Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wake me up when september end~

ahhhhh I'm boreeeddd to the max!!!

This is the first day of October but I already finish all my tasks. Well, to be honest the new task is still not yet come to my desk so right now I'm still jobless. wkwkwk. I want to write a blog post since this morning but somehow I don't have any nice idea in my head. I already type like 2 or 3 blog post but ended erase it all because I think it isn't good. Actually I have plenty of drafts posts but it still not complete because I still haven't upload the pictures. All the picts still inside my camera, so yeah~ the new post about beauty related maybe will coming to you next week.

Right now, I'm writing my 4th post today and I really hope I can publish this hahaha. Like I've said on first row.. I'm really bored right now! 8 hours sit in front of my computer and all I do today is just downloading Running Man also WIN new episodes. The first few hours it sounds fun cause I have nothing to do, but after 5-6 hours I become bored. 

Hmmm... What should I write now? I'm also confused about what should I talk about hahaha. Lately I've been very troubled to find a new topic for my blog. Since usually I write a personal post at the end of the month, I will try to write one today *though it's already a new month, but I guess it's okay la~*

September isn't really nice to me, to be honest. Well, I guess you already read about my bad day post *if you're not it still not late to read now* also I got infected with a new kind of virus, fortunately I've already recover now. Also, I have a lot of thought last month. Almost everyday I reflect and think a lot about everything. Overall, though many things (bad and good) happen during last month, I'm very grateful because now it's already passed.

Anyway, now I have a new task on my desk.. ckckckck. I waited for 7,5 hours and now when it's almost the time to go home and I'm already have a little passion to write this post, they give me a new job. sigh. Okay, now I will end this post and do my task *I'm such a dilligent employee hihihi*

So, I'll talk again to you very soon~ Have a nice day! and I hope October will be nice for me and you~


  1. September kinda sucked for me.... Toughest month of 2013 for me! Hope we'll have a much better October!

  2. hope october treat you better ce shaaaa :D

  3. awhh oct will be better! halloweeeeeen!


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