Monday, November 4, 2013

Event: Shiseido Beauty Workshop

On 30th September, I was attended a beauty workshop by Shiseido with my fellas beauty blogger. Thanks to Nikki for the invitation~ The workshop started at 6 p.m but I was late because of traffic jam and because I still at office until 4.30 p.m *sigh*. When I arrived at Grand City (where the workshop took place), Ce mindy bbm-ed me and said to met up first at a restaurant called ... errr *forgot the name already because it is quite difficult*. It is a japanesse restaurant. Because the others are still eating, I decided to order some food also wkwkwk. This is the main reason why we are quite late to the workshop *super sorryyy nikki.. because I'm very hungry so I can't help but have a food for myself first*

And of course we will took picture~ here are Surabaya Beauty Bloggers with our "almost" bare face~ hahaha.. Actually Nikki told us to come without our make up because we will try Shiseido products during workshop. But, how can a beauty blogger come to a mall without a make up? omooo *nightmare*

Now, here we are at the workshop~ Shelvi, Sabrina and Lala are already there. We sit in small table and started our make up~

The mentor is Miss Yukiko Kanemune from Japan! 

The model~ I love her eye make up!

Shiseido products!

I have a problem with my right eye, so I don't apply much eye make up. At first I even don't want to apply anything on my eyes, but the eyeshadow cream from Shiseido is quite tempting so I decided to apply a little wkwkwkwk. My super simple eye make up~

My right eye is swollen and quite red *hikz*, My mom said it is like "timbilen", don't know how to said it in english. Now the confusing story~ Yenyen (and my dad) told me to rub some garlic to cure it. But the others (Oline and Shelley) said it was just a myth and I shouldn't do that because the smell isn't nice at all. wkwkwkwk 

Group Picture!

And the goody bag! (I also got a make up case, but I forgot to include it in this picture)

Thank you Shiseido, Grand City Mall, and especially Nikki for the invitation! I have a great time during the workshop!


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