Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing: Mon Claire Handmade

Have you noticed my new sponsor banner on my sidebar? One of my blogger friend, Kiki, recently open her new online shop that sell handmade items. It is called Mon Claire~ I first saw about the products through her Instagram and her BBM display picture, and I quickly fell in love with all her cute collection. 

What is Mon Claire?
Mon Claire is an online store that sells handmade items like claire arm bands and claire beads. The Claire arm bands are very popular these days, even the famous Michelle Phan used it as her accessories. Claire arm bands is an elastic cute ribbon that can be used as bracelet or to tie your ponytail.

Mon Claire has many cute collection for their arm bands, such as Sakura, Princess, Sweety, Lace, Naughty, Classy etc. As for their Claire Beads, they have Misty, Montana, Macaroon Misty, and Caley

Around last week, Mon Claire contacted me and offered a special discount code for all my readers (check out my sidebar for the code). At that time, I also placed an order for some claire arm bands because I can't resist the cuteness when I browsed through the website. Everything are so cuteee!!

Now let's see my package from Mon Claire~
The arm bands are wrapped with clear plastic packaging. Even when it still on its packaging, it looks super cute~ 

The original~ Kiki said this is the best seller for the Claire arm bands. I bought 4 colors (pink, blue, tosca, and yellow). All the colors are very pweettyyy~ like candies. hehehehe

Princess Claire Arm Band~ My favourite! It contains 2 different layers and the ribbon is from lace material. I love the pink and soft white color combination!

And now for the surprise~ Kiki also sent me a Misty Claire Beads! yay~ *Thank you so much*. It comes with a box and decorated with blue ribbon. Also the beads are stored inside a pink tulle pocket. Very cute and detailed packaging. The beads are blue color with the cute rabbit and flower as the decorations! Supaa cuteee! Fyi, the beads are not from plastic, but it is a crystal pearl beads. So, the quality is very good~

I always love cute things (seriously I can't say no to cute things especially something with pastel colors). I also love how detailed are the packaging, somehow I can feel the sincerity of the seller when she packed the package for me. 

If you want to buy Mon Claire collections you can see their collection at:

Now let's ended this with some selcas~


  1. you look really pretty with the bang! :D and the bracelet suits your style really well..


  2. Ce Sasha pake poni masih kayak anak SMA x_x


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