Sunday, October 27, 2013

Product that I Regret Purchased: The Body Shop Vit E Eye Cream

Hello ladies~ Usually I don't write bad review or things that makes me regret to purchase. But, somehow right now I'm in the mood to make one. I rarely disappointed with my purchase cause mostly I've already googled it before I decided to bought it. But, of course there is a time when I "miss" the good one and got the bad one. And now me want to share it with you.

Please note~ I don't write this post because I dislike the brand (in fact this is my favourite brand of skincare) or the product. The product isn't suitable for me *that's true* and I just want to share my opinion. The same product maybe works wonderful for you and you may have different opinion.

Now let me start this review~ the product that I will talk about is The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream. If you are an old reader of my blog, you maybe already knew how much I love tea tree series from The Body Shop (if you're new reader, now I tell you that I'm a big fan of tea tree series). Because I'm getting closer to the age that I want to deny but I can't (Read: OLD), I need some special treatment for my skin especially eyes area.  But, you know~ I'm very lazy when it comes to use eye cream. My previous eye cream was sample sachets from the skin food and I don't really like its thick texture cause it feels sticky on my eyes. So, when I ran out those samples, I went to The Body Shop counter and bought this eye cream.

  • Product Wise~
Why I decide to buy the product? because at that time the SPG a.k.a *mbak-mbak yang jaga* said that the texture of this eye cream is very light almost like lotion and it's not sticky at all. At first I want to try the "try-me-product" but they don't have one at that time. This is what I regret the most! Never ever buy beauty products without test them by yourself! (unless you buy online yah~ googling first before you buy). Actually the texture is indeed like the SPG said. But.... what bother me the most is the scent. It smells like an expired product. So awful and I can't stand the smell. Usually after I used it I need to smell perfume for a while so I can get rid of those unpleasant smell.

I checked the expired date (this is before I purchased it) and it said to be expired on 2015. But, unfortunately I didn't have any picture to show you now cause I already ripped the label. Why I ripped it? scroll down to know the reason. Anyway, this product sure not an expired product but why my cream smells so awful? Is it normally like this, or maybe only me that got a bad one? Later, I checked to the counter and at this time they already have a "try-me-product". I asked the SPG about the smell but she doesn't has any clue about what I mean. Then she provided me the sample to try on my hand. I smell it and YES IT SMELLS EXCATLY LIKE MINE! the SPG was in silent and can't say anything except "well, the smell is normally like that..."

Lesson learned: Try to smell the product before you buy it!

  • And what about the price?

To be honest, I already eyeing this product since long time ago. Whenever I visited the counter to restock my tea tree products, I always saw this eye cream (cause they placed it side by side, don't know if they already changed the decoration now). Since I've already knew it for quite long time ago, I also knew about the price. It was IDR 99.000 but, when I decided to bought it several months ago, they costed me IDR 149.000 for this little eye cream. Now, let's back to the reason why I ripped the label on the back of this cream. That's because I want to see the old price and yes, I was right. The price was IDR 99.000 but don't know since when they mark it up to IDR 149.000.

I bought this with IDR 99.000 on my mind but when finally I grabbed it, it shows IDR 149.000 wkwkwk. Well, this is purely my fault cause I don't bought it when it still under IDR 100.000 and now when the price already quite high I decide to buy it.

Lesson learned: Double checked the price before you grab the product to the cashier. lol.

  • Lastly, does it works on me?

Simply no for me. I used it for 2-3 weeks until finally I give up and can't take it anymore (somehow  I sound like a desperate girl who been treated badly by her boy wkwkwk) . Well, though I can't stand the smell of this product, I always think it for my own good and this product will works fine on me and it will makes me wrinkle free, etc. See how positive thingking I am. But, again I feel disappointed again cause I don't see any single effect from this. Blame me because I only use it for 2 weeks (and maybe couple days after that), yeah I know maybe I should use it for longer term to see the effect. But no, I decide to give up.

  • Bottom line~

I regret for buying this eye cream. From the price, the smell, and the effect, none of them are satisfied enough for me. Eventhough the main problem is my wrong decision lol. But, I put quite high expectation from this product. 

Again, what works good on me doesn't means it will works good on you and what doesn't works good on me doesn't means it will works bad for you. Be wise and choose the product based on your skin condition. Cause no one know the right things for your skin except you. Though my review isn't really good, maybe some of you think that, this product works fine for you.


  1. well I have never tried any kind of eye cream to treating my eyes area, I usually use vitamin e stick to moisture my eyes and it felt really sticky and uncomfortable ._. idk it just made me feel lazy to use eye cream though haaha

    1. hahahaha I also hate sticky feeling on my skin that's why mostly I choose eye cream that has light texture (like this one, it isn't sticky) but unfortunately it doesn't works well for me :(

  2. Sama ciiii aku juga nyesel beli ini :'( untung aku belinya waktu harganya masih 99 ribu hahaha but money is money :')

    1. makanya step sekarang aku menyesal huhuhu mana belinya lebih mahal :(

  3. Duh, don't say you're old, what's that makes me??? Ancient? Huh. Btw, i finally found an eye cream that's light and works nicely (previous ones used to sting my skin or too creamy they caused millia seeds!) From Eveline, got it from Sasa!

    1. wkwkwkwk, eveline? never heard it, will try to browse sasa later..thanks for the info ce ^^

  4. *toss*
    aku juga pernah beli eye cream ini sha, ga ada efek sama sekali . .
    mana lagi mahal pula wkwkwk

    1. Samaa vii *ternyata banyak yang kecewa juga ya hehehe*

  5. Replies
    1. nope :) the texture is light and not sticky..


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