Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Wishlist~

Hello all~ I know it's already near the end of the year and christmas already passed few days ago. But, I hope it's still not to late to post about my christmas wishlist~ hehehe.. This time I make my christmas wishlist from Miss Lie website. Here are the top 3 on my wishlist~

The first one on my wishlist is the famous eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. I think I don't need much introduction about this product. This product already well-known for its quality eventhough the price is quite expensive for an eyelash curler. I really want to try to use this eyelash curler and then top it with my favourite mascara from Maybelline, I think my eyelashes will look awesome~

One of my favourite BB cream is from Skin79. I never tried the pact before, that's why I'm quite curious about this one. The pact contains pearl powder and also has SPF 30. Complete formula in one pact! and not to forget about the pink packaging~ ahhh I need this in my make up pouch!

Well, I tried almost the same essence like this from Missha before, but I don't see any different result from it. But.... one of my beauty blogger friend has a very good review about this essence. She said it makes her face clear and supple~ omooo~ who don't want a bright and clear face? I WANT! *put this on my wishlist!!! wait.. it's already on my wishlist..wkwkwk*

That's all my christmas wishlist for this year~ well, I hope I can get one of them by joining an awesome giveaway from Beauty Appetite feat Miss Lie Collection.

If you want to join too, you can click here. It will end on 31st December *sorry for the late information, I just know about this giveaway few days ago >_<* But, I guess it's okay to try to join~ ^^

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