Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: The Balm Time Balm Concealer

Hello ladies~ I hope you still remember my post about Physician Formula Concealer. I'm planning to publish this post after I wrote about my PF concealer review but many things happened and mostly because I'm very lazy to took pictures, so this post just greet you now. *sorry*

Today I will post about my another concealer. Like I've said before, I don't use my PF concealer to cover my dark circles because the texture is way to thick for me. So, for my under eyes, I use another concealer from The Balm called Time Balm Concealer. Why I choose this? because this concealer is different with the others.

Let me tell you some short story about this concealer. Usually you will clean your make up before you go to sleep, right? well, you don't need to do that when you use this concealer. This product's tag line is can be use everytime! Day time, night time, and even bed time! Yes, you read it right~ you can use this concealer as an eye cream during bed time!

Well, I'm the type that will clean all my make up before I go to bed no matter how tired I am. So, sorry I don't try to use this concealer during my bed time. I don't really comfortable to apply concealer when I was sleeping eventhough it's claims can be used during bed time.

Anyway, this concealer is a cream type in a jar. The jar, unfortunately is made from plastic and it looks really ugly (consider the price is expensive, I really hope this concealer will come with glass material packaging). It comes with a small puff that I think very useless. The puff is small and thin, not the best quality too. I prefer to use my hand to apply my concealer. One thing that I hate the most from cream concealer is, it tends to dry on its packaging. However, this concealer is different. It looks hard and dry from outside, but when I touch it, It has a creamy texture. I always recommend to use fingers because the warm of our skin can melt the dry concealer. So far, I'm quite love the texture. It is creamy and easy to blends. The coverage is buildable. and I found it is a perfect concealer for under eyes. I really love how it covers my eyebags and evens out my skin around eyes area.

Overall I'm okay with this concealer. It covers well and it also works as an eye cream (for those who don't mind to use this during bed time). 2 in 1 products is always good~ hehehehe. Though the price is quite expensive, I think it's okay to invest to something that will works good on your skin, especially your eyes. 

PS: One of my friend with dry skin said this concealer makes her skin more dry and hard to blends after apply it, so if you have dry skin make sure you apply moisturizer before use this. As for me (oily skin), I don't have any problem with the formula.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things they called beauty box...

I started my first ever beauty box subscription earlier this year with a quite big hope to receive surprise every month. It works well for couple of months but nowadays I'm getting more and more pissed everytime I received my box. I'm at the point where I'm no longer expect it to come to my home *seriously*. Before you start ask me "why you still subscribe it?", I'll answer you first. I still have my subscription plan until next month, that means I will still receive this beauty box until next month.

It started with IDR 95.000/box then now it become IDR 125.000/box. As a normal customer, of course I expect something "more" in my box because the price is already higher than the first one. But, what I got? it become worse every month until I don't even know how should I react everytime I receive my box. Now, before you read it too deep, I'm warning you this is maybe a boring post full with my disappointed feeling. 

1. How come my box become more and more light every month? It started around 3 months ago if I'm not wrong, when they started to changed the name into something called "little black box". At first they still put at least 2 full size items and some samples. Then nowadays the just put whatever samples and 1 full size items.

2. Sample Sachets. My main complaints! well, I'm sure people don't spend IDR 125.000 just to get 4 sample sachets in their box.  Also, the same sample sachet for 3 months straights? I need something new, please..

3. 1 full size product with a non-sense price in the catalog. I don't know if they have some mistake and put a wrong price in the catalog or they realize it and just put an unbelievable price to make people think this box is worth the money because the content is expensive. Though I prefer the first opinion, until now I still haven't heard any explanation about this absurb price *correct me if I'm wrong*. How come this mascara remover sheet price is IDR 475.000, I wonder who in the world want to purchase 15 sheets mascara remover that cost them almost half million rupiah. Call me if you know someone who will do that.

4. Lastly, what happened with the thing called "Beauty Profile"? With everyone got the same whatever-things they put in the catalog, I don't even know what is the function of my beauty profile.  

I'm sorry if I sound so harsh to this product, but this is my honest opinion. I really hope in the future they can give a better service so the customer can be happy like the first time I received this beauty box.

