Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Silver Bday!

I'm officially 25 now~ omooo now I feel really old huhuh~ I celebrated my bday on last saturday, and turns out many people celebrate the same bday with me. I saw a lot of post on Instagram that said they had same bday with me. The famous Miyake and Jen from fromheadtotoe are one of them. hehehehe.

I got a lot of birthday wishes from my friends~ thank you~ and also another surprise from ce Mindy, She sent me bunch of clothes and some beauty products *Thanks again cece <3*. I spent my birthday with BF. We went shopping a little and then had dinner at Vitto Benetto~ the place is cozy but the taste of the food isn't really suits my taste. I think La Rucola is better. But the price is cheaper than La Rucola~ Btw, I don't have any birthday cake for this year. hahahaha. Instead of that, I had this yummy nutty nutella crepes as my bday cake~ super yummy~

Got a bday message from my sis on Instagram, and I got teary when I read her caption. She left home (because she need to work in another country) when I was 20, ever since then she never celebrated my birthday until now..hikz..

PS: The penguins are so cuteee <3

Anyway, thank you so much *again* for everyone that left me a bday message. I hope I can be a better person since I already 25 years old. hehehe


  1. Happy B'dae Sha Sha ~ GBU ^^ Hwaiting ~

  2. Happy birthday ce :D makin cantik ya cee :D hope u have a fab birthday. God bless :)

  3. Happy bday again Shasha, enjoy your 25! It'll feel like a blink of an eye, the rest of your 20s *scaring you* hahahahaha. HUGS!

  4. Happy birthday ce Shasha, God bless you ! :D

  5. happy birthday Shasha , God bless you sist :)

  6. happy belated birthday sha! Wish you all the best ^^


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