Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sponsored Review: V 10 Plus ~ Vitamin C Serum

Hello ladies~ Back on September, I was contacted by Mr. Sasagawa from Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) to fulfill a small survey. It is a survey about my skin condition and what kind of product that I need to cure my skin problem. After that, around the last week of September, I received a beauty products (choosen based on my survey result) from KBJ to tried. The product called V 10 Plus Serum.

What is V 10 Plus?
  • The letter "V" means Variety. 
  • The number "10" refers to the 10 concepts of skin care which are namely:
1. No Paraben 
2. No Artificial Colour
3. No Mineral Oil
4. No Chemical Fragrance
5. Water-Based
6. Customized Serums for 10 Skin Problems
7. Dermatologist - Tested
8. Visible Result in just 10 days
9. Color Therapy from colorful bottles
10. Made in Japan
  • And the words "PLUS" means that you can add our serum to your current skin care regimen.

V 10 Plus offer 10 different variants for different skin problem, and the variants are:
  • Biocell Serum (keep the skin youthful)
  • Amino Serum (Good for dryness)
  • Ceramide Serum (Good for dryness and sensitive skin)
  • Collagen Serum (Good for wrinkles and elasticity)
  • Hyaluronic Serum (Good for dry skin and inner dry)
  • Licorice Serum (Good for skin irritation and inflammation)
  • Placenta Serum (Good for whitening)
  • Pycnogenol Serum (Good for eliminating activated oxygen)
  • Vitamin A serum (serum for eye)
  • Vitamin C serum (Anti Acne)

My variant is V 10 Plus Vitamin C-serum which is works for anti acne.

What is Vitamin C?
Vitamin C has many good effects on the skin. It helps the synthesis of collagen in the skin, so that the pores are minimized. It also improves inflammatory pimples. For skin beauty, apply Vitamin C directly to the skin rather than take it orally, as in the latter case, large proportion of Vitamin C is used in the body and not for the skin.

Vitamin C is good for...
Pimples and pores. The Vitamin C in V 10 Plus Vitamin C serum is a Vitamin C derivative, which is stable and works efficiently. Also it contains OBAKU which control sebum secretion.

My opinion~

The Packaging:
Stored in a bottle with glass material and also comes with a pipette applicator. Since my serum is Vitamin C, the color of the bottle and also the serum is Yellow. The packaging definitely not travel friendly because it can be easily broke due of the glass material.

Texture and Smell:
The texture is very liquid similar to water. It has sour scent but not really strong. When I applied it on my skin, it absorbs quickly and leave me no greasy feeling. I love something that isn't sticky and absorbs quickly so this serum is one of my favourite.

I've been using this serum since the first day of October so it almost 1 month since then. I use this serum twice a day (morning and night). And here are the step by step about how to use this serum:

Step 1: Cleansing~ You can use any cleanser that suits your skin concerns and needs
Step 2: V 10 Plus Serum. Mix one to three drops of the serum onto palm and apply to face
Step 3: Continue with your own skin regime

Now let's see my before-after pictures~ Warning: not a nice pict!

So, above are my pictures. The left picture taken on early October and the right picture taken on 28th October. You can see I have a lot of acnes/blemishes and also large pores and some of dark spots *hikz*. Let me explain the pictures for you~

White Circles~ you can see on the left pictures I got many acnes which I mark with white circle. After using this serum for almost 1 month, you can see I no longer have the acnes anymore on right picture.

Black Circles~ The acnes on left picture which I mark with black circle are still there on the right picture. But it's no longer as red as the first one. Basically now it will be more suitable to call it acne scars.

So far, the serum works wonderfull to help with my acnes problem. As for my large pores, you can see it still quite visible (and pardon my blackheads >_<). I will continue to use this serum again to see more of good result. But for now, I will proudly say that I'm satisfied of this serum. Thank you so much for Kawaii Beauty Japan for introducing me to this serum.

If you want to know another reviews about V 10 Plus Serum, you can visit another KBJ Stars blog. To know more information about another KBJ Stars you can click here.

Also some good news for you all~ Kawaii Beauty Japan already hit 1 million likes in 6 months! yay~ congrats KBJ! and thank you so much for all of you who show some love to KBJ~ and if you still curious about Kawaii Beauty Japan, you can head to their new website:

Kawaii Beauty Japan
Website | Facebook | Twitter

PS: They currently holding A giveaway to celebrate the 1 million likes :) Make sure you join to win some free vouchers

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review


  1. aaa ak jg ud lama pgn ini *u* pgn yg placenta sama vit A XD
    nice review ce ^^

  2. Nice review ce,
    Aaak td baca jg d blog ce Phanie sama ce Carryn. Ngefekny lumayaaan yaak *0*
    Hargany berapaan ce?

    1. Masih belum tahu harganya na soalnya belum masuk ke Indo, tapi sebentar lagi denger2 mau masuk ke Jakarta..

  3. waah efeknya keliatan banget cee, jadi pengen dehh yg placenta serumu,u . nice review cee^^

  4. Hey, One of my doctor has recommended to use this serum. And also he has commended me to use spectra ban sunscreen for sensitive skin. By seeing this some of the examinations i am little bit apprehensive to use. Is this serum is suitable for all skin types? If i have to use this together.. What should go first on to skin whether sunscreen or serum? Please reply guys... Vitamin C Serum for men

    1. Hello Christopher, as far as I know, this serum is suitable for all skin type. I have an oily skin and eventhough my skin isn't sensitive, I tends to get break out easily. But so far, it doesn't break me out and further more it helps to reduce my acne (I've already finished this serum last month). As for the application, usually I go with the serum first.


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