Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things they called beauty box...

I started my first ever beauty box subscription earlier this year with a quite big hope to receive surprise every month. It works well for couple of months but nowadays I'm getting more and more pissed everytime I received my box. I'm at the point where I'm no longer expect it to come to my home *seriously*. Before you start ask me "why you still subscribe it?", I'll answer you first. I still have my subscription plan until next month, that means I will still receive this beauty box until next month.

It started with IDR 95.000/box then now it become IDR 125.000/box. As a normal customer, of course I expect something "more" in my box because the price is already higher than the first one. But, what I got? it become worse every month until I don't even know how should I react everytime I receive my box. Now, before you read it too deep, I'm warning you this is maybe a boring post full with my disappointed feeling. 

1. How come my box become more and more light every month? It started around 3 months ago if I'm not wrong, when they started to changed the name into something called "little black box". At first they still put at least 2 full size items and some samples. Then nowadays the just put whatever samples and 1 full size items.

2. Sample Sachets. My main complaints! well, I'm sure people don't spend IDR 125.000 just to get 4 sample sachets in their box.  Also, the same sample sachet for 3 months straights? I need something new, please..

3. 1 full size product with a non-sense price in the catalog. I don't know if they have some mistake and put a wrong price in the catalog or they realize it and just put an unbelievable price to make people think this box is worth the money because the content is expensive. Though I prefer the first opinion, until now I still haven't heard any explanation about this absurb price *correct me if I'm wrong*. How come this mascara remover sheet price is IDR 475.000, I wonder who in the world want to purchase 15 sheets mascara remover that cost them almost half million rupiah. Call me if you know someone who will do that.

4. Lastly, what happened with the thing called "Beauty Profile"? With everyone got the same whatever-things they put in the catalog, I don't even know what is the function of my beauty profile.  

I'm sorry if I sound so harsh to this product, but this is my honest opinion. I really hope in the future they can give a better service so the customer can be happy like the first time I received this beauty box.

PS:  Unlike usual, I don't put any link to the website because I don't even want to recommend this box to my readers. Sorry.


  1. Wah, sekarang beauty box kok ngecewain gt ya ce ._. Mending belanja online shop deh ..

  2. iya kayaknya barang2nya udah gak gtu worth, awal2 sih bagus tapi lama kelamaan jadi tambah gak jelas. dan selalu ada eyeliner -___- puhlease banyak bgt eyeliner yg numpuk jadinya~

  3. OMG, it looks so disappointing. I've order my Beauty Box for December, now I worry if I would be that disappointed too. :(
    By the way, I have a bad experience with this BTI too, which was on the workshop event with Crabtree & Evelyn. And now reading your review, I just feel... *speechless*


  4. wew... those nexcare acne cover is really really AWESOME.. i already reviewed it in my blog
    the price is just about IDR 20.000..too bad you just got those in sample size..

  5. setujuuu cuma bagus awalnya aja pas booming, skrg udah bleh banget :/
    itu kayanya klo dijual 50rb pun aku ga mau beli @_@ sabar yaaaa ce~ untung tgl 1 bln lg hehe :)

  6. Ya ampun untung aku ga pernah subscribe apa2. Mending uangnya dpake belanja d olshop :P
    sabar ya kakak :'D

  7. kalo ini udah tau belom? :D

  8. mending VTI yang bisa milih2 sndiri dong ya. kl first blush? biasalah pada bagus awalnya tok spy trkenal. Uda males bli gituan skrg. Mendingan beli yang dibutuhin langsung aja lebih worth it kynya :D

  9. so sorry to hear that sha >.<
    that's why i don't like beauty box, ga suka sm sample2an.. dan apalagi baca pnya kmu kyny mkin hari makin parah..
    stuju sm jessica, mending duitnya buat beli satu full size product yg kita perlukannn >.<

  10. Beauty box kebanyakan begitu yah ce ._. awalnya di bagus"in buat promosi doang. eh makin kesini makin ga worth it.

  11. waduh ngecewain banget ci shasha.. 125k cuma buat beauty products sesedikit itu? kayaknya itu bukan tujuannya kita beli beauty box deh.. thank you for letting us know, ci :)

  12. wahh bisa saya rasakan betapa disappointed nya para subscribers ... kemarin perna coba memebox (korea) quite good .. keknya until mereka ada bikin improvement ... gak bakal coba de ... haishhh


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