Saturday, November 2, 2013

TAG: Hairbrush Songs

Recently I read some fun tag called "Hairbrush Songs Tag" from Shayne's blog. Quite interesting isn't it? Basically it is a tag about my current favourite song but Shayne decide to change the name to Hairbrush song~ It's like songs that we sing the most during our beauty routine. What songs that mostly played every morning, when you prepared your hair. I always listen to various song everytime I can (that's including during my beauty routine too)~ That's why I think this tag is really fun to do.

Now let's see what's on my playlist~

  • Sistar - Bad Boy
My current favourite song this time~ I love the beat and also the lyrics are quite easy to follow hahaha. I love song that ear-catching. Out of all the songs in the Sistar's album, this is my favourite one. 

  • The Script - If you could see me now
Very beautiful song by The Script! The lyrics is very touching and I love the chorus part~ It is a song about parents and how they wish their parents can see how succesful they are now. 

  • Energy - Duo Ai Wo Yi Tian
This is an old song from my teenage days~ just downloaded it again last week wkwkwk. My favourite song from Energy. I even remember all the chrous lyrics clearly eventhough it's already so many years since the last time I heard this song

That's all my current hairbrush songs~ This time I go from k-pop, j-pop, and western song hahaha. So, what is your hairbrush songs? share with me~


  1. Hair brush sama jepitannya lucu sekalii hahahah
    Duo ai wo yi tian lagunya paling enak dan sedikit mellow di energy. Lagu film mvp juga enak ci jaman dulu ^_^

  2. aku dulu juga suka lagu2 dr energy sha, tp skrg lupa..hahah jrg diputer lagi >_<
    lagu2 mandarin gitu emg nancep2 dihati, aplagi rainy yang haha


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