Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: The Balm Time Balm Concealer

Hello ladies~ I hope you still remember my post about Physician Formula Concealer. I'm planning to publish this post after I wrote about my PF concealer review but many things happened and mostly because I'm very lazy to took pictures, so this post just greet you now. *sorry*

Today I will post about my another concealer. Like I've said before, I don't use my PF concealer to cover my dark circles because the texture is way to thick for me. So, for my under eyes, I use another concealer from The Balm called Time Balm Concealer. Why I choose this? because this concealer is different with the others.

Let me tell you some short story about this concealer. Usually you will clean your make up before you go to sleep, right? well, you don't need to do that when you use this concealer. This product's tag line is can be use everytime! Day time, night time, and even bed time! Yes, you read it right~ you can use this concealer as an eye cream during bed time!

Well, I'm the type that will clean all my make up before I go to bed no matter how tired I am. So, sorry I don't try to use this concealer during my bed time. I don't really comfortable to apply concealer when I was sleeping eventhough it's claims can be used during bed time.

Anyway, this concealer is a cream type in a jar. The jar, unfortunately is made from plastic and it looks really ugly (consider the price is expensive, I really hope this concealer will come with glass material packaging). It comes with a small puff that I think very useless. The puff is small and thin, not the best quality too. I prefer to use my hand to apply my concealer. One thing that I hate the most from cream concealer is, it tends to dry on its packaging. However, this concealer is different. It looks hard and dry from outside, but when I touch it, It has a creamy texture. I always recommend to use fingers because the warm of our skin can melt the dry concealer. So far, I'm quite love the texture. It is creamy and easy to blends. The coverage is buildable. and I found it is a perfect concealer for under eyes. I really love how it covers my eyebags and evens out my skin around eyes area.

Overall I'm okay with this concealer. It covers well and it also works as an eye cream (for those who don't mind to use this during bed time). 2 in 1 products is always good~ hehehehe. Though the price is quite expensive, I think it's okay to invest to something that will works good on your skin, especially your eyes. 

PS: One of my friend with dry skin said this concealer makes her skin more dry and hard to blends after apply it, so if you have dry skin make sure you apply moisturizer before use this. As for me (oily skin), I don't have any problem with the formula.


  1. emang sha di sebagian yg dry skin agak cakey gitu.. makanya ak ga beli ini.. tp penasaran juga sama the balm.. ratingnya bagus hihi
    warna shade nya cocok sama kamu sha, ga greyish ya.. ^^

  2. Baru tau bs jd eye cream juga O:
    Pgn cobaaa >n<

  3. Wow, baru tau juga ba jd eye cream :o

  4. akhirnya dipost juga sha. hihi... iya mesti pake eyecream dulu aku kl sblm pake concealer, even liquid concealer juga. kl ga agak susah ngeblendnya. trus jd patches gt. tp coveragenya ok lah. stujuh banget ama packaging ama sponsnya yg gak banget pdhal harganya mahal.

  5. This sounds like a really cool concealer! Maybe I should give it a try in my next purchase haul. :3

  6. Coveragenya bagus yaa. Klo buat jerawat ketutup engga it ce? Hehehe. Nice review XD


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