Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life update~ Meet my BFF

I meet with my BFF after such a long time. Yeah, I'm not kidding when I said a long time. Eventhough all of us are living in the same city (well, except for 1 person cause he currently stayed in Jakarta) somehow we rarely meet each other after we graduated and have our own job. It's funny how we never meet each other for months when before we always met everyday and hang out every weekend. I guess this is what we called "grown up", isn't it? 

We gather together for a lunch back on second week of September. One of my friend that stay in Jakarta, have a bussiness trip to Surabaya, so we decide to meet up. Not a complete formation because one of my friend can't attend the lunch gathering.

Sitting together, having lunch, talking non-sense, teasing each other. I feel like we back again like our college days. I really missed those moments. Nowadays, I just realize some old proverb that said like this:
  • When you are young, you have a lot of time but no money
  • When you are old, you have a lot of money but no time

When I was younger I don't realize that those words would really hit so hard on me. But now when I'm a little older (Well, I wish I can be young forever hahaha), I realize that it is true. During our collage days, not all of us have a lot of money and none of us have a side-job. So, when we hang out we often need to decide the budget first before we eat something hahahaha. Also, when we watch the cinema usually we always seek for the buy 1 get 1 promotion.wkwkwk

It's a funny memory and maybe when we talked  about it now, it will sounds ridiculous but I think it's a happy memory. When we spend time with people that we love and care the most.

Friday the 13th~ I met my BFF again to celebrate one of my friend's bday, this time with the complete formation. Somehow when we took picture, it looks like a family picture hahaha. Another things that change for sure are about our partner. The birthday girl, M is also a bride to be in 1 month. I always feel amazed about my friend's wedding, don't know why.

Maybe because we already knew each other since we were young, it somehow strange to see her married hahaha. *ignore this*

Now that I've already typed this many, I just don't know what I'm talking about hahaha. I'm sorry if I make you confused with this post. Lately I've been into a "personal post" mood rather than "beauty post" mood. hehehe. Now let me end this post now~ talk to you again soon!

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