PS:  Unlike usual, I don't put any link to the website because I don't even want to recommend this box to my readers. Sorry.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tutorial: Gray x Black Smokey Eyes

Hello ladies~ how are you? I hope you all have a nice weekend. To start this week, I want to share another simple tutorial for all of you. It is very easy and only need a little products. I love to apply smokey make up for my eyes because my eyes are very small and I also have monolids. Smokey eye make up help to enhance and make my eyes look bigger. So, here is my simple smokey eye make up using black and gray color.

So what you need:
Gray Cream Eyeshadow
Black Cream Eyeshadow (or you can use eye kohl)
Black Gel eyeliner
False eyelashes

Now let's see the steps:



 The final looks~


 And also some selcas~

That's all my tutorial for now~ I hope you can understand my tutorial and I really love some comments from you :) don't worry I don't bite >_<

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paint my nails: Pink Marble!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" 
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing: Mon Claire Handmade

Have you noticed my new sponsor banner on my sidebar? One of my blogger friend, Kiki, recently open her new online shop that sell handmade items. It is called Mon Claire~ I first saw about the products through her Instagram and her BBM display picture, and I quickly fell in love with all her cute collection. 

What is Mon Claire?
Mon Claire is an online store that sells handmade items like claire arm bands and claire beads. The Claire arm bands are very popular these days, even the famous Michelle Phan used it as her accessories. Claire arm bands is an elastic cute ribbon that can be used as bracelet or to tie your ponytail.

Mon Claire has many cute collection for their arm bands, such as Sakura, Princess, Sweety, Lace, Naughty, Classy etc. As for their Claire Beads, they have Misty, Montana, Macaroon Misty, and Caley

Around last week, Mon Claire contacted me and offered a special discount code for all my readers (check out my sidebar for the code). At that time, I also placed an order for some claire arm bands because I can't resist the cuteness when I browsed through the website. Everything are so cuteee!!

Now let's see my package from Mon Claire~
The arm bands are wrapped with clear plastic packaging. Even when it still on its packaging, it looks super cute~ 

The original~ Kiki said this is the best seller for the Claire arm bands. I bought 4 colors (pink, blue, tosca, and yellow). All the colors are very pweettyyy~ like candies. hehehehe

Princess Claire Arm Band~ My favourite! It contains 2 different layers and the ribbon is from lace material. I love the pink and soft white color combination!

And now for the surprise~ Kiki also sent me a Misty Claire Beads! yay~ *Thank you so much*. It comes with a box and decorated with blue ribbon. Also the beads are stored inside a pink tulle pocket. Very cute and detailed packaging. The beads are blue color with the cute rabbit and flower as the decorations! Supaa cuteee! Fyi, the beads are not from plastic, but it is a crystal pearl beads. So, the quality is very good~

I always love cute things (seriously I can't say no to cute things especially something with pastel colors). I also love how detailed are the packaging, somehow I can feel the sincerity of the seller when she packed the package for me. 

If you want to buy Mon Claire collections you can see their collection at:

Now let's ended this with some selcas~

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthday Giveaway~ *2nd anniversary*

Halo semuanya~ postingan kali ini adalah mengenai Giveaway! yay~ Seperti tahun sebelumnya, aku selalu mengadakan giveaway pada bulan November untuk menandai ulang tahun blogku tercinta dan menandai ulang tahunku yang jatuh di bulan Desember hehehehe. 

Singkat cerita~ blog Missbelanjaonline ini akan menginjak usia ke 2 pada tanggal 26 nanti *clap..clap..clap..* Ini adalah blog terlama yang pernah aku tulis semenjak kenal dunia blog di tahun 2007 hehehehe. Tentu saja moment ini harus aku rayakan bersama dengan para pembaca yang sudah setia mampir ke blog ini selama 2 tahun terakhir *peluk satu-satu*. Nah, tanpa panjang lebar lagi langsung saja kita masuk ke topik utama..

Hadiah giveaway kali ini 100% disponsori oleh online shop saya sendiri yaitu My Cute Shop dan serunya adalah...kalian bisa memilih sendiri hadiahnya!

