make the decorations by ourselves. Because, this is the first time we make this kind of party and we want to make this party special and memorable. So, we decide to divide the jobs between us. We manage the place, decoration, foods, and the games by ourselves.

My job is to prepare the decoration and another properties for the bride-to-be. I choose brown and beige color as the main color. We don't have special theme wkwkwk just going with the flow, cause everything keep changing everyday wkwkwk. This is what happened when you arrange the party all by yourself. The place for the party took place at my friend's living room. Choose this room cause we don't have much budget and also we want this to be a private party. So, we think restaurants or public place like mall will not suitable for our plan. 

Here are my decoration~ I know it's veryyyy simple and I think it isn't too crowded. But it took the whole week to make and the whole day to set it all. *this is what you called amateur wkwkwk*

For the banner, I made the base from paper and top it with some cake paper (don't really know how to called it) then add the words "BRIDAL SHOWER". For the wall, my friend add more gold fabric between the banner. I made simple flowers for the center to hide the ugly double tape.

This is the corner table. We used tulle as a cover then add the handmade picture, crown, and also the "bride-to-be" scarf. I made the picture by myself *in case you curious wkwkwk* The concept is the bride were surrounded by all the friends.

And this is the main table. Full of cake and bread. There is a funny story behind the cake topper. I made it on last minutes. So, I just use the NCR paper from my office. You know the paper that we use to print invoice (or something like that) that have many colorfull layers. I use the yellow and pink color and printed some cute words and cut it with flower pattern. Decorated it a little with ribbon and voila~ hehehehe.. It goes the same for the glass~ I tied some ribbon and add the same paper like the cake topper.

For the final touch~ we bought some balloons and write cute message for every balloons.

And now..please welcome the brideeee (to-be). Well, she's not really surprised because we already late from our schedule and it makes her curious and can smell something fishy when we bought her to this room. hahahaha. Our pretty bride to be. She looks like miss universe here wkwkwkwk.

Now, let's take pictures!!! 

She's reading each message that we wrote on the balloons~

annddd of course I need to take some selcas!!! wkwkwkwk

Flew the balloons and also our wishes for her. I wish you live happily ever after!


  1. Awww so cute! Congratz buat tmnnya Shasha!

  2. wow, aku bisa ngerasain persahabatan yang kalian rasakan :') terharu bacanya hehehe

  3. Hi, I just found your blog dear. Wanna follow each other maybe?


  4. ce shasha kreatif bangeeeet~
    suka sama foto baloon terbang yg terahir, berasa di tumblr2 gitu jdnya :3 hehe

  5. bagus kok sha tulisan bridal showernyaaa ^^

  6. Ini temen2 yang cici ceritain di post sebelumnya bukan? Things you do for long-term friends WOWs me. Seru banget punya temen lama yg masih bisa kompak. :))
    Btw ci, you look so young amongst all of them. Padahal seumuran kan ya? This is my honest opinion loh.... Haha.. X))

    1. actually I'm the oldest among them hahaha well, thank you for your compliment :)

  7. seru sekali acaranya :D
    congratz buat temennya ce ^^

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  9. Wow, this bridal shower looks outstanding. Each and everything is so pretty. The food is also nice. For my sister I also hosted bridal shower at a local garden themed LA venue and got help from a friend who is party planner. She did amazing job.


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