Monday, November 18, 2013

Tutorial: Gray x Black Smokey Eyes

Hello ladies~ how are you? I hope you all have a nice weekend. To start this week, I want to share another simple tutorial for all of you. It is very easy and only need a little products. I love to apply smokey make up for my eyes because my eyes are very small and I also have monolids. Smokey eye make up help to enhance and make my eyes look bigger. So, here is my simple smokey eye make up using black and gray color.

So what you need:
Gray Cream Eyeshadow
Black Cream Eyeshadow (or you can use eye kohl)
Black Gel eyeliner
False eyelashes

Now let's see the steps:



 The final looks~


 And also some selcas~

That's all my tutorial for now~ I hope you can understand my tutorial and I really love some comments from you :) don't worry I don't bite >_<


  1. bagus sha tutorialnya, sering2 donk hihi
    foto terakhir kayak cewek jepang..cantikkkk haha

  2. Iyaaaa sering-sering donk Sha tutorialnyaaa. Hahaha
    Cantik ^_^

  3. cantik banget ceeee,
    tutorialnya juga gampang buat dimengerti, sering2 bikin tutorial ya ce :D

  4. Bagus ce tutorialnya, easy to learn :D

  5. ihh cantik banget<3 .
    tutorialnya juga lengkap dehh:) thanks cee buat tutorialnya^^

  6. great tutorial ^^ i always fail to make smokey eyes ;(

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! It's so pretty~

    Thanks for this post!

    Check out my blog~

    Love, Aimee

  8. Aah Cantiik ,,, Tutorialnya Bagus Dan Simple .... ^_^

  9. Great tutor ci
    Rapi banget eyemakeupnya ciik >_<
    Cantiiik fotdnya :3


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