  • Mask Sheet (5pcs your choice) / Miniature (1 set your choice) [Pilih salah satu]
  • 1 Full size products (your choice)
  • Surprise gift from me 
PS: Pemenang bisa memilih sendiri produk produk yang mereka inginkan sesuai dengan stok yang ada saat pengumuman pemenang giveaway ini diumumkan.

Now the rules~ I'll make this simple this time~ Tidak ada entry wajib, kalian bisa melakukan mana pun yang kalian mau (misal cuma mau share tapi ga mau follow). Terbuka untuk pembaca yang bukan blogger juga ^^

Giveaway berlaku untuk semua readers yang memiliki alamat tinggal di Indonesia. Giveaway berlangsung mulai tanggal 10 November dan ditutup tanggal 25 November. Pemenang akan dihubungi via email dan wajib konfirmasi ulang dalam waktu 2x24 jam atau akan dipilih pemenang lain.

Good luck for all of you~

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Beauty Tips: Stay Fresh in Hot Weather

Hello girls~ Belakangan ini cuaca di Surabaya terasa sangat panas. Sampai-sampai kalau keluar rumah jam 8 pagi terasa seperti keluar rumah jam 11 atau 12 siang. Nah, kali ini aku mau berbagi beberapa tips agar kita bisa tetap fresh dengan udara yang panas seperti ini. Aku membagi tips kali ini di beberapa kategori~

Beauty Tips~

  • Less is more~
Di tengah kondisi yang panas seperti ini, akan lebih baik jika kita memakai sedikit make up di wajah. Salah satu rutinitas make upku belakangan ini adalah sebagai berikut: moisturiser - sunscreen - cc cream - loose powder. Aku memilih menggunakan cc cream karena teksturnya yang ringan dan tidak lengket serta cepat meresap. 

  • Apply Sunscreen~
Minimal 15 atau 20 menit sebelum beraktivitas di luar ruangan. Jangan lupa untuk re-apply lagi setelah beberapa jam. Jika kesusahan untuk re-apply sunscreen yang berbentuk lotion/cream, bisa menggunakan alternatif suncreen yang berbentuk mist. 

  • Choose Smudgeproof products
Jika ingin menggunakan eye make up, pilih produk yang smudgeproof. Terutama untuk eyeliner atau mascara. Menggunakan mascara atau eyeliner yang waterproof juga bisa tetapi saranku gunakan hanya jika kita melakukan aktivitas yang bersentuhan dengan air, jika hanya untuk kegiatan sehari-hari lebih baik memilih mascara atau eyeliner yang biasa saja tetapi tetap smudgeproof. Karena terkadang make up waterproof memiliki kesan "berat" di wajah.

  • Drink A lot Of Water!
Dengan kondisi udara yang panas, kita akan gampang dehidrasi. Untuk mengatasi hal tersebut jangan lupa untuk meminum air putih sebanyak-banyaknya untuk mengganti cairan tubuh yang hilang. 

  • Bring face mist inside your bag~
Selain meminum air, selalu sediakan face mist. Jika kondisi sedang panas, semprotkan secukupnya ke arah wajah untuk membuat wajah segar kembali. Jika kalian tidak mempunyai face mist bisa membuat sendiri dengan cara yang gampang. Gunakan botol spray kecil lalu isi dengan air mineral.

  • Mask..Mask...Mask
Kalau ini merupakan salah satu rutinitas favoritku. Usahakan menggunakan masker wajah setidaknya seminggu 2x. Pilih masker wajah yang berbentuk mask sheet (sekali pakai). Masker wajah membantu mendinginkan kulit wajah dan juga memberikan vitamin tambahan untuk kulit.

  • Eat Healthy Food!
Pilih makanan yang mengandung banyak air seperti buah dan sayur. Untuk sementara kurangi makan makanan berat seperti daging, junk food dan gorengan. 

