Monday, December 23, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ December Box

Hi again girls, finally my final box from Beauty Treats Indonesia (BTI) is here. Like always it comes with a wet outer box. Ever since the rainy season, my box never come with a perfect condition. Luckily the inner box is okay. 

This month, they didn't give any old magazine. Instead of that they give me 2 same booklets from crabtree and evelyn. Don't know why they put 2 same things. Well, maybe they still have many copies so they decide to give 2 for everyone.

Inside the box. Still looks sad and empty.

  • 2 Vial perfumes
  • 2 Sample Sachets
  • 1 Sample in Jar
  • 1 Hair vitamin
  • 1 False Eyelashes

Noticed the leaked product inside my box?

this is the culprit~ I hope they can secure things tightly before put it inside the box. *sigh*

Anyway, this is my last box from BTI, and unfortunately I will not renew my subscription for next month. I've already disappointed with the contents, so I decide to take a break. Maybe later when they already make some improvement with their box. I will try to subs to them again.


  1. Err this box is really disappointing to receive, and what the frog are those two sample sachet doing inside? I mean sample sachet is counted? What?

  2. apaan ini isinya kok cuma gini ce -_-" errr

  3. Duh isinya kok menyedihkan gitu ya ce >___<

  4. Erghhh...This is my first box,and it really disappointed me. I'm going to blog it but sadly there's a problem with my memory card reader. So empty,and the contents is not what I hope or even gonna use it. Yes,the dragon blood package is boohoo.a little bit leaked :( I only got 1 booklet

  5. Isi nya sedikit banget ce...
    Coba Beauty Box ternary deh namanya IBBox., isinya Full Size semua ^.^


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