Fashion Tips~

  • Dress simply
Pakaian dengan bahan kaos atau sesuatu yang tipis bisa menjadi pilihan. Pilih bahan yang bisa menyerap keringat dengan baik. Selain itu pilih baju dengan warna-warna terang. Warna hitam sementara bukan menjadi pilihan utama karena jika terkena matahari secara langsung akan terasa lebih panas.

  • Sandals~ or something that can make your foot breath
Jika bepergian usahakan menggunakan sandal sehingga kaki bisa terkena udara secara langsung. Jika menggunakan sepatu, jangan lupa menggunakan kaos kaki sehingga keringat bisa terserap dan kaki tidak bersentuhan langsung dengan sepatu.

Sekian tips-tips yang aku bagikan kali ini, semoga bisa berguna buat teman-teman semua :) Stay Healthy, Stay Beauty~

all images taken from

Friday, November 8, 2013

Review:Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

I don't know why but lately I've been into lip product. To be honest I'm not really like to use lipstick before, but nowadays I can't go nowhere without my lipstick on my lips wkwkwkwk. I think its like mood swing~ yesterday I don't even care whether I used lipstick or not but today I can't live without my lippieee~ hehehe

Today, I will introducing you to my first Lip cream ever. I got this from Collection Event few months ago. I fell in love at the first sight with the color when the first time I swatched it during the event. Luckily I got the exact color that I want inside my goody bag~ hehehehe.

  • About this product: 
Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream enriched with an ultra moisturising, vitamin-rich formula. The creamy colour hugs lips to give your pout the perfect powdery finish. Velvety soft and matte-finish lip cream.

  • Available in 4 shades: 
Cotton Candy, Fairy Cake, Powder Puff, and Angel Delight. All the names are very cute and beautiful for me hehehehe. My shade is Cotton Candy. It is a mixed between milky pink and red color for me.

  • Swatch:
The texture is creamy, glides on easily on my lips and has a pigmented color. It provides matte finish without overdrying my lips. It is quite moisturising for me, so I can use it alone without my lipbalm under it. But, sometimes when I'm having a super dry lips, I prefer to apply lipbalm before to makes my lips more soft and moist.

Staying power is okay~ It stayed longer than normal lipstick. But, sure the color will fade when I eat heavy food.

What do you think about the color? This one is my favourite color~ Later when I can, I want to buy the other colours too~ hehehe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Event: Shiseido Beauty Workshop

On 30th September, I was attended a beauty workshop by Shiseido with my fellas beauty blogger. Thanks to Nikki for the invitation~ The workshop started at 6 p.m but I was late because of traffic jam and because I still at office until 4.30 p.m *sigh*. When I arrived at Grand City (where the workshop took place), Ce mindy bbm-ed me and said to met up first at a restaurant called ... errr *forgot the name already because it is quite difficult*. It is a japanesse restaurant. Because the others are still eating, I decided to order some food also wkwkwk. This is the main reason why we are quite late to the workshop *super sorryyy nikki.. because I'm very hungry so I can't help but have a food for myself first*

And of course we will took picture~ here are Surabaya Beauty Bloggers with our "almost" bare face~ hahaha.. Actually Nikki told us to come without our make up because we will try Shiseido products during workshop. But, how can a beauty blogger come to a mall without a make up? omooo *nightmare*

Now, here we are at the workshop~ Shelvi, Sabrina and Lala are already there. We sit in small table and started our make up~

The mentor is Miss Yukiko Kanemune from Japan! 

The model~ I love her eye make up!

Shiseido products!

I have a problem with my right eye, so I don't apply much eye make up. At first I even don't want to apply anything on my eyes, but the eyeshadow cream from Shiseido is quite tempting so I decided to apply a little wkwkwkwk. My super simple eye make up~

My right eye is swollen and quite red *hikz*, My mom said it is like "timbilen", don't know how to said it in english. Now the confusing story~ Yenyen (and my dad) told me to rub some garlic to cure it. But the others (Oline and Shelley) said it was just a myth and I shouldn't do that because the smell isn't nice at all. wkwkwkwk 

Group Picture!

And the goody bag! (I also got a make up case, but I forgot to include it in this picture)

Thank you Shiseido, Grand City Mall, and especially Nikki for the invitation! I have a great time during the workshop!
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